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  1. Frankie was born in the year 1990 in London, England as Frankie Williams. His father Robert Williams used to be an officer of the law but died in a shootout when Frankie was only about 5 years old. His mother Lara had a very hard time getting over the death of her husband. She was also a police officer wich only made it worse. Her fear to go to work got bigger and bigger every day, she was constanlty on edge and really wasn't the same anymore. Two months after Frankie's death, the man who killed his father got gunned down in a gang shootout, yet that brought no peace to the family. Lara made a decision, they didn't wanna stay in dark, violent and rainy London anymore since it only brought bad memories to them. She quit her job and moved to her parents over in Florida, U.S.A. Frankie couldn't go to school and his mother couldn't find a job since they weren't actual U.S. citizens. The only reason they didn't end up on the street is because Frankie's grandparents took care of them. A year passed and Frankie was now six years old. His mother had met a man named John Hunter. They fell in love very quickly and before Frankie even turned seven, they got married. Frankie was young at that time, didn't really quite understand what was happening, all he cared about at that point was pretending to be a fish. His mother took John's last name. So Frankie Williams was now Frankie Hunter. John was originally from Texas and even had a big ranch there with animals and fields. They thought it would be a perfect place for Frankie to grow up. Two years passed and Frankie was then about eight years old. He knew that John wasn't his real father but, he loved him. One thing Frankie was always very interested in were his father's guns. He thought it was cool and he always saw it in the movies. Of course he wanted to shoot guns too. His mother wasn't very okay with it but his father convinced her. ,, Hey, it's better we teach him how to handle and shoot a gun and explain to him what it does so he learns to be careful with it and not use it recklessly ". After a days lasting discussion about it, they promised Frankie that he could start learning to shoot guns once he turned ten. They kept their promise and Frankie turned out to be an absolute gunnut. He loved guns, got his own and became an excellent shooter. He even won competitions by the age of 18. All that paid out when one night the dogs inside of the house started barking at something outside of the house. Frankie's first reaction was to grab his rifle. Good old Winchester Model 70. He peeked out of the windows and couldn't believe what he saw. Three guys on horses, trying to catch their farm animals with a lasso and steal them. It was like in a Wild West movie. John opened up the window, ducked, used the windowframe as stabilization and looked through the scope. He saw the two of the man chasing a cow but the third was out of sight. Frankie was only waiting for his mother or father to show up, he was extremly confident and almost cocky at that point but then it hit him like a brick. His mother is on night duty and his father is on the way to pick her up off work. So he is alone, all by himselfe with three intruders. He got nervous and trigger happy at the same time. His father told him ,, You know how it goes out here in texas, somebody unwanted is on your property? You get a darn rifle and shoot 'dem motherfuckers! ". Frankie looked around through the corn field and saw one of the men alone in the corn field close to the edge of it where a chicken coop was. He did as he was thought, aimed at that mans back and pulled the trigger. The bullet went into that mans back, pierced his heart and came out in the front. Frankie got up and screamed ,, Get the fuck outta' here you fuckin' hillbilly fucks! " And those guys left faster than lighting. Frankie killed somebody, it felt weird to him but he was proud and so were his parent. Apparently those guys were a notorious little group of bandits who lived like it was still the 1800's. After that, Frankie decided to go to college over in Florida where he eventually met a girl. It's now the year 2010 and Frankie is 20 years old. Him and his girlfriend were still happily together and lived on another Ranch out in Alabama but they wanted something different. Having a Ranch or Farm in that area wasn't really a good way to make money since every second redneck over there had a Ranch or a Farm if they weren't " Moonshiners ". And Frankie's job as a hunter and his girlfriends job as a waitress didn't pay too well. So they wanted to leave, see something new. They heard about a country named " Chernaurus " wich apparently is on a very good way of rebuilding itselfe after having a brutal civil war in 2009. That country became quite international and apparently foreign workers were quite welcome. So they moved there. Since that countrys currency didn't have too much value there, they were able to buy somewhat of a Ranch or Farm and even animals for only 