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  1. “I know who I am, where I'm from and how I got here... I just don't remember any of you...” the Doctor's voice trailed off as his eyes darted to each of them around the fire. They all sat and listened, hoping that as he rambled things would slowly come back to him so that they could gather enough information to figure out what happened and who they needed to be hunting down to seek retribution. “I woke up in the woods covered in blood and anything that happened before that... it's just a dark spot in my mind. I know something important is there I just can't grasp it,” he closed his eyes and started rocking again. “I was searching for something... yes, I was searching for something but what?” Faith hesitated before speaking, “You left us to go searched for the Professor.” “Professor?” The Doctor shook his head in confusion then opened his eyes and reached his hand up tentatively to touch the bandages on his face. Faith reached out and grabbed his hand, pulling it away she gave it a squeeze then let go. “Don't touch, I can only get it so clean.” The Doctor stared at her for a moment then a flash of recognition sparked across his face and he smiled. He reached out a finger and touched the scar on her forehead, “I said that to you once... I remember your face and giving you stitches.” Faith nodded and smiled with excitement, “If you remember that, then at least we know that given a little time maybe some more of your memories will come back.” “Do you remember anything else?” asked the Ninja quietly. The Doctor was silent for a long time as he stared into the dancing flames of the fire, “I remember a man laughing. I would know it if I heard it again but that's it for now.” “Doctor, all we can ask is that you trust us when we say we are your friends and we want to protect you. I know you don't remember us now but I think as you spend time with us maybe it will slowly trigger your memories,” Faith smiled at the Doctor again and he nodded. The others stood and began to set up camp for the night. They would settle here for now and in the morning they would make their way back to the others. After some food and rest, Faith was hopeful that the Doctor would recover. Even if his memories did not completely return, they had him back safe and sound. They could show him their friendship and make new memories. Things would be okay. The sinking feeling of dread settled again in the pit of her stomach and she did her best to try and shake it off as she busied herself with helping set up camp and get everyone fed. “Everything is going to be okay,” she said reassuringly to herself again but deep down she knew... the darkness was coming for them.
  2. I would like to see empty notebooks that can be used for in-game journals or possibly the ability to craft them using a sewing kit, leather and loose sheets of paper. Maybe this has already been suggested somewhere and if so I apologize for the redundancy.
  3. Faith searched everywhere she could think of in an attempt to find the Doctor, places they had fished or had camped in the past, hospitals and surrounding landscapes... but nothing was panning out. She knew she was a poor substitute for the Doctor's medical expertise. She tried her best to cover his duties within the group as well as her own but she was starting to reach her breaking point. The Tomahawk and Shadow tried their best to help but they too could see that everything was starting to come apart at the seams. Three weeks after the Doc had gone missing, Faith, Tomahawk and Shadow were combing through a city when their radios started to crackle and pop. The Ninja's voice broke through, “We found Xanadu at the lighthouse closest to the old gas camp, bring medical supplies and hurry.” They dropped everything and went running. When they reached the lighthouse they found the Ninja and the Redneck trying to talk the Doctor down from a rock cliff. “I know you say I'm your friend but I don't remember you. Please just stay away, I need to think, WHY can't I think straight?” The Doctor backed closer to the ledge. He was frighteningly thin and pale with dried blood matted to the back of his head and gashes across his face. He truly looked like one of the walking cadavers and it made Faith sink into a whirl-wind of panic. “Everyone back away from him. Please come down from there or you're going to fall. We'll give you space, I promise,” she called out to him. They all backed off and after a moment the Doctor slowly climbed down. He sat down on the ground and began to rock back and forth mumbling to himself. Faith knew everyone was looking to her for guidance in the situation so she took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. She got on her hands and knees and slowly crawled toward the Doctor. “Hey, I won't ask you any questions or make you talk until you want to okay?... but how about you let me take a look at all your cuts and scrapes?” She sat down next to him, waiting for his response. Finally he stopped rocking and nodded to her. She took her time cleaning the dirt from his face and bandaging his wounds. Most of the cuts and gashes were too old to be stitched but when they had been inflicted they could have used it. She had no doubt that they would have matching scars on their foreheads. When she was done with his face she sat up on her knees and began to feel his scalp looking for the cut that caused the bloody patch at the back of his head. What she found shocked her to the core. He had a bullet wound that penetrated his skull. Faith didn't say anything but she was dumbfounded that he was still walking and talking functionally. She did her best to debride the wound and stitch it closed. There was no way she was going to try to dig out a bullet in these conditions and even under the best of circumstances she was doubtful it could easily be removed without causing him more damage. The Doctor sat through all of her medical administrations without so much as a wince and that scared her more than anything. When she was done she sat down next to him again and took his hand and gave it a gently squeeze as she smiled at him. She was at a loss for words and so she did the next best thing. She dug through her pocket pulling out a chocolate bar she had been saving to share with the group. She unwrapped it and handed it to the Doctor who grabbed it and began eating voraciously. Tomahawk and Shadow built a fire and everyone sat down quietly around it. The fear danced in their eyes as dusk settled heavily upon them. No one spoke but they all were thinking it: this was one of their own and there would be bloodshed. And so they sat... ...and waited ...and watched.
