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  1. Damn just one thing after another lately

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  2. love the way you lie fire GIF

    1. Elmo


      me when I lose a spider in my room

    2. Elrod


      visual representation of my brain cells

  3. I am assuming now AJ line is archived and Joji and the rest of the London lads have gone back to London I doubt it @Mukiolux
  4. Thanks for taking me in @Echo. Can't wait to see what will come of this and can't wait to RP with y'all. Slava Chernarus
  5. Lukas Boran was born in Serverograd where his mother and father had a butcher shop. Lukas use to help his father hunt and bring meat to the shop to sell at a young age and throughout his teenage years. When the civil war happened his father took to one of the groups when the country was split in two. Lukas never liked the Russians and wanted to free his country of them. A few years goes by and he heard his father got murdered by some Russians and Lukas was full with rage and wanted revenge. He signed up with one of the military forces around and started fighting for his country and started fighting for the freedom of Chernarus. They taught him how to be a soldier and one he became. He exceeded in his training and and came out on top in boot camp. Now his time will shine as he joins with his brothers to make Chernarus great again.
  6. G_DateLR's POV on the combat logging As you seen above i asked for perms to log and got denied. I logged back in after restart and hung out for a little bit around GM and then left with Jet and moved away from the situation. I can not remember how long I was there before I logged as I was delirious and really tired and had to get some sleep before I had to go to work. I at least needed 4 hours sleep as I wasn't going to risk missing work / running late and losing my job as I'm on probation at work. I work 3am - 10am and I didn't know the situation was going to be as long as it was if I did I wouldn't of took part. As I said my job comes before anything. Staff can look at the logs and decide
  7. o7 been a blast in the group by far the best and most relevant group I've been part of. @RonnieLR you done a great job mate
  8. The green suits you dude. Good luck in staff my guy 🙂 

    Doctor Who Good Luck GIF

  9. G_DateLR

    Allan Brooks Album

    Allan and his adventures
  10. +1 to the event So from my understanding and from my view the event looks great. It is honestly down to the event organiser if they want hostilities or not. I just don't understand why people are getting infuriated about it. Let the man do him. We all know that if hostilities was aloud the event would be done it wouldn't take a smarty to understand that. It always isn't about PVP so I honestly think @Echo the event looks great dude keep up the great work and can't wait to see what it brings tonight. I believe in the RP you can provide and Ocelari as a whole. Going back to it the QZ yea hostilities was aloud because that was the leader of the events decision and it got respected so why couldn't @Echo decision or @RonnieLR even though there's is no hostilities kinda proves my point. There are many other ways to protest in event's like this and as @Hofer said protest and find other ways that don't end in fire fights because there is more to RP then just PVP even though yeah PVP plays a part in it but the event planner should be respected for his decision.
  11. I love it sounds really good @Echo. Can't wait to see how well this goes. I know for a fact that all you guys are great at what you guys do in RP and never disappoint so I know for a fact this is going to be one sick event.
  12. New album yes please 

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