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  1. Vince Knight was 12 when he started playing guitar. Heavy metal has always been the style of music he loved, and he and his friends later on formed a metal band called TORK. That was all what his life was about for few years and after some mild success and their second album charting in the top 100 of the Rock/Metal charts, he was able to fulfill his long time dream. In his mind Finland has always been the home of the heavy metal and to actually travel there, really was like a dream come true. While in Finland he also met a girl named Fae which turned up to be the love of his life, and he took her with him back to the States where they got married soon after. Life was good. Vince was travelling around the country with his band, and Fae was often following him on their tours. 2017 they got the opportunity to go on tour in Europe. Last year had been really busy, so they wanted to have a little vacation before the tour and desided to see Turkey as either of them had never been there before. They planned to go and visit Finland also after the tour and see Fae's family back there. In beginning of July 2017 they took the flight from Turkey towards Russia, as their first stop on their tour was Moscow and they were supposed to meet others there at the hotel. Their plane was just above the Green Sea when they heard the captain telling about the problem which was not serious, but that they needed to land on the nearest airfield. They were not really concerned at that time and thought that it will just be a quick checking for what ever was the problem and they'll be on their merry way soon again. As they landed on the airfield and stepped out from the plane to the ground of Chernarus, they had never been more wrong.
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