  4. After three weeks without a word the Professor returned to the group. At first he was greeted warmly by everyone as they were relieved that he was alive and well but the felicitations soon degraded to a shouting match between him and the Conquistador when he tried to question the Professor on his whereabouts. The Conquistador of course stomped away in anger as usual when all the Professor would say was, “I had business to attend to,” only this time when the Conquistador left... others followed. The rift was indeed becoming a chasm within the group. Eventually Faith found herself alone at the fire with the Professor. “Did you see Dr. Xanadu, he went looking for you?” The Professor glanced at her in surprise, caught off guard by her question. He stood and paced. “He was worried about you. He left me a note saying something wasn't right and that he was going to look for you to make sure you were okay.” He stopped pacing and stood with his back to her, “Did the note say anything else?” His voice was careful and measured in a way that made the hair on the back of Faith's neck stand on end. “No,” she said cautiously. The Professor turned back to her and his eyes were filled with darkness, “Well.... good,” he paused for a moment, “I'm sure he's in the woods somewhere playing with his teddy bear or hugging trees... whatever it is you hippies do with your spare time nowadays. He's a whipped puppy... weak. He'll come back if he gets hungry or lonely enough.” Faith sat with her mouth agape, shocked that the Professor would say something so cold and callous about someone who was his dedicated friend and follower... someone who went out of his way to express concern for his well-being when no one else in the group really seemed to care. The thought crept up on her in an instant, he is lying... he knows where the Doctor is. Something bad has happened... something isn't right. The thought settled in the pit of her stomach like a stone. “Good?” she questioned suspiciously. “Don't you have tires to fetch?” The Professor turned his back on her and walked away. “If you keep kicking puppies don't be surprised when one eventually bites you back,” she whispered to herself with a frown as she watched him depart.
  5. Dusk was beginning to fall and Faith wandered through the woods following the white rabbit, praying she wasn't being led on another mushroom trip. At first she tried to reason with the rabbit and then to shoo it away but it had remained persistent in making its presence known. She had tried to ignore it as best she could but when she sat it would bump, bump, bump her and when she would try to move away from it, it would run between her feet, almost tripping her every time she tried to walk. Apparently no one else could see the rabbit except her so when she had landed on her face for the fourth time that day, she got up and dusted herself off in anger, grabbed a pot then started banging it as she chased it around the camp. Everyone had thought she was officially loosing her marbles and so she finally accepted that she would have to follow it in order to make it go away. She had to admit that she was a bit frightened to venture too far from camp. Professor Skrit had been missing for two weeks without a word to anyone and three days ago Faith had awoken to a note from the Doctor: Something isn't right. Going to find the Professor. Tell the others to stay and not to worry. She did not want to add a third to the missing list, yet here she was perusing the white rabbit into the coming darkness. Onward she jogged until she came to an old abandoned factory near some train tracks. The rabbit led her around the buildings to a small lake and a man sitting at a small campfire with a dog. The white rabbit hopped onto the man's lap and he scratched it behind the ears as she approached. “You can see the white rabbit, I thought I was beginning to go mad,” Faith said more in statement than question as she sat down by the fire. “Of course I can see the white rabbit,” he said with a shrug, “Would you like to see my new invention? I was just getting ready to test it,” he asked as he set the rabbit aside and started to dig through his bag. “Sure,” she nodded as he pulled out a flare. “This is my self-illuminating fetch stick!” he exclaimed then sparked the flare and gave it a toss. The dog who had sleeping by the fire, jumped to his feet and took off after the flare. “Are you insane? Won't the dog get burned?” she said with concern. The man sighed, “When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? Perhaps to be too practical may be madness. To surrender dreams, this may be madness. To seek treasures where there is only trash... too much sanity may be madness, and maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be.” The dog came dashing back and dropped the flare at the man's feet. He picked it up and