1000 U.S. Dollars. So they lived quite far north in that country. They were suprised that quite many people spoke english over there but well, quite many foreigners came to that country for a " new start ". They lived a good life together, made friends, were even planning on getting married till.. well.. shit got fucked up. In the night of the 7th - 8th, July, 2017, apparently a Russian helicopter crashed into a storage base not too far from where Frankie and his girlfriend lived. There was even a video posted of it on twitter wich was shocking to watch because the Chernorussians and the Russians didn't come along too well anyway and that could've.. escalated things but.. A conflict between Chernorussia and Russia was the least thing Frankie and his girlfiend had to worry about. Then storys appeared about people going missing near that base. A lot of bad stuff was happening, it came from one shock to the other. Russian airforce anihilated the same storage base where their helicopter went down leaving many Chernorussian soldiers dead. Then bombings took place at the Chernorussian - Russian border by both sides. National demonstrations. Unresponsive soldiers attacking? When something happens, people tell people. Eventually the story that has been told goes a bit off path and then when the 1000's person hears that story, it might be completely different that the story originaly was but, what happend to that story that people say unresponsive soldiers from that storage base attacked people? They were supposed to be burned or even missing limbs. But that wasn't the worrying part, the worrying part was that all that took place only a few kilometers from where Frankie and his girlfriend lived. They decided to get out of there, they did own a car at that point but it was an old lada wich was very broken down and couldn't be repaired because of the lack of competent mechanics in that area. They grabbed as many supplies as they could and stuffed it all into four bags. Frankie grabbed a rifle. Another good old Winchester Model 70, they were surprisingly common in that area. So they went down south on foot, no internet, no radio and no communicating with anyone. They had to leave everything behind, none of their friends picked up their phone. So they made their way down south. After a long journey they finally saw the Green Sea through the trees of the woods they were travelling through. As they were walking down a hill to get to the road Frankie spotted something. He saw two guys with guns threatening a couple who had a boat and was about to sail out to escape. Frankie and his girlfriend stopped and before they could even finish talking about what they should do, the two men with the guns killed the couple. Now it was very obvious to Frankie what he not should do, but has to do. He looked at his girlfriend and she immideatly knew what was about to happen and she only nodded, wich was unusual for her but.. well. Frankie aimed his rifle, saw one of them had a long rifle, probably a mosin and the other had a pistol. Frankie aimed at the man with the mosin and took a shot. The bullet hit him right in the head. His friend grabbed the mosin and ran for cover. Frankie managed to put a bullet into him while he was running, the man dropped behind a rock. Frankie took down his rifle but then saw in shock that the man got back up and aimed his rifle in his general direction. He heard the shot didn't get hit. He then heard a scream to his left and saw his girlfriend had been hit in the shoulder. Frankie took aim at that man, saw he just got done reloading but managed to put a bullet into his torso just before he could pull the trigger. They were now both dead. His girlfriend was bleeding, the bullet went through her bone. He tried to stop the bleeding but it was difficult. Frankie wanted her to take some painkillers but she refused and yelled ,, Let's just get to the fucking boat ". That again was unusual for her, she never used bad words or anything like that but Frankie didn't argue. They quickly made their way down hill. And then arrived to the boat and then saw it with their own eyes. That story of the unresponsive people was apparently true. The couple that got shot was back alive but looked dead and were just making weird noises. With hesistation Frankie raised his gun and put them down. His girlfriend picked up the pistol wich one of the bad guys dropped and they both looked towards their dead but yet not so dead bodys. They got back up as well. Frankie raised his gun and put one down, his girlfriend put the second one down. Frankie was shocked because he couldn't believe that his girlfriend turned from the most innocent girl to a badass within a few hours. Frankie looked at her in disbelieve but she just looked back for a second, grabbed the mosin from that guys dead body and went on the boat. Frankie followed shortly after. It was quite a big boat, with four smaller boats attached to it. It was full of supplies. Food and water for years if they are lucky. So they went out on the