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  1. So last night. I stumbled upon a group of 3-4 folks who locked me and another cowboy hat wearing stranger in a building with them and took us hostage. They took my radio and the scenario began. They violently attempted to convert me to Islam. Since I stopped talking on discord my two teammates came looking for me because they knew that I saw some people. The terrorists heard people outside and got on a megaphone and gave the warning that all should leave or else there will be violence. My friends heard that and took up positions covering the only exit they had. I was tied and lying on the ground going along with the terrorists RP. One of my friends in his hiding position was approached by an person with an american accent (the terrorists had Arabic accents). and my friend began talking with him telling him the situation, that his friend is being held hostage. Then the american speaking person Kills him on sight.... and then my other friend was killed too. Not too sure why. Im not here to make a report about KOS. But I want to know... Would my friends in this situation had kill on sight rights. They are stalking a target, and their friend is in danger, but then some random guy comes up and wants to engage some bs small talk, and then my friends get shot. What is the terrorists hid their accent? they were all wearing green armbands. the guy who killed my friend wasnt.. people obviously heard the megaphone and came running. But this is a scary situation and I feel that any non hostile person would leave the area and not anything to do with it in real life. Id like to have a discussion on this. With that said. My Muslim friends, if you are reading this. That was very fun RP.
  2. I do not, Like I said, I was just logging in and the first 5 minutes I was stuck up. I usually stream but I hadn't gotten set up yet. Edit:typo
  3. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Day time. Possibly 5 hours before this post was created. Your in game name: Moe Bacon Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): I dont know their Names. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No Sorry. Just logged on didnt even get my stream up yet. Detailed description of the events: Woke up in a garage in stary sober. Played all night last night so had gear, plate carriers, helms rifles... I walked out of the garage and a guy behind me said "hey give me all your stuff or you're dead." I began role play by talking, I was acting like I was hung over from the night before so I wasn't sure who I was talking to. I passed out last night with my other friends. as I was talking he aimed in on me. and Just said you u have seconds to drop your shit or you're dead... 1...2.... Dead.
  4. After getting out of the military, Moe decided to pursue his dream of becoming an actor, After countless Auditions, he landed a Role on a Reality TV show. in a undisclosed country. A few hours into the flight the Heli crashed. Moe woke up as the lone survivor of his crash. He woke up in a daze, but fully in tact. Hes not sure if this is part of the show or not. But every thing seems to be real. But there is a hint of suspicion to how it all went down. It didnt feel... Natural. Moe decided not to stay around the crash sight and look for survivors. Maybe he was left for dead, Maybe its all apart of the show... He will have to find out on his own.
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