gave it another toss and the dog went bounding away again. “Faith Ennada... what do you believe in?” he glanced at her thoughtfully. “How did you know my name?” she countered suspiciously. “I know a great deal of things but that's beside the point. Perhaps it's best to consider me a ghost of your imagination... kind of like the white rabbit.” She thought a moment, ”Well... I used to believe in lots of things but I guess now I only believe in myself. Nothing else seems real or true anymore.” He nodded. “The truth may be stretched but it cannot be broken and always gets above falsehood. As does oil above water. To have faith means to believe in something but you only have Faith Ennada,” he laughed to himself at the paradox, “Hopefully it will be enough.” “Enough for what?” she asked curiously. “The storm that is coming,” he shrugged rather nonchalant. “When is this storm coming?” she glanced up at the cloudless sky full of stars. “Soon,” the man stood and put out the fire then took the flare the dog had dropped again at his feet. He gave it a toss into the woods and the dog went bounding after it. The man picked up his pack then began to walk after the dog. The man paused a moment and turned back to Faith, “Everything in this life is either artifice or illusion... the scariest dragons and fiercest giants usually turn out to be no more than windmills.” Faith glanced up again at the sky, and when she looked back the man was gone. “Soon,” she sighed in frustration.
  6. kharmasutra

    Totally fucked up!

    I love the strength and passion you put into everything you do. You are inspiring to me and I cherish your writing. ~K~
  7. Faith wandered onto the rickety pier and sat down next to the Ninja. “You're up early,” she said to him conversationally as she cast her line into the water. He nodded quietly and they continued to fish in companionable silence as the sun began to rise over the mountains in the distance. “How come you wear a balaclava on your head all the time?” The Ninja took a long time to respond and she almost thought he had not heard her question, “Well,... I don't really like to talk about it.” “Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry. My apologies...” her voice trailed off and they sat quietly again as they continued to fish. After a time, the Ninja sighed and set aside his fishing pole then pulled the cap from his head revealing a large raised purple birthmark that covered his head with hair growing in patches around it. Faith reached out and touched it then smiled, “It's not so bad. You didn't have to show me you know. I didn't mind.” The Ninja's face showed his surprise that she would touch it without being afraid or disgusted and he smiled back. He quickly pulled the cap back on then picked up his fishing pole again and his anxiety visibly eased. “It's alright. I trust you. It's just that I grew up my whole life with people treating me like I have a disease. When you have something different going on people think it's okay to just say or do anything to cut you down and make you feel less than human,” he shrugged as he reeled in his line to check the bait then cast it out again. “When I first came to the Stalkers.... before we were even a group like we are now... the Doc, the Professor... they were the first guys I ever met that didn't judge me or treat me like a monster. They taught me to take something negative and make it work in my favor,” he was quiet again and she could tell he was deep in thought. “In a way, I think they saved me... not from the zeds or anything like that. I manage well enough on my own but I think they saved me from myself. When people treat you like you're nothing but garbage for long enough, you start to believe it too. Trust me, it takes a lot of energy to feel bad about yourself all the time. Eventually you just don't want to keep going on anymore.” Faith cleared her throat to cover the effect his words brought to her. She fiddled with her fishing line as she searched for the right way to express herself without being mushy and making him feel embarrassed for sharing his personal thoughts. “I once read a quote that has always stuck with me, it said something like; In life, there is a reason for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important, are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why life is worth living... I think maybe being a part of the Stalkers is a little bit of all those people rolled into one group.” “Deep,” the Ninja said with a laugh, “Too deep for me.” “I know, … it's cheesy,” she nudged him with her elbow and was glad to see his mood had lightened. “Mmmm, cheese... I miss cheese. Macaroni and cheese, cheese pizza, cheesy quesadillas... string cheese... Speaking of which, what are YOU cooking for breakfast?” Faith held up a trout then crossed her eyes and made a fish face at him, “Guess.”
