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  1. Grats on the purple dude

  2. - user received a warning for this post -
  3. -1 Many of people leave to deal with life and come back I have many times. There opinions will always matter and restricting them of there opinions and giving feedback and what not and you taking it out on them because your mad then sit down and take a chill pill and wake up and smell the bloody flowers love. Its them that also make this community for what it is so if your mad about something or someone go talk to them to deal with it instead of being a winy *
  4. Whoaa there MY GUY i didn't read it all. PS. Don't mock me
  5. Hold up my G. I was being sarcastic in my post with all the hungry dirty PVPers here. Also rust its own game sucks dude this aint the place to discuss Rust sorry my guy
  6. Regardless you will still get the odd majority going around like billy big bollocks thinking he owns the joint initiating on everyone because pvp is cool.
  7. I honestly think you should give the lore team and rest of staff team some slack boy. @Turboslash They have worked hard to push the lore and make the server some sort of playable. Not many people have been crashing and only a few. Complaining in the way you are will get you no where you need to learn to approach it a bit more calmer and come to the idea that they are still working to figure out what is causing the issue's. It might be the weapon mod it might not it may be something else you don't know so instead of complaining let them figure it out.
  8. @OnionWelcome brother glad to have you here
  9. Character: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-29/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dimitri12390747
  10. Callum Jones Callum was a stable child growing up. He was the older out of him and his two brother's Gareth and Nigel. Growing up he didn't really do much but help his father in the garage with his Harley Davidson as he had such a fascination with bikes and wanted to ride when he got to the legal age. He always used to fantasise about being in a biker club with his brother's and father. After his school years and college years he took to riding a Harley Davidson soft tail and rode with his brother's and father and getting friends to join in. They then started to think they could make something out of it and make a club. With his father Paul knowing people and connections from back in the day they started to realise they could make easy money dirty money but could have a living. After a while things was up and running and they was known as the Son's of the reapers. Callum started to make money the club started to make money by selling small firearms and selling drug's and moving product to where it needed to go. After making some money for the club they bought there self's a club house and a mechanic garage so they can carry on there hobbies and earn legit money to mask the dirty money they would bring in. It wasn't to long after that Callum, Gareth, Nigel and Paul decided to start offering protection runs and security to people as now there numbers have increased. A week or so later Callum got caught carrying his firearm and some drugs on him and got sent down to for some time in prison. He served his time got into fights and got back out. His time wasn't hard in prison but it was lonely and had time to reflect on the life he has chosen but knowing that nothing wouldn't change. A year later he found a women who he fell for called Sophie. He met her on a run up in Wales in the Rhondda Valleys in south Wales and she couldn't resist him and they started talking and never lost touch of each other. He took her on bike rides around the UK and they would watch the sun set and watch the stars appear as the night sky came over. A few years came by and Callum and Sophie got married and they decided to go on a massive bike ride to Russia also on a arms dealing trip but also to celebrate there marriage. So Callum, Gareth, Nigel, Sophie, Paul and Mary took to Russia and then south to see the lands they have not rode on before and to enjoy there time there. Callum went out one night to the shop and noticed some people running into the store and taking what they wanted and leaving so he just entered and got what he needed and left the money on the side. On his way back a man came to him with a knife dawn and tried to rob him. The man failed and Callum put him down to the ground and then shot him in the head. Things started to seem a bit serous now so he rushed to his hotel and got his family out of there and headed south to Chernarus to see if it was safer there.
  11. It's not the fact that we didn't want to follow what I think got to most people was the 10 second robbery's between people that the group provided. Other then that it was PVP orientated as I said I said my piece.
  12. @TurkRP Lets take it back to the constant fighting and hostile intentions and little Roleplay between Anarchy back then and other groups. People couldn't continue the RP stories because of what the group was doing. I remember when I was in the Messengers and all we got was constant harassment from the group and lost members of the community because of it. I honestly disagree with the group from past lore to come back. All it was back then was a mess. I have said my piece.
