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  1. He came to Russia on contract moving through the woods to increase the chances of survival. Sent here as a bounty hunter to fulfill a bounty while starting a new life in the area making a name for himself while continue his search to find the bounty In return he would be awarded weapons and ammo and a second chance to live. He was dropped of near the town of myshkino and was given all the supplies needed to survive for up to a week he was given a picture of her,Her first and last name, Burn marks on her hip and she likes pumpkin seeds. If he finds her his goal is to hold her captive and try to get contact with his boss and safely return her to him. He needs her to get his weapons from his boss and will not stop at anything to get that even if that means he has to takeout random survivors along the way he will not let her go anywhere without his weapons being sent to him and is using her as even trade.
  2. Lorcan

    The Asylum [Open Recruitment]

    Group was fun i really enjoyed my time here but all good things must come to an end wish everyone the best of luck with the future "Please archive this group"
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    You got me mannnnn xD @Eagle

  • Lorcan

    S1 - Bogatyrka - NVFL - 18:30

    POV: They run up to me know me ask me my name i say its Ryan using a differnt voice then normal one of them then starts to talk alot of shit about me being a pussy and shit so i leave the camp they follow me and then tell me to put my hands up i obey they bring me into a house where there is 3 of them inside when i look behind and see they arnt paying that much attention i run outside the door turn and fire killing one and almost killing another one then i die.
  • Lorcan

    S1 Camp Eden - RDM + A lot of ARDM

    POV: I was sitting inside the camp when Eagle comes over the radio stating he had just initiated on the Sentinels at their base moments later a bunch of gunfire was heard me and JMZIE ran over to the base and was searching for any remaining Sentinels members when i took fire by the last remaining member i came around and told him to put his hands up witch he complied we took him him a little further into the forest and executed him leading to his PK. On our way back to camp we heard another gunfight start inside the camp we ran over their to see one man dead and another injured witch was stated to be under control by people inside the camp. We went into the camp and was talking to one of the leaders of the camp when we heard a burst of gunfire from the middle of the camp we ran over to see what happend to find a member of the camp on the ground dead we looked around the camp for who did and found no one. END POV:
  • Lorcan


    *Ryan hits his PTT* "Hello miss Washington its Ryan i just want to confirm to you that Mr Kendrick here does still belong to me and the family until further notice and we will be expecting a good payment for this man thanks." *Releases PTT*
  • Lorcan

    The Asylum [Open Recruitment]

    You have not seen anything yet my son
  • Lorcan

    S1 - BadRP/ trollRP - Pustoshka barn - around 00:00 27-4-2019

    I was hanging out all day at the barn with Kendrick and Stan and then a crazy amount of people showed up after that it was getting super loud and kind crazy to be fair. Someone told me to put my hands up and drop my shoes so i complied thats when that Mexican stand off started. after that i just sat in the corner by my self as the chedaki was supposed to come attack but never did.
  • Lorcan

    Good Ole Campfire RP

    Hard sorry about that carnage BTW
  • Lorcan

    KOS-S1 Near Myshkino town-04/27 21:10

    Running in push with some other random boys i get a call over the radio that chedaki was spotted in town i run in their and try to chat with them and they end up refusing to speak with me so my boys run up and they take off running so we chased them. I find one guy who was alone who we all knew was baiting for his boys. I initiated telling him to put his hands up and he complied wile searching for a radio his boy shot me and i ran for cover as i looked back towards where we had him held i saw his hands were down so i turned around and fired a few rounds his way killing him. PS: this case is awfully similar to this one, you knew for a fact you had a squad after you and still decide to send a solo member to get himself initiated on after that you group member decides to shoot at us leading to your friend's death.
  • Lorcan

    S1-Abuse of game mechanics - no value for life - combat log

    I was running on the North west airfield when i heard some shots coming from the ATC tower i ran over their and realized it was the funeral parlor so i decided to help them with guys up stairs in the ATC we then got told about a grace period with 5 min left to restart no one can shoot or move positions. All parties agree to a cease-fire and the server restarts after the server comes back up we relize the person upstairs was no longer their i then get a call over the radio stating a man was seen running outside i ran down their found the man and told him to put his hands up he then started to run away i asked him to stop running or i will shoot he did not stop running so i shot him putting him into a unconscious state i then let him get back up talked to him a little about the situation then let him go free.
  • Lorcan

    S1: Stary Sobor - Invalid Initiation, BadRP and possible NVFL - 2030-2120

    POV: As seen in the video i was standing in the middle of stary after making a radio broadcast about a party we were having. A couple guys came running up to us and started talking to us. One guy decided to lay down on the ground and pull out his gun he then said put your hands up in a manner we all thought was a joke we asked him if he was kidding and then he just shot me in the head. END OF POV:
  • Lorcan

