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  1. POV: some dudes were talking to the girl in the street so I was just watching over her I waited a few minutes as they talked in the middle of the road @Blisna ran towards me I gave him a nod to say I’m in position I scream initiated on the people in the street followed by @Blisna and my boy in the street to my shock they just stood their I waited a couple of seconds till I saw the one man move with gun out so I gunned him down and another man took off sprinting down the road so I shot him as well a few min later I got shot from the remaining man in the green beret and took off running behind the house I then flanked into him and we traded death. END POV
  2. ImLorcan

    The Whyos

    Thanks they have been updated
  3. ImLorcan

    The Whyos

    Shoot thanks bro almost missed that lol forgot to change those when i redid them.
  4. ImLorcan

    The Whyos

    Yeah man we are currently working on just that aha so i thank you for the idea and everything.
  5. ImLorcan

    The Saints

    Had the chance to Roleplay with this group and it was fantastic Great RP from all members
  6. ImLorcan

    The Saints

    Good luck lads.
  7. *Presses his PTT* "Hey my friend ill keep you posted on a meeting spot i have had some lambs running around my compound taking my people time to send the wolves after then talk soon" *Releases PTT*
  8. *Presses PTT* " i must say i like the hustle my friend i wish you the best of luck and make sure to watch your back" *Releases PTT*
  9. *Presses PTT* "What about the groups who already do drug and gun deals? arnt you even a little scared?" *Release PTT*
  10. *Presses Down PTT* "Wait what their are already slavers on the island who is it where i can i find them?" *Releases PTT*
  11. *Presses Down PTT* "Wait you sell people like human trafficking and like slave trade? I really want to buy someone maybe we can meet up and talk about this alone just you and me? I have always wanted to start a slave business like this but i mean it takes a lot of work and i don't know if i could do it, I hope know one else has this business already or else they might kill you or something anyway i hope we can meet up and talk about this thanks so much hope to hear from you soon?" *He smiles to him self as he releases the PTT*
  12. ImLorcan

    The Whyos

    So i changed up some of our goals both IC and OOC if you guys have any more ideas please feel free to let me know considering this is my first time setting up a group feed back is always welcome
  13. ImLorcan

    The Whyos

    Thanks for the feed back man ill make sure to hop right on that
  14. *Presses PTT* "I need help man i just hopped the boarder with 2 Mexicans can you hide us for a bit?" *Releases PTT*
  15. *Presses PTT* "Crazy man this dude magically just knows my age must be a wizard or something fuck me my bad didn't know i was dealing with a wizard here." *Release PTT*
  16. *Looks at the radio then over to hector he would then Press his PTT* "Here we go another irrelevant cunt who cant keep my name out his mouth i like it. I guess ill be expecting you to show up and try and save the old timer like a white knight hero perfect see you soon" *Releases the PTT and drops the radio*
  17. *Presses PTT as he starts to giggle* "Worthless no payment, ill just hand her over too you old timer" *Releases PTT as he glances at the checkpoint*
  18. *Presses PTT* "Sorry old timer let me speak slowly so your hearing aids can pick up what im saying. Get your old stupid ass off the radio and come down to Vybor so i can beat your pathetic ass" *Releases PTT*
  19. *Presses PTT* "So let me get this straight super captain you say i got school to go to you got me man that one hit me in the heart but you would rather hide behind a radio talking about little girls but not showing your self hmm if thats not the definition of creepy then i dont know what is. Lets have some fun old man come to vybor lets see the big man behind the radio you irrelevant prick" *Releases PTT*
  20. *Presses PTT* "So enough of this stupid ass fucking radio bullshit "Father" Lets see what you got on the streets. Sorry how rude of me my name is Lorcan i am currently living in vybor industrial so if you want to try and steal some kids mate you know where to find me" *Releases PTT*
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