sea. Frankie's girlfriend's bleeding got worse and she started feeling a bit dizzy. In the end they did the only thing they really could do, they stiched the wound together. It went well for a while. They been out on the sea for days already when suddenly a huge storm came in. It was extremly loud, many of the smaller boats attached to the side of the main boat broke and Frankie and his girlfriend lost many supplies because of that. Eventually the storm subsided. Frankie had been on the deck doing a load of work to keep the boat running. After a while he went down to check on his girlfriend and saw she wasn't feeling too well. Her condition got worse as days passed. Frankie was worried but she was somehow happy. She loved the sea and sailing. Since the storm was gone it was very sunny and she enjoyed that even more. Weeks, maybe months passed and Frankie went to check on his girlfriend again. She was asleep, atleast it seemed like it. She was making weird noises and looked pale. Considering she is of mexican origin and therefore has a quite dark skin, that is very worrying. Frankie tried to wake her up by pushing her and calling her name but nothing happend. He layed his hand on her cheek when she suddenly jumped up while gasping for air and grabbing him by his shirt. Frankie screamed and hit her in the face out of reflex. He stepped back and fell over because he tripped over his own food. He looked at his girlfriend, he was holding her eye and only said ,, Ouch ". Frankie got up in shocked and asked ,, Fuck, are you okay? I thought you.. " ,, Yes I know what you though " she interrupted. ,, but I am okay, I just feel really weird. " After that, Frankie couldn't sleep in peace. He was constanlty worried and scared. Again a long time later, Frankie was going about his routine and went to check on his girlfriend. She was laying there, white as snow. Her eyes weren't brown anymore. They were black. She looked at him and said ,, Frankie, baby.. I think I might.. become one of them " Frankie looks at her and just tears up without being able to controle it. ,, Please no.. please don't.. don't go.. I need you here " She started crying as well and waved Frankie over to her. ,, I am very sorry but I need to do the right thing now, you made my life worth living Frankie, always remember.. I love you " she said while grabbing a gun from under her pillow. Frankie gave her one last kiss and said ,, I love you too, Valeria " and then she shot herselfe in the head. Frankie broke down on his knees and cried his eyes out for hours. Eventually he gave her as much of a funeral as he could out there. He stood on that boat for a very long time. Mostly because he didn't want to leave his girlfriend there. But eventually he ran out of supplies. Frankie decided it would be best to end his life as well. He completely cannibalized the boats engine, cut off all the sails so even if someone came across this boat, it's useless. He took a gun, put it to his head and was about to pull the trigger when he suddenly felt a sting in his butt. Slowly his vision turns black. Last thing he heard was ,, Не беспокойся, мой друг, я тебе помогу. Ваша лодка в безопасности. " Eventually he woke up, alone with fresh clothes on. But the peace didn't last for long. He heard gunshots outside of his house and saw a man on the ground, bleeding. He suddenly looked at Frankie as if he knew he was there. He screamed something in russian, Frankie just looked at him in shock and confusion. Frankie then heard another shot, this one hit right next to his head. Frankie sprinted out the back door into the woods. He was exhausted, hunry and dehdyrated. He didn't know where he was and he thought that was the end of him but he didn't know that this is.. where his story begins.
  2. If I may make a comment to that, the reason I ran the way they were going was: I wanted to get as far away from my body as possible and the way they headed was the exact oppossite direction of where my body was. I did not know they were there since I had left 10 minutes or so after them. So I just wanted to get away from my body, and if you watch the video you can hear that they weren't clear about where they want me to go exactly. So in the end they told me where to run exactly ( wich was towards my dead body coincidently I assume ) and I did.
  3. So the reason I went OOC in VOIP was because they shot at me eventhough I did as I had been told. Maybe not the best reaction to be honest, I probably should've kept running and reported the case but I wasn't thinking straight. So if I receive a punishment for that, that's okay, my bad.
  4. Well I wanted to make my out of there but I was stopped by those fine gentleman. Who then by the way pointed me to run in the direction where I died. And according to a guy I talked to in the support on Discord, what they did was in fact RDM because the first none-lethal shot he took at me wasn't justified. So I will get a warning for something that isn't my fault while he walks free eventhough he RDM'ed? Is that correct?
