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  1. Gareth Jones Gareth was born in Bath Royal United hospital back in 1985. Growing up he had the life of luxury no worries no problems just doing what he wanted. His father owned many of businesses in the UK and brought home a lot of money. Gareth being home schooled didn't have many friends until he was old enough to go out and do get up to mischief. He got into all sorts of trouble, Fighting, Drugs, stealing but his parents always bailed him out as they had the money to pay for it. He went on trips around to America for his father on his part of the business and to enjoy the beauty of California. Later on in the week he got a message to come home straight away as his parents have been killed in cold blood. Gareth arrived back home seeking revenge and would do anything to gather as much intel to bring the people who killed his family down. He started gathering as much information and got a source saying that they they have gone towards Russia. Gareth gets on his private jet with his equipment and sets towards Russia in search for the bastards that killed his parents but what is to come will shock him. Arriving in Russia everything seems to be okay at first. He started asking people around to see if they heard of these people on the run. No one new anything. So he set his eyes in the lower class districts. He ended up bumping into a man in black and looked at him. The man looked at him back and ran. Gareth then knew this has to be one of them. He chases him down and catches him in a alley way with no escape. Gareth pulls his gun and tells him where the other guy is saying he will spare the guys life if he tells him. The man replies and tells him to head to Chernarus. Gareth starts to walk away then turns and shoots the man in the head and goes on his way in search for the other man.
  2. Looks pretty dope ngl. Hope to bump into y'all when i finally come back
  3. I'd rather break my kettle with my asshole than own this community lad

    1. G_DateLR


      I didn't make it haha


  4. Grats on the purple dude

  5. - user received a warning for this post -
  6. -1 Many of people leave to deal with life and come back I have many times. There opinions will always matter and restricting them of there opinions and giving feedback and what not and you taking it out on them because your mad then sit down and take a chill pill and wake up and smell the bloody flowers love. Its them that also make this community for what it is so if your mad about something or someone go talk to them to deal with it instead of being a winy *
  7. Whoaa there MY GUY i didn't read it all. PS. Don't mock me
  8. Hold up my G. I was being sarcastic in my post with all the hungry dirty PVPers here. Also rust its own game sucks dude this aint the place to discuss Rust sorry my guy
  9. Regardless you will still get the odd majority going around like billy big bollocks thinking he owns the joint initiating on everyone because pvp is cool.
  10. I honestly think you should give the lore team and rest of staff team some slack boy. @Turboslash They have worked hard to push the lore and make the server some sort of playable. Not many people have been crashing and only a few. Complaining in the way you are will get you no where you need to learn to approach it a bit more calmer and come to the idea that they are still working to figure out what is causing the issue's. It might be the weapon mod it might not it may be something else you don't know so instead of complaining let them figure it out.
  11. @OnionWelcome brother glad to have you here
  12. Character: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-29/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dimitri12390747
  13. Callum Jones Callum was a stable child growing up. He was the older out of him and his two brother's Gareth and Nigel. Growing up he didn't really do much but help his father in the garage with his Harley Davidson as he had such a fascination with bikes and wanted to ride when he got to the legal age. He always used to fantasise about being in a biker club with his brother's and father. After his school years and college years he took to riding a Harley Davidson soft tail and rode with his brother's and father and getting friends to join in. They then started to think they could make something out of it and make a club. With his father Paul knowing people and connections from back in the day they started to realise they could make easy money dirty money but could have a living. After a while things was up and running and they was known as the Son's of the reapers. Callum started to make money the club started to make money by selling small firearms and selling drug's and moving product to where it needed to go. After making some money for the club they bought there self's a club house and a mechanic garage so they can carry on there hobbies and earn legit money to mask the dirty money they would bring in. It wasn't to long after that Callum, Gareth, Nigel and Paul decided to start offering protection runs and security to people as now there numbers have increased. A week or so later Callum got caught carrying his firearm and some drugs on him and got sent down to for some time in prison. He served his time got into fights and got back out. His time wasn't hard in prison but it was lonely and had time to reflect on the life he has chosen but knowing that nothing wouldn't change. A year later he found a women who he fell for called Sophie. He met her on a run up in Wales in the Rhondda Valleys in south Wales and she couldn't resist him and they started talking and never lost touch of each other. He took her on bike rides around the UK and they would watch the sun set and watch the stars appear as the night sky came over. A few years came by and Callum and Sophie got married and they decided to go on a massive bike ride to Russia also on a arms dealing trip but also to celebrate there marriage. So Callum, Gareth, Nigel, Sophie, Paul and Mary took to Russia and then south to see the lands they have not rode on before and to enjoy there time there. Callum went out one night to the shop and noticed some people running into the store and taking what they wanted and leaving so he just entered and got what he needed and left the money on the side. On his way back a man came to him with a knife dawn and tried to rob him. The man failed and Callum put him down to the ground and then shot him in the head. Things started to seem a bit serous now so he rushed to his hotel and got his family out of there and headed south to Chernarus to see if it was safer there.
  14. It's not the fact that we didn't want to follow what I think got to most people was the 10 second robbery's between people that the group provided. Other then that it was PVP orientated as I said I said my piece.
  15. @TurkRP Lets take it back to the constant fighting and hostile intentions and little Roleplay between Anarchy back then and other groups. People couldn't continue the RP stories because of what the group was doing. I remember when I was in the Messengers and all we got was constant harassment from the group and lost members of the community because of it. I honestly disagree with the group from past lore to come back. All it was back then was a mess. I have said my piece.
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