  8. I respectfully disagree. The rules are meant to stifle the drop weps, 10 secs behavior. If the rules feel stifling, it means you are probably doing it wrong. Yep, trying to threaten a hostage by hitting them round a bit then getting banned cos it glitch killed them is totally doing it wrong. Just because you don't hit those limits doesn't mean they don't exist. Clans like SDS or IRA or others who did great hostage and hostile RP can't exist in SA due to rules imposed by staff, be they IG or out of game (like clan restrictions etc). Bear in mind obviously everything is generalised here - there will always be those who break that and prove the opposite I don't really follow reports much but it would be pretty disappointing to hear that staff banned someone for a glitch. Perhaps that wasn't the full reason why that person got into trouble? In any case, I'm just curious which rules are creating the most problems in your opinion? I want to understand your point of view better.
  9. The problem in my eyes is that all rules protecting the victim stop any interesting RP like what you described. It is exactly that kind of interesting different banditry that we need. But the ridiculous hostage and carebear rules stifle it I respectfully disagree. The rules are meant to stifle the drop weps, 10 secs behavior. If the rules feel stifling, it means you are probably doing it wrong.
  10. Reading these last couple posts makes me understand how the mentality of role-play has changed so drastically from what it used to be. The idea behind good role-play is to give the people you interact with a memorable experience. The best bandit experience I ever had was with SDS believe it or not. They robbed me and then forced me to tell them a bedtime story to save my life. I walked away from it not even caring that I lost all my stuff because I had so much fun and they truly did scare the crap out of me. Role-play banditry is not about what gear you walk away with or how you leave your victim. It's about the interaction in between that creates a story. Drop weps, 10 sec, run and leaving the person standing there in their underpants may be real but it's not enjoyable or memorable and that's why people get angry and make reports.
  11. “Don't speak unless spoken to, don't look any of the men straight in the eye, it can be misunderstood as a declaration of romantic interest and do NOT turn down anything that is offered to you, it's considered rude and they have killed people for doing less.” the Wanderer whispered to her. “Wow... should I call you Master too? “ she whispered back sarcastically. He contemplated thoughtfully. “Maybe later.” he said, stepping forward quickly to greet the men before she could reply with another remark. “We've come to pay tribute,” he bowed low and motioned frantically to Faith. She copied his bow and tried to keep her eyes lowered as the men surrounded them, their Katana swords flashing in the mid-afternoon sun. The men spoke to each other in Japanese then one of them pulled a radio from his pocket and walked away from the group a moment. When he returned, he motioned to them, “Come,” and they followed him down the hill toward the water. Tucked behind the curve of some rocks there was a long narrow bridge stretching out across the water to a small island that Faith hadn't noticed before. They continued to follow the man across and Faith struggled a bit to keep her footing on the narrow planks that bobbed and swayed with the ebb and flow of the ocean current. As they reached the end of the bridge and stepped onto the island, Faith noticed the body of a man with a noose around his neck hanging from one of the trees along with a sign which had an American flag and a Russian flag circled and a line going through it. She stopped dead in her tracks and for the first time she was genuinely afraid. In a panic, she turned around intent on running, crawling or swimming,... whatever it took to get back the way she came but quickly realized the bridge was now being blocked by the men with swords. The Wanderer grabbed her by the shoulders forcing her to look at him, “Take a deep breath, stay calm and don't look that way. It's going to be alright. Just breathe.” The Wanderer took her hand and nudged her gently forward. The island was small with barely enough room for the two small adobe buildings and boathouse but it was spectacularly beautiful minus the dead man hanging from the tree. Brightly colored flowers and foreign foliage grew around the island creating a natural enclosure that blocked out the gray dilapidated ugliness of the rest of Chernarus, almost making it seem as if they had entered some other magical place far away. The man they followed took them down a small path from the bridge that led to a large fire in the middle of the camp which was surrounded by oriental rugs. An old Japanese man sat comfortably, smoking a hookah and watching them as they approached. The Wanderer bowed to the old man and Faith, who now understood the gravity of the situation, took note and bowed as well. The old man said something in Japanese and their escort stepped forward to translate. “Supreme Commander will accept your tribute. Follow please,” the translator bowed to the Shogun and continued down the path. The Wanderer and Faith both bowed again and followed. They moved down a winding path through a small garden and stepped onto another small bridge which led to a large bonsai tree growing out of a rocky ledge. They walked to the end and the Wanderer emptied his pockets in front of the tree then added his gun to the pile. Faith didn't have much but she also emptied her pockets and laid her beloved ax on the pile as well. She paused to stare up at the tree before her, appreciating its age and beauty. The translator nodded and bowed, pleased with the respect they had shown. They bowed in return and followed him back down the path to the Shogun. The Shogun and the translator