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  1. Welcome to the team mate glad to have you aboard 

    1. Pepsi


      Feeling so welcomed today! Motivates me to help more! Thank you! 

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      Anytime mate. If you got any questions hit me up 🙂 


  2. Tune this absolutely loving it  



  3. Looks like good ole Boris has now told all pubs and restaurants and bars and local shops to close. So this means only supermarkets open I think. Going back to work the week coming will be fun in retail. 

    1. Korha


      Oh gods lol, no break for you I'd imagine

  4. If you look around the 3:30 minute marker he asks the guy is that is M417 on his back not in silence. he has spoken to them all up until I approach him and that his mouth is sawn shut. I find it odd @vinnyblingbling how you have spoken to these guys and then not even 10 minutes later your mouth is sewn shut. We ran after you because we wanted RP and after the attempt and you running off me and the others ran after you because in my characters eyes was odd and is training to be a doctor and wanted to treat you for you mouth that is apparently sewn shut. After you run the only way I felt like I could get RP was by being hostile but you managed to get away. Also please be honest in the report you did break silence in the video talking in the clinic. If you guys need anymore information please let me know.
  5. Dean Francis Age 27 Dean was born in the United kingdom where his parents decided to move from Detroit Michigan and start a new life as Deans father had a Job opportunity. Dean was born in Bath Royal United Hospital in Somerset. Growing up Dean went to a school called Grove Primary in Trowbridge Wiltshire and succeeded in everything he put his mind to. One day Dean went to school and seen some of the kids picking on his brother Sam and went over to deal with them ending up putting one of the kids into hospital. Now at a young age he didn't agree with bullying and would intervene either way. He helped his brother with ways to fight back and to protect himself. In Dean's Teenage years Dean learned to drive at a young age and started to rebel against his parents. Only for a few years later his parents kicked him out so he had to go to his Aunties in the USA back in Detroit Michigan. After going back there he started to help her catch bounties and catch criminals. At the age of 25 he wanted to go around the world and heard his brother Sam is near Poland and wanted to go there and see him. After he told his auntie he started packing and getting things ready. After a few hours he got into his car and took to the airport and started getting on his way. After arriving he settled down in a hotel and started looking around for his brother. After looking for a few days he tried calling him and someone random picked up and told him good luck to finding his brother. At this moment Dean ran back to his hotel and got his colt and took to the streets looking for his brother. Constantly going through his head he blames himself for this. Only if he didn't act up back in England he would of been with his brother and made sure he is safe. He started asking the locals and getting information and it started leading down a side of a river. After a long few weeks of hiking he came to a place that looked ran down but none the less the search is on and now he will stop at nothing but to find his brother. Back in his 20's Dean learned to use a fire arm and taser to bring down people with bounties on there heads and after a while he was one of the best in his county. His auntie helped him get out of trouble and made him the man his is today to help protect himself and his family. He kept in contact with his mother and father and brother but would go months without speaking to them from time to time. He focused all his hatred and anger on the job to bring down criminals with bounties. Here and there he would do hits on stores and small business's to make a little extra cash so he could afford to go away and go and visit family in the UK. No one loved there family as much as Dean and he would do anything to make them happy even if that means supporting them in ways they won't know about.
  6. Server and location: Livonia, Sitnik Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): I think around 8:30pm Your in game name: Myles Johnson Names of allies involved: @ItsChocolateMan and some other King's Ridge Name of suspect/s: @vinnyblingbling Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So at the start I didn't notice they talked to the guy earlier on and we was all chilling at the Sitnik clinic. This guy walks past and looks like corp in a way so I wanted to ask him if he is with the guys in the pink armbands and get some out of group RP. After he says his mouth is shut I question him to un cut the thread with a knife. After I had a headache he walks away from me and I then continue to ask him questions to then he removes the thread from his mouth emotes that he his smiling in the chat logs with blood coming out of his mouth and then says Guten tag and runs off. To then I reply that is not good bye and then correct him Auf Wiedersehen. Me and the other two decide then to run after him to try and get some more RP and he runs off completely. You can tell he didn't want to RP and that he didn't really care for much RP after he has talked to the guys earlier but then all of a sudden he has his mouth sown shut. The Video is from @ItsChocolateMan sadly it doesn't go to the part where he runs off at the end.
  7. G_DateLR


    Welcome back bud can't wait for the new story.
  8. Nice RP today bumped into John and his boys had a good little chat was nice to have a decent conversation and talk to other people then just the hospital. @Conor, @AndreyQ, @Hofer and I think @Elmo and @Jannik. Was nice to do and bump into different people. Love the group and your RP brings something different. Hope to see you all again soon. Also @Beth was nice to bump into you and wonder around and get to know your character a lot more. Was a nice adventure with you and @Imagine, @Miamomoh, @Harvey and @Oryx. Was nice going out about having a great time looking around the map and exploring things that we didn't know or have seen before. On to the next time and more stories. I hope we can build more of a story line with your group @AndreyQ nothing but good RP today
  9. Welcome to the community bud hope you have a good time here. If you got any questions hit me up happy to help.
  10. Congrats on the approval about time boys. Well deserved
  11. Glad to see this about time @YAKMOUTH. Can't wait to bump into you boys again. Everything looks good to me and I wish you the best of luck with this group
  12. @CJ thank you brother. Nice trying something different for a change and nice to someone new.
  13. Well looks like I just found my new fav song great band 


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      Well that was shit, thanks.

  14. Tune this aint gunna lie 


  15. Love the vid man great job think some more need to come in the future.
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