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  3. John Walker had an unstable life, his parents moved Chernarus when he was 2 years old when John was 6 years old, he bashed 2 kids skulls against a brick wall killing them both and John laugh it off like it was nothing. He was sent to a mental facility and he got discharged 5 years later. When he was 14 years old his mother died, he got really angry after the funeral, he killed a drug dealer with a rusty pipe and dumped the drug dealer in a dumpster no one found out. When he was 15 his father got drunk and started to abused John, he ran away from home, he was lonely till he found a meat shop and the butcher took him under his wing. Later that year he heard a man killed himself because his son ran away from home. when he was 18 he got on a ship to the USA and join the Marine Corp. When he was 24 he got a general discharge. he moved back to Chernarus and got a job working on the railroad. One night he got up and he heard gunshots from the street John look out from the window of his house and saw few people chasing a man, when he heard banging on his front door he grabs his M1911 and open the door. The person was dead, but someone was eating him, so John quickly shut the door and lock it and he grabs his hunting gear and some extra things. He opens his back door and ran to the woods.
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