spoke to each other then the translator turned to them, “Supreme Commander thanks you for tribute and requests you join him for meal.” He motioned to the mat across from the Shogun. They sat in awkward silence with the Shogun watching them closely until some bowls of steaming rice and vegetables were set in front of them. “E tadaki mas,” the Shogun said as he nodded to them then he picked up his bowl and started eating. As they ate they began to hear a loud banging sound from a tiny shed behind one of the adobe houses. The banging grew increasingly louder accompanied by shouts in Japanese. The Shogun raised his head in visible annoyance and shouted orders to one of his men who went running toward the back of the house with his sword raised. There was a loud scuffle and then silence. The Shogun seemed unphased by the commotion and continued eating. Faith glanced at the Wanderer and he shook his head slightly and pursed his lips silently communicating that she should keep her mouth shut. A moment later the man who had run to the back of the house waded through the water near the boat house on the side of the island with his pant legs rolled to his knees in search of something. The Shogun noticed them watching the man and glanced over. He yelled something in Japanese and the man replied. The Shogun yelled again and two more men ran over to roll up their pant legs and search. After a few moments one of the men shouted. Diving into the water he surfaced holding a severed head up by its hair. Faith set aside her bowl and started to rise from her seat in abject horror but the Wanderer placed his hand on her knee and pushed down hard forcing her to remain sitting. He picked up her bowl and handed it back to her with a reassuring :::grin::: then continued to eat. The Shogun said something and pointed to them. The translator stepped forward, “Supreme Leader offer sincere apology for interruption.” The Shogun said something else then laughed and the translator turned to them again, “Supreme Leader says it is hard to find good help nowadays.” Faith stuffed her last few bites of food in her mouth without raising her eyes or saying a word but she couldn't help but wonder if the Shogun was referring to the men who had been searching in the water or the man who was no longer attached to his head. Their bowls were quickly removed and the Shogun snapped his fingers. A small bottle of Saki and tiny cups were brought to him. He filled them and they were passed to Faith and the Wanderer. “Banzai!” The Shogun raised his cup and drank it down in one gulp. The Wanderer raised his cup, “Banzai!” then gulped his down as well. Faith raised her glass and took a sip then coughed and choked. The Shogun said something in Japanese and laughed then pointed to Faith pretending to take a sip with his pinky finger sticking in the air. The translator stepped forward, “Supreme Commander says no drink like tea. Must shout Banzai and drink quick or bad luck.” Their cups were filled again. “Banzai,” shouted the Shogun and they also raised their cups and shouted “Banzai” as they drank quickly. The Wanderer and the Shogun conversed about various topics via the translator while Faith sat quietly listening. Occasionally the Shogun would motion for the cups to be filled again and another group Banzai would follow. Faith knew she was teetering dangerously close to drunk and prayed she could continue to maintain herself. The Shogun motioned toward Faith but addressed the Wanderer. “Supreme Commander say obedient woman make good wife. Raise good sons that bring honor to family.” “I agree,” stated the Wanderer emphatically. Taking Faith's hand, he kissed it then gave her a :::grin::: and a wink in an attempt to derail any further questions. She briefly dug her nails into the skin of his palm and he squeezed her hand back hard in silent warning. The Shogun continued speaking and they waited for the translation, “Supreme Commander say he like you both. If you need privacy you may use boat house.” Faith leaned over and whispered in the Wanderer's ear, “Over my DEAD body.” She hiccuped then pretended to hide her face bashfully against his shoulder and bit him HARD so that he understood she wasn't playing anymore. “I'm sure THAT could be arranged,” he said to her pointedly then coughed, “My companion is in the time of month where it would not be... auspicious... to try and make sons but humbly requests that we be allowed to return some other time if it pleases the Supreme Commander.” Faith was mortified but continued in her submission and the Shogun nodded in agreement. They finally bowed and said their good-byes and started walking across the bridge. Half way across Faith tripped and barely caught herself from falling completely into the ocean. She lifted her wet foot out of the water and gave it a shake before crawling forward and bumping into the Wanderer's leg as he stood watching her with a :::grin::: “Road block, road block.... YOU make a very NICE roadblock,” she hiccuped. “Alright saucy wench, stand up and let's get you home.” He helped her to her feet and they made their way to dry land. As they both stumbled drunkenly along the coast the Wanderer asked, “Are you mad?” Faith laughed, “Twas brilig, and the slithy toves. Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: All mimsy were the borogroves, And the mome raths outgrabe,” she hiccuped then added, “Noooo, I'm not mad... YET... but I will be... very soon and when I am... I plan on punching you in the face again,” she hiccuped. “In my defense I warned you not to go that direction,” he sighed and :::grinned::: “You know... I see your lips flapping in the breeze but all I hear is, “Moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches, moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches... Peaches come... from a can... they were put there by a man... in a factory doooooowntooooooown...” The Wanderer laughed and started to sing along.