  5. Well, you weren't very clear about where I should run. Neither at what paste. I did value my life. I did run. I did as I have been told. Maybe watch the video so you will see how unclear you were? But let us just let an admin or so look at the video, at our arguements and then make a decision. All I can do is report this and give evidence, no point in argueing with people like you. The first encounter was nice in my eyes, I had fun, was hoping you had fun too. I kept you busy a bit, gave you the satisfaction of killing me, was all RP beside the fact I was constantly called a faggot but I didn't care, was all banter for me. Second one was poor RolePlay. You trying to make me say I am someone else than I really am, I think that is breaking the NLR. Well if you read what I wrote you would know. Re-read what I said. I left 10 minutes after you so I had no idea where you guys went. Then I went North because I was killed South. North is the opposite direction of South, so I went North in order to get as far away from my old body as possible. There you were, triggered and ready to RDM. ? And now let us please let an Admin review this case, they probably know the best solution for this. Have a good evening. ?
  6. The reason I was back to Green Mountain so quick was because I literally spawned about 500-1000m away from it. I did not go to my body, I went to Green Mountain to eat and drink, of course when I got there you guys found a new victim to terrorize, calling him a " Nigger " and all that but yeah, there I don't have evidence but someone in chat said :,, since when does racism help roleplay ". So then you guys left and I was staying for maybe ten more minutes. Then I wanted to head away from there so I decided to go North of Green Mountain because I died South of Green Mountain. So I in fact attempted to get away from there, where I spawn isn't my fault is it? And I did not directly break the NLR did I? I spawned there and wanted to get away, that's all I can do when I spawn there. You were the ones who kept saying " we killed you 10 minutes ago " or " you sound familiar ". I denied all that as you can see in the video. And also I didn't cut anything out, I used Shadowplay to record this, I press a button and it puts the last three minutes on my harddrive and I hit record right after you shot. But for the sake of being honest, yes I did speak OOC with you right after you shot me for no reason at all wich is the reason we are here. To me mouthing off: You guys were people who treated me wrong, how do you react to that? With happyness? Of course I won't be nice to you. I still did RolePlay fear and Pain though. And I think calling someone " faggot " in every other sentence isn't very nice either, combine that with calling another player " Nigger ". Well makes you seem like a bit a biggot doesn't it? I don't know how this server handles Racist and Homophopic comments but I think those aren't very welcome here. But that doesn't matter, we are here because you shot me in the back while I was running away and did as I have been told. That is a rule break.
  7. Server and location: S1 North of Green Mountain. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approximately 8:30 - 9:30 AM on the 30.01.2019 Your in game name: John Walker Names of allies involved: / Name of suspect/s: Pyotr Kozlov and his group. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): / Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I encountered a group of people, they were pushing me around a bit, questioned me and all but nothing bad besides that. Then they told me to walk away, wich I then did, first in the wrong direction because they weren't really clear about that but then after all I was running the right way, as I was running away, one of them randomly for no reason what so ever shot me in the back. He didn't kill me, just shot me in the back once wich as I have been told is against the rules because I followed their orders. Then I wanted to confront them and said I will report that and they killed me off completely.
  8. It's not really my fault that I spawned like 500 meters next to where I died is it? Or how do you guys think I got back so quick? So I went up to Green Mountain to get some new gear. You were the ones who kept saying that you know me, that you shot me 10 minutes ago etc. I denied all of that because of the NLR. ? As I said, we will let an admin decide. ?
  9. Well, you shot me for no reason. I did as I have been told and you shot, so I came back to ask why and that I am sending it to an admin, so they will decide if thats okay or no. And maybe you should stop calling people " Nigger " and " faggot " you know. ? The first time you guys killed me was alright, was all RP. I had my fun, I hope you did as well. But second time wasn't very justified in my eyes. But I'll let an admin decide that.
  10. So I most likely got RDM'ed today or atleast I think that the action of he oppsite player didn't really stick to the rules, where can I ask an admin about it and show him the video evidence of what exactly happend?
