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  1. Lets gooooo So much good RPer's in the group and my god all together again
  2. Lets goooooo boys. Lets get some running done. Finally about time @Duke
  3. Welcome to the server boss. If you have any questions feel free to ask a way
  4. @Cody Baton looks good mate glad to see you boys coming back
  5. Welcome to staff Jade 

    Bruce Willis Welcome To The Party Pal GIF


    1. Jade


      tyty 😄 

  6. proud of ya b

    1. GDate


      Thank you 🙂 

  7. Welcome to staff brother

    welcome dr evil GIF

  8. Welcome to the team brother 

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  9. Nice name change suits you 😉


  10. Replying to the last one about Chernarus it is in real fact IRL in the Czech republic. In lore it is in the black sea. Maybe the person saying that is meaning that not the other way around. But yes Chernarus is in the black sea in the lore. Chernarus is based from a place in the Czech republic as many know.
  11. Just a reminder guys please take your time and read 🙂 


  12. Right @Cirtex so i'm going to say this now because its going on in a loop. People here know if they die they can either come to helpdesk to avoid going to the place they died or log for a hour. Number two calm down please. Number 3 don't break rules going back to the location or proximity of your body will get you (Yeeted) Banned for a few days. Now I would ask you to calm down and speak to people who voice a different opinion in a better manner. At this point it just looks like your angry and a tad salty. No disrespect to you but its starting to look that way good sir.
  13. Can people in this thread please calm down keep it cool and relevant to the thread no insults please @Cirtex
  14. @GaryCash as me and other staff members have said. When you or someone who is new come to HD so you know where to run so you don't run to the direction where your body is. There are many ways to go around it and that being come to HD or log for a hour and do things don't you agree ??
  15. Also regarding the TRZ part. We are our own community these are @Roland 's rules and they are working fine as they are. if you have any issues talk to him and discuss it. Other then that I think I have said enough.
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