  12. I'm sure I'll get flamed to hell for voicing any sort of opinions but here goes: Because the MOD provided me such little customization and control over my character's movements, I felt like I had to use my imagination through text RP as well as voice in order to convey my intentions to others and in that same way I was also drawn into other people's stories and interactions because I was forced to pay attention and actively listen and participate in the things happening within the moment. I feel like some of that is lost in translation and I really miss it. I've been playing Standalone but honestly I'm having a hard time adjusting to the map size and lack of transportation versus the ratio of people allowed on a server. It makes it hard to find others to interact with if your not "in a clique" or know where the hot spots are. I accept these issues because I know that with time and patience it will naturally come together and as it does the quality and quantity of RP will also increase. I see the possibilities of what Standalone can be and it makes me hopeful. As far as staff goes, I will only say that I personally prefer a bit of separation and space. In the past, mixing the two has led to some rather unfortunate accusations of favoritism and abuse in powers ...some of which were proven to be founded in truth. It's no secret that I have no love lost for the archaic bureaucracy of the staff machine but in the end I acknowledge how much time and work they invest voluntarily to keep the wheels of DayZRP turning. I am sympathetic to their plight of trying to please everyone while still trying to have a life and some personal game time and most of all I am grateful to all staff (past, present and future) for everything they contribute.
  13. Faith kicked off her shoes and wandered along the coast enjoying the peace and warm sun as she checked old boat wrecks in the hopes of finding fishing supplies. The Professor was hardly ever around anymore. He would occasionally wander into camp and bark orders, “Stay away from Robby Noodle and his gang”... “Stay away from the Purple Polka-Dots” and then he would saunter away again and disappear for days at a time, leaving them to figure things out for themselves. Of course this angered the Conquistador who fancied himself a man of decisive action. Tension and dissension was growing within the group and it troubled Faith deeply. Something bad was coming, she could feel it in every bone of her body. She set her troubling thoughts aside and climbed a steep hill toward a lighthouse. When she reached the top she circled around to the portal door with the intention of climbing up to scout for more boat wreckage farther down the coast. As she opened the door, a man jumped out at her. Acting on instinct she dropped her shoes and punched him in the face then started to run. “OWW, Damn it woman!” Faith stopped in her tracks and turned back around to see the Wanderer holding his nose. She walked back to him, “Well that's what you get for scaring the crap out of me! You are lucky I didn't have my ax out!” He took his hand away from his nose and :::grinned::: at her. “Good thing you hit like a girl,” he winked at her. She narrowed her eyes in anger and pulled her ax off her belt loop, holding it high and taking a step forward. The Wanderer held up his hands and cowered in mock fear, “No... please... I bruise easily!” “You... are an ass.” she sighed and put her ax back on her belt loop. “I'm pretty sure that we established that fact, the last time we met by the lake,” he eyed her up and down then gave her a wink and a :::grin::: Faith cleared her throat and tried to hide her embarrassment by picking up her shoes and busying herself with putting them back on. “So listen... in about 30 seconds we are going to be surrounded by Lizard Kings with VERY sharp swords. I need you to put the Lizzy Borden-Gloria Steinem thing on ice for a little while, very sexy by the way, and keep quite. If you follow my lead and go along with everything I say, I think we will be alright but these guys don't play around. They will kill us. Please trust me.” “Oh! Now you want me to trust you, Mr. I'm-No-Gentleman! Pffft.” A group of men dressed in military uniforms started marching up the hill towards them with swords drawn. “Please... There are not many women walking this earth who can make me beg but I am on my hands and knees right now. I really don't want to die today.” “You owe me more peaches,” she countered. “Woman, I will give you peaches for life if you just zip it and cooperate,” he :::grinned::: at her. “Deal,” she said with a sigh of resignation.
