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  1. G_DateLR

    cant log in

    If you are using the DZSA launcher you will need to put your character name in he settings part. so as its open go to settings and put your IG name as your characters and should be all done mate @FilthiestKevin
  2. G_DateLR

    cant log in

    Hiya bud @FilthiestKevin what launcher are you using as will need to put your characters name In the launcher ?? If your using the Dayz slandered launcher you will need to go to parameters and put in your Character name there. If you are using the DZSA launcher you will need to put your character name in he settings part.
  3. G_DateLR


    Anthony Joshua get in my son. Only gone and got the W and got his titles and belts back 😀

  4. G_DateLR


    Yes been waiting since you first made it and when you first rolled about. Wish you good luck and wish to see you boys around
  5. G_DateLR

    just joined as gold member

    You alright there buddy what is the PBO file called as you may need to add it ?? @jettlife
  6. G_DateLR

    • G_DateLR
    • Alan Woods

    @Alan Woods I know you love me and all so I thought I would repay you with my kindness 🙂 i regret nothing GIF



  7. G_DateLR

    • G_DateLR
    • RiZ

    @RiZ-kun to go with the new look you got going here. Enjoy 


    1. RiZ



    2. G_DateLR


      Thought you would enjoy it. In that case Rolle should change it back. XD

  8. G_DateLR

    Choose your spawnpoint

    -1 for me honestly I think it would make people spawn in zeleno for easy gear and also people breaking NLR. It will give people the chance to return to where they died in my opinion and will rise the amount of people to break NLR. Also it would also in my opinion ruin the way you wake up in the middle of no where and you lose the casual scavenging in the costal city's and other places. Think it should stay how it is.
  9. G_DateLR

    No active character?

    @JayHays alright there bud have you made a character on the website as you will need to make a character on here. Go to Dayz then to character's and make a character then step two on either go to the Dayz standard launcher and go to parameters then all parameters then go to profile name or if your using the Dayz standalone launcher go to settings and again change the in game name to your character's name once you make one on the website. If you need any help PM me on discord and will walk you through it.
  10. I will look at your CP see if its all good and let the Game masters know mate. Was it just the picture that needed a change ?? Edit: Looks all good mate Temp ban will be lifted when a game master gets to it they have been notified.
  • G_DateLR


    Anyone want to Play brothers haha. Get the Lombardo brothers in action 😉

  • G_DateLR

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Fae @PhoenyxxRP @Ronnie @RiZ @JimRP @SassyRP Just want to thank you on the great RP during the Hostile acts @Fae you played it really well and honestly couldn't picture it any different. @JimRP and @SassyRP it was great hostile RP with you guys taking me to @PhoenyxxRP I enjoyed the trip down memory lane was great fun being your hostage and couldn't ask for any other way. You looked after me well and want to thank you on the great RP from there. Now @PhoenyxxRP and @RiZ When I got dropped off to you guys after the whole situation and me being the last standing I want to say thank you for the great and again hostile RP. @RiZ the hostility between us will only grow IC and I want to thank you for taking care of my character still and provided good RP with me as well as other members of the wolfpack. @PhoenyxxRP I enjoyed the tensions rising between us and in the heat of the moment getting a gun in my face I really enjoyed it and will enjoy meeting you all on my next character. @Fae was great hostile RP enjoyed getting hit in the face and again wouldn't ask for anything different. You played a damn good hostage and honestly loved it. @Inferno played a great role and played along with you so you wouldn't feel left alone. I want to thank you all for the great RP and may we continue to do so on my new character. Have a good one lads and ladies
  • G_DateLR


    Time for a change I think 🤔


    1. Inferno


      Good prof song

    2. G_DateLR


      Thanks mate. Was on about my character though XD 


  • G_DateLR

    Operation Custodia (Open Recruitment)

    Looks good guys. Can't wait to see you guys in game and get some RP.
  • G_DateLR

    Gareth's Album

    Will be posting pics from my adventure
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