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  1. G_DateLR

    House Call [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Gratz on the approval. Nothing but great RP from this group and good laughs every time we have sessions or just bump in to y'all. Keep it up
  2. G_DateLR

    Need a house call? - [Open Frequency]

    Gareth walks to a hut in a field and pulls up a chair and puts his feet up on a table and cleans his M4 and grabs his radio you hear loud aggressive music in the back ground "It appears that many men I have killed. It haunts me but yet I still don't speak about the damage I have caused or yet have spoken about any of my issues via anger or mentally. I appreciate the work you have done for my fellow comrades and would like to speak more in depth about my personally issues. Being a military man and going through what I a have gone through it is tough to speak about things" *He sighs and loads his gun and aims at the wolves in the woods close to him. Shots are heard and the howls are loud and you can hear them wine and run off. He comes back to his radio* "My anger is as you can say not great. I'm starting to click and want blood. Revenge on people is what I crave most that have wronged me and its starting to take over my life. Maybe some therapy and anger management methods is what I need to help me get back on track. There is pain I feel on a everyday basis mentally I hope we can agree to a time where we can meet with a few of you and try and solve this" Gareth before releasing the PTT sighs again and loads his gun ready to fight a horde of infected "here we go again" Releases the PTT
  3. G_DateLR

    S1 Chernaurus-Belaya Polana-NVFL/KOS

    Gareth's POV: So me and some of the guys wanted to go down to the Preatorian Guard base with Gareth's new wife and get some RP as she wanted to go down and see her friends. So after getting half way she went offline and me and @HampzeHP and @BackInNam took to there base. After arriving I put a white builder hat on and a orange vest and asked if anyone was home and no one was so I called the boys over and asked them to give me a boost so I can get on top of the fence and look around and see how they are looking. Not to take anything as me myself was just being nosey and was checking the base out only to try and fall in and the same happened to @BackInNam. So after falling in I looked around the tents and there base and taking nothing bumped into one of there guys who just spawned in. He asked us to get out so I took myself out of the base and went outside his walls. I asked @HampzeHP to stop aiming at the guy and wonder around the area I was in. I then get told over radio to say we are 503 to then the man in the base shot and killed @BackInNam. This is my pov sadly I have no video evidence but if you want more questions please ask away. EDIT: @BackInNam was asking to leave as couldn't climb out as he was carrying to much and kept asking to be let out before I told the man we was 503. Just to add in there that we did want to leave and carry on with are day after he asked us to leave as you can see in the video me climbing out.
  4. G_DateLR

    Aggressive staff

    Myself personally I can honestly say staff are doing a great job and the team we have are a great bunch of people. If you feel a certain way about a staff member and have issues with them go to there feedback page or talk to another staff member. The other problem is when people do things and break rules and know what they are doing and can't deal with the consequences and get angry at the staff members who deal with them and tell them how it is and then complain even more. All that aside I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day.
  5. G_DateLR

    House Call [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Looks really good. Honestly can't wait to see you all in action helping people with there troubles. Also can't wait until the day comes where Gareth is getting some help. Good luck with the group wish you all the best.
  6. G_DateLR

    Been looking everywhere for rules regarding base building

    @KaneIsMyName have you tried doing it on the browser instead of discord on the desktop ?? Also the rules you have read is all you need to be aware of. There are rules for groups that I will also DM you and you can become familiar with them also so you are aware of it also if you wish.
  7. G_DateLR

    Been looking everywhere for rules regarding base building

    @KaneIsMyName What is the issues with the discord ??
  8. G_DateLR

    Been looking everywhere for rules regarding base building

    @KaneIsMyName the rules you will find under the information tab on the Dayz website will be there for you.
  9. Uhtred Mordsson Uhtred grew up in Oslo Norway where him and his father took on adventures and spent all his life outdoors. He sought out Viking artefacts and was intrigued in the history of it all. When he left college and started working for a company called Grimfrost selling Viking clothing and jewelleries and weapons as like swords and daggers for putting on walls. He breathed and bleeds Viking and supports his beliefs. Later on down the line he took to going around countries where the Vikings took and landed and looked for the history. He went from England to France and then back over towards Denmark and ETC. He then met his family and went back home to plan out his next trip. He started planning to see other cultures and decided to go towards Russia and sailed on a ship. It took him a long while to prepare as he wanted to bring Viking relics with him like his dagger and he sword and some clothing and other things. A storm was seen over ahead and heading towards the ship Uhtred thought nothing of it but others was getting worried and panicking. He went to his cabin and went to put his head down to rest until he arrives in Russia. A few hours later he woke up to the sound of waves crashing against the ship and thunder and lighting striking down. The thunder sounded like Thor's hammer smashing down a creating waves you would of never of seen. Uhtred took some of his belongings and took to the deck to try and get away from the wreak that would soon be the ship he is on. The next morning Uhtred woke up on a beach cold and wet and hair everywhere in his face. He looks around and see's the bodies of the sailors and equipment that was on the ship now on the beach. He looked out to the ocean and saw the ship in half and sitting there and now surrounded by peace. Uhtred took his dagger and rings and took off down the coast to find some water and some people for help. After a hour walking he came across a small town but it looks empty like no one was home. He walked up to a door and heard nothing in side and so he entered only to find blood and a corpse laying the lifeless. He pulled out his dagger and searched for food and water and came across a pistol and some warm clothes. He then got changed and warmed up and then got on the move. He was walking down the road and to find some of what he thought to be people walking around dragging there legs and seemed lifeless. He got closer and then the thing turned around and started charging at Uhtred. He turns around and grabs the infected person by the shoulders picks him up and slams him on to the ground and stamps on his head and crushes it completely. At this point Uhtred had a really bad feeling and sought out shelter and to find a way to get help and get away from where he is now.
  10. G_DateLR


    This year has been a bumpy one for myself. In this community and in the flesh in IRL. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Many people in the community have been the rock I need to pull myself forward through things mentally and guided me to a better place. So this being said everyone I wish you the best new year possible. Remember there are always people there for you no matter whats going on in life. This new year is your year. Without this community and the great people I wouldn't know where I would be right now. Wish you all well and the come back is soon XD 

    1. BravoActual


      Keep your head up man. 