  14. As the days passed more and more people joined the group. Some were new but most were men that had been away on various missions set forth by the Professor or the Conquistador. Most notably Tomahawk's Shadow and Northwest. At first Faith didn't think Shadow could actually speak. He would occasionally whisper to Tomahawk who would sometimes relay his message. It was often hard to tell him and the Tomahawk apart as they tended to wear the same shirts and hats worn low with handkerchiefs to cover their faces. Where one went the other was not far behind. In tandem with the Ninja and the Redneck they were truly a fearsome powerhouse of shooting skills and stealth. Northwest on the other hand was the loudest most certifiably crazy man Faith had ever met which of course made him the perfect helicopter pilot. Blessed with a photographic memory and an eagle eye when in the air, it was highly doubtful that there was a stash of supplies hidden anywhere in the woods of Chernarus that he didn't know about. He also had a wicked sense of humor and an evil laugh to match. One day Northwest landed his chopper near where they had been camping the previous night, to fill up at an old gas tank. When he was done refueling he talked everyone into riding along on a scouting mission including Dr. Xanadu who clearly professed to being “unsure of heights”. The Redneck took the co-pilot seat, Tomahawk and the Ninja took the gunner seats and the rest piled in the back and strapped themselves in. Northwest would fly over a spot and shout at them to get their eyes on the ground and so they would all crane their necks out the opening of the chopper in a race to see who was the quickest to pinpoint the stash below them. Once spotted, they would quickly land and check their find. When the tents looked like they belonged to someone just trying to survive, they would add some extra food and medical supplies. If the tent had minimal guns and belongings in it that would be missed, Northwest would memorize the location to be checked again for better loot returns later... and if the tent was clearly a large stockpile of guns and ammo they would take most of the good stuff and replace it with firepower of lesser value so that the owner of the tent would not be completely sure that their spot had been compromised. “The longer THEY don't know that WE know where their stashes are, the more likely they are to keep putting good stuff in there in the future,” Northwest had explain to her. Onward they flew, doing this for quite a while, stopping at various places scattered through out the woods until they all started growing rather bored and restless. This led to a rather loud rendition of Ride of the Valkyries and degraded to a lively debate of the top ten best helicopter songs which of course all needed to be sang. “Hey Northwest! We're getting' awfully high in altitude,”shouted the Redneck. “WHAT? CAN'T HEAR YOU!” Northwest shouted back and started to laugh maniacally. “NORTHWEST, What are you up to?” shouted the Redneck again. Suddenly the helicopter nose pointed upward and everyone grabbed hold of their seat-belt harnesses. The chopper did a full 360 degree forward loop and at the point in the loop where everyone's feet were dangling in mid-air over the cockpit, Dr. Xanadu let out a loud series of screams, which later could only be described as someone stepping on Yoda. The sound of the Doctor screaming further fueled Northwest who was cackling so hard he could barely breath. He did a sideways 360 degree loop and at the point in the loop where everyone's feet were dangling over the open chopper door, the Doctor began to wretch violently splashing the Ninja in the face. The Ninja started to gag and vomit which started everyone else to gagging, vomiting and yelling at Northwest who only laughed harder. The chopper raised in altitude again and then the engines cut off. There was silence. Everyone and everything seemed to freeze, suspended for a brief moment in time before starting to move again in slow motion and then speeding up as the helicopter started to twist in a downward spiral faster and faster. Nothing could be heard except the Doctor who continued his tortured Yoda-like screaming and Northwest gasping and snorting with laughter as flashes of the ground grew closer and closer through the flashing view of the open doorway. The helicopter engines kicked back to life and Northwest pulled back hard to level out the aircraft until they hovered again in the air and he brought the chopper down to land in a field. Everyone unbuckled and crawled out, laying on the ground covered in each others vomit, except the Doctor who had to be dragged out because he would start screaming again when anyone tried to pry his hands off his seat-belt harness. “I think every orifice I have is permanently puckered,” stated Tomahawk's Shadow quietly and that is the only time Faith ever heard him speak.
