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  1. Myer

    To the Village.

    Thy sword is been taken by thieves
  2. Myer

    The Small Squad

    And Almost forgot to mention Mr. Cow
  3. I don't know magic?
  4. John Walker was born in Columbus Ohio he had an older brother name Dutch Walker, they both had a normal childhood climbing trees and other things like that. He join the military at the age of 18 fresh out of high school he join the Air Force branch, he didn't know what he wanted to do as a job so he went through basic training and took a test he was ensign to be a weapons loader and a storage operator and was station Ramstein Air Base in Germany he was there for a 2 years and met his wife there later they both was station at near Yokota Air Base and they both stay and retried at the age 24 and moved up to Elektro in Chernarus and start a store and have a daughter name Rose one night he was cleaning up shop and heard a loud boom and bangs in the distance looked out and down the street he saw a car on fire and and a dark shadow near the fire looking its eating something so he quickly grabs his gun and put in his waist band and lock the store quickly and ran to the fire while he ran he heard more bangs in the distance getting closer he saw the shadow looks dead and eating someone he slowly walked up and ask the person need help the shadow look to him and ran at him he saw the shadow with dead skin and unhuman like movement and blood coming out of the shadows mouth and John pulled at his pistol and point and yelled at the shadow to stop and it kept running at him and the fire got worse and show the shadow was a zombie it tackle John and in the struggle he shot the zombie he got and the first thing he thought to run home to his wife and his daughter so he ran, ran as fast he can he got home and the door was open with blood on the floor he opens the door he saw his wife and daughter eating the neighbors dog he took a second and they both looked up at John and he shot both of them he went upstairs packs his things and walked out into a broken world.
  5. I join back in the game and check around our base because we were hit the previous nights while I was doing that i heard someone walking around our base i check the gate/door and i see someone messing with the lock I pull out my gun and didn't point it at him and ask what you doing he said I'm looking for a "Jim" well there was no Jim here or ever so I said there no Jim but my name is John and he told me where the nearest town and I said go down the road and you will hit one and the person walk off. Couple mins later i heard shots from the trees and I pull out my weapon and waited to go by and few more mins past the dude came back and said he killed and man while I was talking to him my friends rolled up and saw the commotions two of my friends took him and ask him to show the body they walk off and me and @BucketsFPS talked and figure out whats going on couple min later we didn't our friends for a while on the radio so @BucketsFPS went out and find them they all came back and Our friend saw the "man in the woods" down a scope our friend didn't try to shot the "man in the woods" they both looked at each other with there scopes and @BucketsFPS called the "man in the woods" out and a couple mins later I heard a explosion no warning nothing it was couples of @BucketsFPS talking then boom we quickly put the dude in a container and told him to stay til everything was figure out after a long couple of mins we let the dude go and try to get to figure out whats next.
  6. Myer

    DayZRP FUN.png

    Good Hunting.
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    Talking People

    Thanks Man
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