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"If i go quiet please check up on me like i will you"

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  1. G_DateLR

    DayZRP Podcast OOC FIlm

    @FalkRP sounds good man. We are still in planning and just came up with the idea today so we can talk a bit later if you want about the idea
  2. G_DateLR

    DayZRP Podcast OOC FIlm

    So as a update I want to bring people to the table that will show a interest in it and people from other groups. We are going to see how this post goes and from there we will see what we will do. I'm open to ideas and would agree to the Council coming in to it @C-J If anyone is interested just send me a dm on discord or just post here.
  3. G_DateLR

    DayZRP Podcast OOC FIlm

    At the moment yeah I wanted to have 4 of us still waiting on C-J if he wants to but im open in getting other members who want to be apart of it and want to come into it also
  4. G_DateLR

    DayZRP Podcast OOC FIlm

    There will indeed mate. I want to cover the dayzrp community in a OOC level you feel By weekly dude just incase there is nothing to update on
  5. G_DateLR

    DayZRP Podcast OOC FIlm

    Me and some others want to bring a podcast to the community where we talk about the news and to people OOC and see how they are doing and how they are getting along in the community. Myself will be hosting this if it gets anywhere with @JJRambow @Cow @C-J. We want to bring something different and talk about the ongoing issues also as well as other members and bringing some banter into it. If you like it and want to know more feel free to vote and pm me
  6. G_DateLR


    Another three days of solitary. God please help me 

    1. Kattsura


      i believe in you GIF

    2. Alin


      Actually you're not alone, you got friends with you 😄


  7. G_DateLR

    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

    Taking another holiday. I'm with you @C-J when we are back its time to play. Fiji we go.
  8. Dear Christ please take this gift and bring stability and happiness and bring joy to this land. Please look after the ones I care about and myself Amen Great picture btw
  • G_DateLR

    Combat loging Livonia

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I find the verdict not fair due to the fact there is no where in the rules saying that what we did is against the rules. We waited half a hour and got really far away from the situation as logs will show. I feel like if the rule was changed and people had a cool down timer to prevent this from happening again. Because this is not a official rule and not under combat logging im confused to why we got that rule break. I understand that it is justified but again wonder why we got a punishment where again the rule isn't on the rule page. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So in my pov after the situation we ran off towards this factory place about a 30 min run. We was waiting on the roof and chilling then get told in radio that we was getting attacked and we moved over. I would also like to add this. I would also like to add this. If these guys didn't get hit for the rule they so called broke because it needed to be updated im starting to question why we are here?? Would also like to add this from the boss man himself on Monday. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: 3 day ban removed. Update of rules and to be more clear about it. Set a cooldown timer between maps. Would like a verbal warning and points removed What could you have done better?: I should of waited the two hours or asked permission to log by the other group or logged and waited the 2 hours and shouldn't of gone to the other map.
  • G_DateLR

    Operation: Yggdrasil [Livonia]

    Good luck with this guys wish you all the best and hope to bump into you guys. Graphics look great like the lore. Hope to see you guys around
  • G_DateLR


    Wolves will move around and I myself have seen them in the city of zeleno and down towards kozlovka and other places where they shouldn't be. They normally wonder off chasing animals or infected or a survivor might of been chased by them and managed to get away and so the wolves stay around that area. It is rare that this happens but lately wolves have been seen around everywhere in weird places. I do not think its a issue with the server or there spawns but only that they have chased something to that location.
  • G_DateLR

    Gareth's Album

    Will be posting pics from my adventure
  • G_DateLR


    I think I just found the god of rap the fastest I've heard anyone rap ever



    1. Mademoiselle


      He also did Rap God xD That was perty fast

    2. G_DateLR


      @Mademoiselle I know but In this one he goes so fast its unreal 

    3. Mademoiselle


      True that, true that

  • G_DateLR

    Wazzzz upppppppp!

    Hey man welcome to the community. Hope you have fun here and enjoy your self. Hope to bump into you IG soon.
  • G_DateLR

    Starting Loadouts [Clothing Only]

    @Chance Ross if you are struggling to get your character to get the things he needs and it takes hours and days you can keep looking around all military spots. I advise you to look in the right spots or buy it from the store itself. As I am 100% sure this will never get implemented in the server as we already have a store. Sorry for the negative remarks but as I said and will say again people will 100% abuse this.
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