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  1. Born in Fairbanks, Alaska. Theo never had the best life, growing up was a struggle with the constant abuse by his mother. At a young age his parents split and his mother by the skin of her teeth managed to gain custody of him due to his father moving to Germany. Years went by and the struggle and pain only grew more and soon he began to look for a way out, a way to escape it all but not with out a price, with the constant hounding, yelling and the occasional beating from the person who was supposed to love and help him, Theodore found peace in the silence of his room, and sometimes with the help of drugs and occasionally alcohol when he thought he needed it. The pain and struggles never seemed to get better, there seemed to be no end in sight. It all got worse when his father passed away, the one person who he thought ever really have a damn about him and in a last ditch effort to find freedom he stole a majority of his mother money, packed his bags, got a passport and left to go to his fathers grave. Little did he know he would enter something much worse. something he would not be able to outrun.
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