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"Only The Sun Is Brighter Than My Future"

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  1. Psyche Profile: Walking Hand Grenade The world is dark. When you see its darkest depths; its dark underbelly... once you understand someone's capacity for horrors, you can never truly look away. Though raised strong and free from danger, the world is dark no matter where you hide, and horror, chaos has never been far from Arcarius. Consider for a moment you have two people before you; a broken, dark, world-weary man who has seen more than any person ever should... and a defense mechanism mask that the world is privy to, one that laughs and smiles, one that makes friends and shares easily. The duality is what keeps him whole. But underneath everything, on all sides, is a quiet, smoldering rage. Long story short, Arcarius is a 'Good guy'. He tries to do the right things, for the right reasons, and play things as diplomatic as possible, He wants to live in a world where his job does not exist - though understands that that day will not be seen in his lifetime. On the other side of the coin however, he does not mind getting his hands dirty and, though he may not always admit it, he enjoys the thrill of the chase, the hunt, in taking down his pray. The Vendetta Above all Arcarius wants to see a world free of crime, harm, and violence - but knows its a pipedream. Arcarius has proven time and time again to fantastic faith towards humanity, instilled by his parents. Arc's rage, his need for vengeance, is twisted only with a greater ideal of justice. He understands what it's like to lose someone, that murder is more than just a singular act. He sees the ripples. The people it affects. However, he's also aware that there are dangerous individuals in the world who just want to watch the world burn - and in those situation, his trigger finger only gets itchier. He's funny, rash, sarcastic, horribly bitter, manipulative, crude and boisterous - but one of the best friends you'll ever have. Let's make it simple. From day to day, situation to situation, moment to moment you never know who's going to be at your side. The masks of Arcarius Rilio are many.
  2. Arcarius


    Just got a new PC so now I can play again, Woooooooooo!!!!!!

    1. Major


      Good to see your name again man.

    2. Arcarius


      It's good to be back.

    3. Vytis


      Welcome back. 

    4. BostonRP


      specs pls

    5. gJadeboat


      U live!

    6. Arcarius


      Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Processor (Has room at add an second one if I feel like it, was going to buy the AMD Ryzen 7 1700X But it was out of stock)

      OS: Windows 10

      Memory: 8GB DDR4 2400MHz

      Graphics: P1: AMD RX 570 4GB DDRS

      Storage: 1TB 7200 RPM SATA

      Media Card: Media Card Reader, USB 3.0, 2.0, Type-C

      Wireless Connectivity 802. 11ac (2x2) + Bluetooth 4.1


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      Welcome back Arcarius!

    8. Arcarius


      Thank you

  3. Arcarius



    1. SweetJoe


      How I have missed you.


      How ya been beautiful? :P

  4. Arcarius

    Computer giveaway

  5. Arcarius

    #60 - S1 EU - 07/21/17 16:37 - Invalid Kill

    I had not noticed the context until after the situation unfortunately. And even then I had mentioned it to Cid
  6. Arcarius

    #60 - S1 EU - 07/21/17 16:37 - Invalid Kill

    I do not unfortunately.
  7. Arcarius

    #60 - S1 EU - 07/21/17 16:37 - Invalid Kill

    I was meeting Cid at the tents in the North West Airfield, He told me he ran into someone and he was being followed. Shortly after he was being followed by zombies, and said he needed my help, we meet up and was carrying a backpack for him and told him i had to go put it down, so I ran to some boxes and put it down and took out my FNX. When I turned around to go find Cid I was met with Joshua standing there. I was about to say hello when he raised his shotgun at me and said in text 'down'. I stood there a moment and watched him, there where no zombies around me, he strafed right and continued to aim at me so I raised me FNX and shot him.
  8. Arcarius

    Message to Rooth Cobalt [Private Frequency

    Rooth would place a few more creates into the back of the truck before speaking back into the radio. "I'm available, and I'll join you I'm just finishing up some things here." There was light talking in the background. "What time and place do you want to meet?" Releasing the button he would wait for a reply.
  9. Arcarius

    Message to Rooth Cobalt [Private Frequency

    Rooth stepped out of a large old looking hospital, carrying a duffel bag under each arm as he walked over to a green colored transport truck. "Hey Dad, there is someone calling for you one the radio" a female voice said. Turning around Rooth was able to catch a radio just in time, raising it to his mouth he pressed the button. "Hello, this it Rooth how can I be of service?" he asked and waited for a reply. As he waited two males stepped forward with creates in there arms, reaching down Rooth helped them load the creates into the back of the truck.
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    It took me 5 seconds to recognize that artist of you profile song, It's awesome to discover another Crywolf fan! 

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      used the same song when i was a GM. Its brilliant.

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    One word. Falvie.

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    Its is me

    Fox turtle.jpg

  14. Arcarius

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    9/10 fairly odd, but at the same time satisfying.