    The Asylum [Open Recruitment]

    Never fear daddy is here
  • Lorcan

    The Asylum [Open Recruitment]

    We are all different None the same So who are we To judge insane To see the world Through different eyes The things you’d see Such sweet surprise Describe a color With my senses Feel freedom from Enclosing fences Built by peers Sane and normal Doctors probing Pills and potions Our story begins with a group of patients from an asylum up north, as the infection started to spread and ruin the country from the inside out the government couldn't uphold their standards of basic case, staff started to leave the facility and food and other supplies started to run low everything in there had fallen into complete chaos leading to the men and women who resided in there escaping and starting to roam the lands, some had fallen into the grasps of the land feeding of everything they could not knowing what was right or wrong continuing onwards as ‘’normal’’ people as most of them thought they were stable individuals and nothing was wrong, now they had been released from the grasps of the medicine they were getting fed through methods the caretakers used in order for them to be capable of handling them. After a year or so of chose the government issued a small unit to find these individuals and bring them back to a safe place where they could be treated and if not be dealt with in the manner they saw fit, many had escaped but the headcount was unknown due to most of the documents of the old world had been lost during the chaos that had ensued from the beginning of the outbreak, none the less the once that were counted for were either found dead alive or close to death from there delusions some had formed small groups to keep each other company others had survived in the forest away from any and all human contact using each other to try to manage their situation going as far as cannibalism. The paid guards who were mostly just hired guns had helped track some of these individuals or dealt with them in a manner they saw fit if they didn’t comply with there orders as somewhere to unstable to be even safely moved to the safe haven they had planned to bring them. They were all rounded up in a camp on the mainland and prepared to further movement given the medicine the caretakers had been supplied and the march continued,only place they saw fit for these individuals to be moved to was an island far south where the walls were made of concrete and the doors out of thick metal frames, there they grouped up with the rest of there unit and settled in though it didn’t come without a fight as another group had claimed it as there home, after a few days of fighting the safe haven had been taken over and fully fortified the patients were placed into their new rooms and kept there under supervision by the caretakers, there they kept relaying there information and progress on the patients to the officials that had set them up for this task getting supplies when needed but those sometimes came with a delay leading to some of the patients to start showing symptoms from there illness and lack of food didn’t help either leading to some of them acting out and attacking the people that worked there, most didn’t get to do much due to there fragile state allowing the caretakers to sedate them and place them into an isolation room where they were kept until they managed to gain full control over them, those that did manage to inflict pain on the guards were promptly handled in the back after getting restrained. After weeks of attempting to control these people they started to slowly but surely lose control over the patients supplies started to run low and some of the hired guns started to sight with the patients on false promises as anything was starting to look better than help the caretakers who kept putting these men into constant danger to protect people they were starting to see as nothing more than prisoners who were just being kept there until they dwindle away. A day came where the unit lost all interest in controlling the facility and released the patients from there cells after stockpiling everything they needed and then left the heaven up to the patients no one knows what came of the people that were left behind. - Find like-minded individuals to join our family [Day 750] [1/10] - Secure a home for our own needs [Day 710] - Sustain our fold with weapons to protect our family [Ongoing, day 715] - Sustain our fold with food and medical supplies [Ongoing, day 715] - Locate those that are responsible for our imprisonment [Day 680] - Intrigue the mind of the common people [Ongoing] - Change the outlook of how people see the current world [Ongoing] - Care and protect our family by any cost [Ongoing] - Get the puppets to gather information [Ongoing] The Family @Eagle - Stefan Reynir Jonson @Lorcan - Ryan Bonfield The Trusted @DK_Major - Billy Hickerson The Puppeteers The Puppets @Prinsey - Aiden Valentine @JMZIE - James McCoy @Salamander44 - Erwin Peiper If you wish to join then fill out this template and send it to @Lorcan. You can also interact with us IC and still have a chance of joining. Age: Timezone: When will you be able to play?: Character Page: Hostile RP Experience: Previous Groups: What makes you want to join The Asylum?: What can you bring to our group: Extra:
  • Lorcan

    Assitance needed for Patient care!!!

    *Ryan walks away from the patients as he presses down the PTT* “I’m in need of assistance. I have several patients who have currently taken over control, so if anybody is interested in helping a good cause and really test their skills, contact me and we can arrange something. *Ryan pauses as he hears the gunshots coming from the courtyard* “I won't go into details right now but if you are really interested then as I said, we can arrange that. I hope to be hearing from somebody..”
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