    2. G_DateLR


      Yeah @BravoActualI am mate just the change of scene and stepping back for the time I did helped a bit and now looking forward. Will be coming back but enjoying Escape from Tarkov atm haha 

  11. G_DateLR


    Merry Christmas all. Have a wonderful day and enjoy all the food 🙂 Don't get to drunk 🙂

  12. G_DateLR


    Happy Birthday me. What to do today 🤔

    1. Scarlett


      Hope you have a fantastic birthdayfrosty happy birthday GIF

    2. Alan Woods

      Alan Woods

      Happy birthday Gareth ! 
      You old man !

    3. Wee_L_LR


      Happy birthday mate 

    4. Trijim


      Happy birthday bro!

    5. G_DateLR


      @Alan Woods The name is George or G_Date im not RPing haha 


    6. Alan Woods

      Alan Woods

      You will always remain Gareth to me ! 

    7. G_DateLR


      Thanks @Scarlett @Wee_L_LR @Trijim @Alan Woods for the wishes though 🙂 

    8. G_DateLR


      @Alan Woods Damn really haha. My birth name is George not Gareth 😂😂

    9. Kattsura


      Happy Birthday!!!

      cat GIF by happy-birthday

  13. G_DateLR

    cant log in

    If you are using the DZSA launcher you will need to put your character name in he settings part. so as its open go to settings and put your IG name as your characters and should be all done mate @FilthiestKevin
  14. G_DateLR

    cant log in

    Hiya bud @FilthiestKevin what launcher are you using as will need to put your characters name In the launcher ?? If your using the Dayz slandered launcher you will need to go to parameters and put in your Character name there. If you are using the DZSA launcher you will need to put your character name in he settings part.
  15. G_DateLR


    Anthony Joshua get in my son. Only gone and got the W and got his titles and belts back 😀

  16. G_DateLR


    Yes been waiting since you first made it and when you first rolled about. Wish you good luck and wish to see you boys around
  17. G_DateLR

    just joined as gold member

    You alright there buddy what is the PBO file called as you may need to add it ?? @jettlife
  18. G_DateLR

    • G_DateLR
    • Alan Woods

    @Alan Woods I know you love me and all so I thought I would repay you with my kindness 🙂 i regret nothing GIF



  19. G_DateLR

    • G_DateLR
    • RiZ

    @RiZ-kun to go with the new look you got going here. Enjoy 


    1. RiZ



    2. G_DateLR


      Thought you would enjoy it. In that case Rolle should change it back. XD

  20. G_DateLR

    Choose your spawnpoint

    -1 for me honestly I think it would make people spawn in zeleno for easy gear and also people breaking NLR. It will give people the chance to return to where they died in my opinion and will rise the amount of people to break NLR. Also it would also in my opinion ruin the way you wake up in the middle of no where and you lose the casual scavenging in the costal city's and other places. Think it should stay how it is.
  21. G_DateLR

    No active character?

    @JayHays alright there bud have you made a character on the website as you will need to make a character on here. Go to Dayz then to character's and make a character then step two on either go to the Dayz standard launcher and go to parameters then all parameters then go to profile name or if your using the Dayz standalone launcher go to settings and again change the in game name to your character's name once you make one on the website. If you need any help PM me on discord and will walk you through it.
  22. G_DateLR

    Temp Ban because of character picture

    I will look at your CP see if its all good and let the Game masters know mate. Was it just the picture that needed a change ?? Edit: Looks all good mate Temp ban will be lifted when a game master gets to it they have been notified.
  23. G_DateLR


    Anyone want to Play brothers haha. Get the Lombardo brothers in action 😉

  24. G_DateLR

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Fae @PhoenyxxRP @Ronnie @RiZ @JimRP @SassyRP Just want to thank you on the great RP during the Hostile acts @Fae you played it really well and honestly couldn't picture it any different. @JimRP and @SassyRP it was great hostile RP with you guys taking me to @PhoenyxxRP I enjoyed the trip down memory lane was great fun being your hostage and couldn't ask for any other way. You looked after me well and want to thank you on the great RP from there. Now @PhoenyxxRP and @RiZ When I got dropped off to you guys after the whole situation and me being the last standing I want to say thank you for the great and again hostile RP. @RiZ the hostility between us will only grow IC and I want to thank you for taking care of my character still and provided good RP with me as well as other members of the wolfpack. @PhoenyxxRP I enjoyed the tensions rising between us and in the heat of the moment getting a gun in my face I really enjoyed it and will enjoy meeting you all on my next character. @Fae was great hostile RP enjoyed getting hit in the face and again wouldn't ask for anything different. You played a damn good hostage and honestly loved it. @Inferno played a great role and played along with you so you wouldn't feel left alone. I want to thank you all for the great RP and may we continue to do so on my new character. Have a good one lads and ladies
  25. G_DateLR


    Time for a change I think 🤔


    1. Inferno


      Good prof song

    2. G_DateLR


      Thanks mate. Was on about my character though XD 


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