  15. Faith decided not to mention her encounter with the Pony Pushers or the white rabbit to the others. She didn't think she could explain it to them even if she had tried. She returned to the camp with the tire and kept to herself the rest of the night. In the morning the Professor announced that they had “group business” to attend to and so they all piled into the truck and drove for what seemed like an eternity. Finally they pulled to a stop along a deserted stretch of beach out in the middle of nowhere and everyone got out. The Professor started to walk and they all followed behind like a herd of meandering buffalo. When they reached an open field the Professor stopped then turned to address them. “It has come to my attention that we may have a possible traitor and spy in our midst. The Professor paced in front of the group and stopped in front of Faith. “Cuff her.” “What? Me? That's crazy!” Her arms were pulled behind her back and cuffed then the others wandered behind the Professor and stood in a loose line. “Who would I even spy on you for? I don't know anyone!” The Professor paced in front of her again then stopped and turned to her. “You take me for a fool? How is it not suspicious that you were taken captive by the Purple Polka-Dots and managed to survive? Tsk, tsk.” “They knocked me out. I never spoke a word to any of them,” she murmured in shock. “Perhaps that was a clever ruse to throw us off their trail. Hmmm?” The Professor began to pace again. “I didn't...” “SILENCE,” he yelled, interrupting her protests, “I am going to ask you three questions. Mind you, I already know the answers to these questions so if you lie to me, you will immediately be shot in the head. Understand?” Faith nodded in anger. “First... what is your favorite color?” Faith frowned in annoyance. “I don't see how my favorite color has any bearing on this or how you would even know WHAT my favorite color is in order to know if I'm lying.” “ANSWER THE QUESTION!” “Orange.” Dr. Xanadu stepped forward, “Orange? Really? I would have pegged you more for pink or blue. Why orange?” “Well... it's a very misunderstood and lonely color. No one ever chooses it and yet so many useful things are orange, like the sun and traffic cones.” “Hmm, interesting and creative...” said the Doctor. “Do you mind?” snapped the Professor glaring at the Doctor who shrugged and stepped back. “Second question... Do you tie your shoe laces with a boat knot or a slip knot?” “I still don't see what point any of this...” “ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION FOR FUCK SAKE!” the Professor yelled in her face. “I DON'T KNOW WHAT EITHER OF THOSE KNOTS ARE!” she yelled back at him. The Professor raised his gun and pointed it at her head and everyone standing behind him visibly cringed. Come what may, Faith had already decided that she refused to give this man the satisfaction of groveling or showing any fear. “The rabbit goes around the tree and into the hole. Whichever knot that is, that's how I tie my shoes,” she said in exasperation. The Doctor stepped forward again, “Me too! Do you double up?” “Of course! The daddy rabbit runs around the tree one last time to make sure all his baby rabbits are safe before going back into his hole to fall asleep.” “That... is so cute!” exclaimed the Doctor. Bullets hit the dirt near the Doctors' feet and he hopped back a step. “Are you ladies done?” asked the Professor glaring at the Doctor again. He nodded and stepped back in line once more. The Professor turned back to Faith, “Last question... would you sacrifice your life to protect the Stalkers?” Something dark flashed in the Professor's eyes, a fleeting shadow that sent a chill up her spine. She flinched slightly then he blinked and it was gone. She understood in that moment that her sense of something not being quite right was rooted in truth and more importantly he knew she could see it. Faith glanced at each of the men, the Doctor, the Ninja, the Redneck, the Indian and the Conquistador then looked the Professor in the eye. “No,” she paused a moment, “I would not sacrifice my life to protect the Stalkers but I would sacrifice my life to protect each of the men standing behind you. Take from that what you will, “ she stated pointedly. The unspoken meaning of her words hung in the air between them crackling and alive. The Professor contemplated a moment then shrugged, “No point in arguing Semantics.” He lowered his gun and shot Faith in the foot. She crumpled to the ground clutching her leg in a silent scream. Bending down, he stuck a badge in her pocket before slapping her on the shoulder, “Welcome to the clan... don't make me regret my decision.” He stood up and sauntered away whistling a Johnny Cash song.