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  1. what you on about? Dave Chappelle Thinking GIF

  2. This brings some memories back damn. 



  3. Max Johnson Max as a kid looked up to his father who served in the 14th Marine Regiment for a long while. Born in Austin Texas he loved being outdoors getting dirty having fun and loved watching military documentaries. When he was a bit older he applied to join the Marines and requested to be part of the 14th Marine Regiment stationed at Fort Worth. After a while he completed his boot camp and excelled in it. He became one of the most recognizable soldiers around with his enthusiasm and loyalty. He won the hearts of all the men in his regiment and done what ever he could for them t
  4. SB? what is this madness?

    1. G_DateSB


      Just a meme dude. 

    2. MaybeleleLR


      A meme indeed

    3. G_DateSB


      It is indeed 

    4. Niller


      It's World Dominati-

      i mean a meme... Definently a meme.

  5. My guy gratz on the GM bro well deserved. Nice to see you back in that spot my dude

    Well Done Clapping GIF by MOODMAN

  6. Yo, that's pretty damn poggers G_Date

    Welcome to the Cool Kids Club

    1. G_DateSB


      Aye thanks man ahaha lets party boys 😉 

  7. Nate was born in the RUH in Bath. His parents strict and put him to work at a young age on the farm. He didn't go to school and didn't have many friends. In his teenage years he went to college and done his public services course to get the general knowledge of how the law works and how he can protect those around him. He excelled in college and when he was a little older he became a body guard for some wealthy folk in the area. He worked all day and night most of the time and it was good money coming in also. He could afford to live in a stable way and make sure his parents ha
  8. New start new people fresh beginning lets go @Realize 

    1. Realize


      Let's get you some medical RP @Dr Bradley for this guy.

    2. G_DateSB


      Sounds very interesting. Be nice to hang with you again @Realize  Takes me back to the old days.

  9. Welp looks like I'm now half way to 50. Guess time to celebrate and get drunk.

    happy birthday GIF by Julie Winegard

    1. BeanSimp


      Happy Birthday Reaction GIF

    2. ScarlettLR


      Happy Birthday, hope you get spoiled and get lots of presents.

      Happy Birthday GIF by memecandy

    3. AtrixLR


      happy birthday roleplayer G_Date

    4. Kermie


      Happy Birthday mate enjoy it also 1/4th to 100 

      happy birthday 3d GIF by Michael Shillingburg

    5. EddieLR


      Happy Birthday pal 🎂! Have a good one man! Don't feel bad, on the 11th of next month I'll be almost halfway to 80 😪

      celebrate happy birthday GIF

    6. MaybeleleLR


      Happy Birthday bratir

    7. G_DateSB


      Thanks guys 🙂

  10. Welcome back my friend how we missed you

    khary payton twd GIF by The Walking Dead

  11. Damn just one thing after another lately

    simon cowell facepalm GIF

  12. love the way you lie fire GIF

    1. Elmo Cringe

      Elmo Cringe

      me when I lose a spider in my room

    2. Elrod


      visual representation of my brain cells

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