  13. I disagree it got used so many times in old lore and the amount of report wars from back then would make zero sense in bringing it back. Nothing will change and I honestly think a new idea would be better instead of bringing something that is dead and gone and make something new. Just saying
  14. Honestly I wouldn't want to see Anarchy again. It was used a lot in the older Lore and I doubt things will change from the last time. Maybe come up with a fresh new idea instead of the things anarchy done before and come up with something new and fresh
  15. G_DateLR's POV: So when I was in camp before I logged I did hear someone I think in a Irish accent shouting abuse. In the encounter before I logged things was ok but I could tell they wanted to do something but because I had to go to work I couldn't stay so decided to log and get ready for work. I noticed that someone was getting incredibly hostile and just pretending to be funny (BADRP) and this man I think was Sassy. Before this I think two of the mentioned decided to say they was live on facebook with there camera's asking for interviews.. That's all I remember if you need anything else just hola.
  16. G_DateLR

    Dimitri Ivanov's Adventure

    My adventure's as Dimitri
  17. Dimitri Ivanov Age 24 Dimitri Ivanov was born in Kirovograd on the 23/12/1995. He was raised on the outskirts of the city to Russian parents. He is a single child and life was hard but was quiet. Dimitri lived on a farm helping his parents tend to the cattle and other farm animals feeding them and putting them to slaughter when the time was right. When the civil war hit his father signed up for the ChDKZ so Dimitri would only see him occasionally and when he did he would teach Dimitri ways of fighting and taught him how to use different weapons. Living on the farm he grew up learning to shoot a rifle so he was at ease with it. His father went to fight for a better life for all Russians living in Chernarus. Dimitri was in charge of looking out for his mother and the farm. He would also go on hunting trips to bring food to his household and others around him. He grew intelligent mentally and with a weapon. He would always train to try and succeed his father and become the man he wants him to be. Out of his family he would have always followed his father and his beliefs. When the time came after a short time Dimitri signed up for the Respublika Armiya Chernorusskaya and was the best in his training. He had trained for this most of his life thanks for his father. He was enlisted under a man named Bata Kuchanek in the 34th Infantry Battalion. They ended up moving to a place called Vybor in South Zagoria in a compound. Dimitri now will have to prove himself and fight for what he believes in and make his father proud.
  18. @Duke @Maybelele @ChadLR @Marik @Inferno @KohlSkaal @ZedLR
  19. Most people don't want to play because of the Lore wipe coming in a few weeks so people are waiting for that mate. It will pick up again.
  20. Myles Johnson's Journal Growing up and later life Myles Johnson was born in the Royal Glamorgan hospital in south wales near the Rhondda Valleys. He grew up in wales until he was 6 years old and moved to England with his parents as they could get work there. His family all worked and loved taking care of people and working in medicine. As Myles was growing up the family he thought that was everything and happiness turned into a horrid break up between his mother and father. At the age of 16 he took to drugs and skating with his mates and when at home helping his mum with work around the house and of course helping her with patients in there clinic. Myles liked to help those in need but he knew he had to put himself first at times. His mother taught him some things in medicine and other things to help others in that aspect. When he got out of college he took wanted to move away from home and move in with a friend. He still see's his dad from time to time but mainly when his dad is available. When Myles left home and moved in with his friend in Bath Somerset in England he got into a bit of trouble with the police moving some weed and got cautioned and so he stopped and starting making music instead with his mates to stay out of trouble. When he turned 25 him and his mate Jack and the band took them self's to Poland to do a few shows and to learn there culture. Having fun there drinking playing music and enjoying there holiday in general they wanted to explore around the surrounding areas down the line after they stayed there for a couple of years. He also enjoyed skating around the country and seeing new things his aim is to skate in 20 countries. Band Magnolia He went to Poland with Anthony Gallagher, Jack and the rest of the lads to have a good time and show them what good music is about. The band name is Magnolia and we done rock and other sorts of music. we preformed Alternative rock, Indie, Rock, Old school rock and others. We became locally famous and wanted to break out in other countries. We done a lot of small festivals in the UK and started getting more fans while the time went past. We all enjoyed what was doing. We formed in 2012 and grew in the UK really quick. We met each other online and got together to forum Magnolia and we stuck to it as we all had a lot in common. Being skaters and troubled kids growing up we clicked and wanted our music to portray our stories. Unknown things about Myles. He got abused in school and bullied a lot for what music taste he liked and just because he was different. He lost both his grandfather's within 3 weeks of each other and it killed him. He