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  1. Personally I would love to play a good zombie mod for Arma 3 in the DayZRP community, why dayzrp specifically? Because DayZRP simply offers the best role-play there is out there. I see some people here talking about how DayZRP is all about standalone and how a change to Arma 3 mod would be bad for the community. I'd like to remind you people that DayZRP wasn't always like this. In fact i'd say DayZRP's primetime was during the time when it was still a Arma 2 mod. Then the change came with standalone and many such as myself didnt bother to stick around to play that clunky game, however it was a necessary move as the mod couldnt compete with the hype. I think the problem here is commitment. If you were to make a dedicated dayzrp mod it would have to be the main focus of dayzrp, not some side-project. The community isn't large enough for a side project, as seen multiple times through dayzrp history. Not only that, but the mod itself would need to be absolutely amazing, like others have said the competition in Arma 3 is tough. You would need a mod that really sets itself apart from others, a mod that will make the YouTubers and streamers come back and show off this fantastic mod of yours. I'm talking about mods such as seen in Frankie's for entertainment videos. With all that said I don't think dayzrp has the funds nor the guts to take that step and make this a reality, which I honestly think is a shame.
  2. ZeroXiz

    So I'm not whitelisted anymore ....

    Me neither, probably not worth it until Exile goes live anyway...
  3. Link to an old CLF picture album: http://imgur.com/a/AqYKu My favorite: [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A4wqngsjrk
  4. Rumours has it Rolle is planning on securing himself the Arma 3 Exile dayz mod thing. Can't miss out on this shit! It's been a long time, too long.
  5. Damn I miss the old days, so much fun! I'll see what I can dig up later
  6. Negative, it shut down waiting for a merge with Rolle's expanding community I think.
  7. Don't just leave us at that, I also want to hear this amazing piece. OP deliver, pls
  8. That's my old headset, never had the trouble you seem to be having. Check the headset software and your audio settings, perhaps it's defect?
  9. ZeroXiz

    Leaving dayzrp and gaming

    Good decision, have fun!
  10. ZeroXiz

    Spider Thread

  11. ZeroXiz

    back from time to time

    Welcome back bud!
  12. That was me, and just me. I was coming down the road to rejoin the rest of the CLF guys who were at the Elektro docks. "Guys..is that you by the hospi-FUCK SVR LOGO!" *does immidiate 180 turn* I thought for sure you tried to chase me. Naah, we thought it was bait to lead us into a trap! The second time he came through the town it was, but not the first time. By then you had left, perhaps next time! Then we spent the 3 hours after that looking for you, but never found you.
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