  11. John Walker was born in 1988 in London, U.K. He grew up with two not so loving parents. He wasn't a wanted child, an " accident " as his parents used to call him. They didn't give him a lot of love or attention, they only gave him food and payed anything referring to school. He was always a very quite kid at school, yet noone every bothered him. The one time a bully tried to pick on him, John broke both his arm and nose. Now all the kids saw him as the creepy, silent and violent weirdo. John didn't care. John had a clear aim in his life. He wanted to emigrate to the U.S. and live quite and calm life on a farm or a ranch. So John did extremly well in school. He graduated but still coulnd't find a job because he was such an introverted person. One night he was taking a walk through the city of London when a dark dressed guy with a hood on walked towards John. Shortly before he reached John he pulled out a knife on him and threatened him to either give him all his stuff or to die. John's mind was as cold as ice in that moment, he calmy responded ,, Why don't you take it from me ". The guy tried to stab John not even a second after he finished his sentence. Right with the first stab, John grabbed his hand, turned his wrist so it broke, punched him in the face, kicked his legs so he would fall and then held the knife to the robbers neck. The robber was completely paralyzed and only whimpered. John then noticed two masked guys running towards him with assault rifles pointed at him. He didn't move, they didn't shoot. A third man approached him, he was wearing a expensive looking suite. He told the man to lower their weapons. He looked at John, he was what he did and he was impressed. He then introduced himselfe as " Hans ". He said to John ,, We could need people like you ". John replied ,, People like me? ". John laid down the knife and slowly stood up. ,, Yes people like you, ice cold, able to fight.. hurt.. or even kill " said Hans with a smile. John replied: ,, I am not a killer " Hans gave the two man with the rifles a hand sign, they pointed their guns at the robber. John looked down at him and said ,, I only wanted to defend myselfe, not kill him " The robber suddenly grabbed the knife of off the ground and stabbed John in the leg, he creamed and crouched to hold his wound, the two men with the rifles then shot that robber to death. 16 rounds emptied into his body. Hans said ,, Now you can choose, stay here and bleed out or come with us and get fixed up " John replied ,, I won't bleed out fro.. " : ,, We will make sure you will " Hans interrupted as he pulled out a knife. John couldn't do much. He agreed to go with them. Hans then explained that he needs people to get jobs done for him, jobs that require a tough approach. John wasn't very convinced but he had no job and he knew he could hurt without feeling bad about it. Hans said that they would take him the the U.S. make sure he would be able to stay there, get a house, a car and enough money to live a good life. John hesistated but he knew it would bring him closer to his goal. Atleast he would already be in tthe U.S. then, legally without any problems. So he said yes. Then it startedd, John started doing jobs for Hans. He got introduced to a whole underworld of serious criminals, mafia bossed, assassins and even corrupt politicians. They had their own rules, codes and even currency. John worked for Hans for a few years but wanted to settle down eventually and finally live the life he always wanted to live. He told Hans about it and he wasn't very happy. He made John an offer, he will give him an impossible task. If John gets it done, he can leave, if not, he will die. John said yes and.. he got the job done. By that point, all of the underworld knew his name. After he got the job done, Hans invited John into a hotel named " The Capital ". A hotel that was mainly for high ranked people of the criminal underworld. John thought he could leave now and finally be free but Hans had different plans. Hans thought John knew too much and wanted him killed but since it was personal he wanted to do it himselfe, alone. They were sitting at a table, talking and John knew something was wrong. Hans said ,, I am grateful for all the business you have finished for us, unfortunately, you know many things that you shouldn't know" They looked at each other for five seconds but it felt like five minutes. Hans then pulled a gun on John, he grabbed a drink and spilled it in his face. " Fireball " cinamon, schnaps and tobasco sauce, sure not a nice thing to have in your eyes. John jumped over the table and grabbed Hans's gun and pointed it at him. The noise alerted Joseph, Joseph Seed, the owner of " The Capital ". ,, John, DON'T " said Joseph. Hans said ,, Yeah John, don.. " the sound of a gunshot filled the room while the sound of Hans's voice stopped. John shot him. Joseph said ,, John.. what did you do.. you know what the punishment is for getting business done inside of " The Capital " ,, I sure do " replied John. ,, I am very sorry.. as soon as you leave this building, youre excommunicado " said Joseph, turned around and left the room. John was now on the run, pretty much ever hitman and assassin all over the world would now try to kill him. But he knew what do to, he went to his house wich took him about 30 minutes and it was already in flames. Still