was so close to them and it broke him completely. Also losing his best friend at the age of 11 killed him he will always remember his best mate Sam Odell and will always cherish what they had. Maybe someone will help guide Myles to the right path and make him believe that death is not the end. He use to self harm because of the horrible things that has happened to him and now seen it as a escape and felt no more pain. During his time in Livonia When Myles arrived in Livonia he went from place to place trying to find a home and in search for his band mates across the country. He came across a group in Toplin full of doctors and medically trained people and security. He met a woman named River who took him on and welcomed him with open arms and they related to common things they both liked to skate and she managed to find him a skateboard and they got on since. Myles helped many people who came for shelter and medical care using the knowledge he had he made people feel safe and welcomed. A group known as 503 kept coming by taking things and just hanging around and at that point that is when people thought we was working for them but that is far from the truth. We never worked for them and then they wanted us to had over Eddie and Evelyn which was a big no so they started hitting us and drove us out of are home. We ended up going nomad for a while after they robbed Myles Jet and many of the other's. So after a short time Myles and Marcus, Jet and Harvey took to finding supplies and taking things from other people's bases to make sure we had what we needed to protect ourselves from and hostile interactions. Myles was becoming worried and slowly started losing his sanity and took off on a trip away to try and find himself again. He climbed up high places and went through tough terrain to try and escape the plague that has shadowed across the world so he could be at peace. On his trip he came across a few people but most hostile and wanting gear or just Myles in general for a food source. When he returned him and the others took to a expedition in finding some gear and supplies down south and came across a community where a women named Hilde and the path finders had a base at. We entered and broke into a house and tried to get one of the car's working to take with us. We then had a man down so we tried finding and hunting the person who done this and sadly no luck came are way. Myles then took himself far south away from all the problems he started to face. He started fighting the wildlife and the undead and took off to a shack far south to be alone and started playing the guitar again and singing to remind himself what he use to do back in the day before all this hit the fan. He started thinking about his family and loved ones that he left back in the UK and started getting depressed and wanted nothing more but to hold them once more. Two months have past Myles got a radio call saying all the La Resistance is getting called to attack a prison near Gliniska so he picked up his AKM and took off to the town to meet up with the lads and to find out his old group / family lives there and need help with the threat at the prison. Myles a changed man took to his weapon and started running to there aid. After getting there we had supplies for a siege tower and started building after people was in there positions and started the attack. It took us hired guys to get inside but we got in and heavily outnumbered the opposition and started clearing each section of the prison out one by one. When we got to the last section Myles was on point and went to clear the hallway to his right he saw a man in the room peaking and Myles took him out. This was the first person he has ever killed and he felt nothing no remorse no nothing it shocked himself really but he carried on clearing the place out. At the end they found a lot of weapons and ammo honestly these guys was heavily supplied but Kings Ridge took the prison and after clearing the little bits left we took off back to where we came from and Myles went back to his shack. After a week of returning to the shack Myles woke up to the undead at the door and windows trying to get in. He took to his radio and put himself up against the door to stop them from coming in and took to his radio to say good bye to his old group / family. This is Myles last radio message. "Myles come's through the radio up against his door and a horde of undead trying to get in you hear this on all KR frequency's Hey guys i hope you are all doing well where ever you are. This may be my last message out to you guys so i want to get somethings off my chest. River i want to thank you for bringing me in to the group when i met you all was like a home you treated me well and put your family first. Great leader. Jet You good sir are one of the most loyal people i know. You protect what is yours and your family and you also use a level head and try to think things through before you act great person. The others in leader ship are time was great you are all and forever will be close to my heart. May you all live a perfect life in what ever shit hole we are in. Live life for what you believe. Ahhhh shit they are breaking i..... Fu...... Shots can be heard then a blood curdling scream the radio then falls silent and you only hear the moans of the undead" This was his last radio message to all of the kings ridge. He died with some pride and now is at peace with his family. Eddie will always be in Myles heart same goes for Jet, River, Marcus and the rest of the family. R.I.P Myles Johnson 12/05/2020
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