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  1. In my Opinion I raid no matter if there are people on or not. If say group A have beef with group B and have been battling it out for a while and hit them at night when they are off and also hit them in the day. There is nothing wrong about offline raiding we are in a community where there are people from all around the globe and store a lot of gear and horde a lot also. The problem is that people horde a lot of what people need and only stay in there walls or go get another 1000 nails bullets or whatever or just gear that no one will use. So to end my say I honestly think people should prioritise roleplay over gear. Offline raiding is all fine in my books.
  2. Come join the podcast guys we are live 


  3. My POV: I woke up and started wondering around and head to the other end of the prison on the walk way. I then see this and was like guys this is AOGM you can't do this and then we realise we got raided with a very badly placed staircase going into the walls and fence and didn't look realistic.
  4. Reported for being to toxic
  5. Gareth's POV: So the boys was in Topolin and me and @MaybeleleLR was running from the prison towards the location of the boys as there was a plan to pick someone up in Zalesie. After running a good while I get closer to Zalesie and the boys said over radio they got Nato in there midst. So I start getting closer and then hear shots. I start arriving and asking for information in the whereabouts of the enemy. There was two dead and one hostage and as a I arrive I get shot at by running behind a house from the west side of Zalesie. I then put down some suppressing fire and then run closer to the boys. I run straight to the hostage and ask him if he wants to live and if his so called partners will value his life. We tried negotiating and gave them time to come down with there hands up and we wouldn't kill the hostage. Again after time just running around I see someone run from the northern road coming in to Zalesie and run to her and ask her to leave as there is a fire fight going on. After that time has passed @C-J the hostage and some others was in the Humvee and drove back to the prison while myself @MR ZED JR and another was about to leave. Me and another leave Zed behind and so we return to pick him up. At that point I get shot two times and bail out of the car. I then put down suppressing fire in the location it came from. @MR ZED JR aka Gibson after he wakes up and I patch myself up I ask the young boy to move the car in the little compound as I remove the mesh barriers so we can escape from the other way. We make it back to the Prison and park the car up and go and see the hostage. At this point Gareth is really angry and him and his men he wants to let some steam out and rough him up a bit. After a bit roughing up @MaybeleleLR @MR ZED JR was talking to him for quite a while. I was walking around the prison and keeping an eye on the things that was going on around the prison and seeing what they was saying to the hostage. I get a radio message from @Mystery and @Eagle saying get someone to open the gate to the car compound so then I think @Atrix17 not sure opened the gate and took a shot while running up the road so I then go in the top of the tower and take a suppressed shot and run down to the boys im taking shots right now. After @Mystery and @Eagle get back and close the car gate they get into the prison and help with getting angle's on them. So I run down to the hostage again and say boys come on we need to try find this guy to then I hear grenades getting let off in are car compound. I run to the window and see another one thrown at the Humvee that we took from them. I run back into the tower and try and look for him after some time looking me and @Eagle see the guy in all black run off into the trees. After some short time @Mystery went to Helpdesk to talk to @JobScholten and another staff member. After we take the hostage up the tower to be executed he wanted to speak to his mates one more time before meeting the bullet. When he was speaking to them we couldn't hear him speak at all when speaking to them until he replies and says "What would we want to trade" so they can get there man back. I then turn to one of the lads and ask is it weird that we can't hear him when he is talking on the radio. So I ask him to speak up and at that time I think all communication is ceased and @MR ZED JR is now speaking to him while I decide to hop over in the HD to shed some light on what happened. I hop over to HD with @JobScholten and @Mystery not acting as staff but to shed light on the situation. After coming in I explain some things to Job and wait for the person to come in to the HD. When he arrives he was talking to @Mystery and has a attitude towards him and myself. He says a few things and then what he said in the video. I then get messages from him telling me I can't be in HD in a situation when in light I was explaining the situation and yet he seemed like he had attitude towards me in my dms also. After leaving HD @Mystery goes to the hostage and kills him If you need anymore information please let me know Gamemaster's
  6. I would like to state i wasn't acting as staff in the helpdesk I was just explaining what happened. I came in helpdesk just before watchman turned up. If needed I will post a pov tomorrow when I wake up
  7. Absolute Madness my guy great clip
  8. Welcome to DayZRP @Mhuur I hope you enjoy your time here and have a blast. If you have any questions hit me up
  9. Welcome to the community @K2U I hope you enjoy your time here. If you need to know anything just send me a DM.
  10. *Gareth comes through the radio. You hear him cleaning his M4* "Diplomacy is not up to me and the others in this radio boy. It is down to the leadership of the 5.0.3. "The boys here are talking about some issues that went down and told this man to go back to this women" "Remember we spared Kirby I think his name is and didn't even touch him. If we wanted to we would of caught him but we let him live we ain't all bad now are we" "Anyway there are some things to still be answered and only the boss man can ask them so I leave all of that to him hope you so called Irish have a wonderful day now" *Gareth carries on cleaning is M4 and puts down the radio to keep a ear on it*
  11. I didn't hear him tell him to drop his weapon all. Onion said he was going to drop the crow bar on his back so he could put his gun on it. To my knowledge he didn't ask him to drop it.
  12. Honestly great song all around and very creative. Lyrics are fine and it screams 5.0.3 completely. Nothing wrong with it can't wait to see what happens for the future of 5.0.3
  13. Come over guys not long till we start getting into it 🙂 

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