John ran it, grabbed all his gold and money and fled. In a stolen car, intro a different state. Smuggeled all the money and gold through airport security and took a flight to the Czech Republic, a few days and stolen cars later he arrived in a place named " Chernaurus " where he intended to stay. A place that had ages of problems and is now in a rebuilding state won't care about one single guy taking over an abandoned farm. He settled down there. Managed to exchanged all his American Dollars into the local currency. Got himselfe a book with cyrillic translations in it so he could buy stuff he needs to get a farm going. It all went well for about a week when suddenly alarms went off all over bigger towns and villages. John went to take a look and saw that everybody was being evacuated or fled by themselfes. John didn't know what was going on but he was paranoid that it was all a trap, as unlikely as it sounds. A man grabbed him by the arm and said something in the local language, the man was from the military. John pulled his arm away, the man grabbed him again, John hit him in the face, unarmed him and ran for it. He heard bullets fly past him as he ran into the wild back to his farm. He got into his truck that he bought of some shady turkish immigrant and drove towards the coast. It took him a few hours but he got there. He had a little wooden boat for fishing there. He got on and headed to a little island south of Chernaurus called " Utes ". He approached a house there and saw a farmer. John has seen a lot of messed up shit but..he was in shock, the farmer had blood all over him and was.. eating his wife? John grabbed a pitch fork and the farmer noticed him, he immideatly got up and sprinted right towards John. Fortunately for John, he sprinted right into the pitch fork with his head and died. John looked around the house and then heard a noise behind him. He saw the wife of the farmer get up, she looked dead but she was still walking. She also looked at John and slowly walked towards him, her guts were hanging out of her stomach and she tripped and fell. John took that opportunity and stabbe her in the head with the pitchfork. He kept looking around the house and saw it was all clear.He decided to burry the bodies just in case they wake up again. In the meantime, he heard sirens, shots, helicopters and planes all night. He house was in the middle of the woods so he was safe there, for now. Days, maybe weeks passed by and the first snowfall came over the land. It got colder, less animals outside, no canned food anymore. John knew he couldn't stay, he had to go. The whole island was a wreck and just empty. Eventually John went back on his boat and decided to head back to the main land Chernaurus. The waves were wild but John was able to handle it just about 20 meters before he actually reached the shore a huge wave dragged his boat with him on top of it towards the shore and basically threw then onto the beach. John was knocked out for maybe ten minutes. When he woke up, his boat was shattered and he stood there, alone with nothing but his fists. He now had to survive.. his story.. just began.
  12. I thought it's really good. I usually don't ready too many storys but this one got me hooked!
  13. Maurice Gutenberg was born in 1997 in west germany. He grew up and lived a very normal life. When he was 17 he started working on constructionsites but has always dreamed of joining the military and becoming a soldier. He loved how badass and full of patriotism soldiers are. He wanted to be one of them and help people out. At the age of 19 he finally made his own wish come true and joined the german army. He did the basic training to become a soldier. His girlfriend lived in the states at that point so he thought that he could move there and continue with the army life over there, so he did. He moved to the state of florida and continue in the U.S. Army. His life was great till a new report of a virus outbreak in a east european country named " Chernaurus " has shown up on television and put everyone in all over the nation in fear. He couldn't believe it at first but well.. if he had better believed it. He had it coming, he was gonna get deployed.. where? Exactly, Chernaurus. He was meant to extend a small camp that was responsible for managing emmigration to other countrys by the Chernorussian people, to a proper F.O.B.. When he got there shit quickly hit the fan, his camp got ran over one night and only Maurice and his buddy Blake seemed to have been able to escaped and that only thanks to Blake. Maurice wasn't the badass soldier yet that he wanted to be, Blake was, had deployments in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Without him, Maurice would've died that night. They managed to get on a small boat but the waves were too wild to handle and Blake fell off. A few seconds later, Maurice followed. As Maurice got back up to the surface, he saw the boat come towards him and it knocked him out cold as it hit his head. Unlucky. Time passed and Maurice woke up.. somewhere. He was alone and scared, someone ( probably Blake ) saved him. Well now Maurice had his chance, his chance to be the badass soldier he always wanted to be. The chance to help people. The chance to get back to the U.S. and warn everyone.. will he be able to survive?
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