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  1. To everyone who was there at Camp Hope you made my RP day wonderful today. It was one of the first times I've rped in the last couple of months and I had a blast! To Karl @Edgeford you definitely made Karliahs day alot brighter after being so overwhelmed with previous events of the day. (When he put his hat on her was mad adorable.) But otherwise Today has been amazing from scary safety inspections to seeing a bunch of dudes rob codeine, it was a great day. Thank you all!
  2. Karliah Wilde was a doctor before the breakout, and still is. She lost her family and has traveled to these lands trying to find leads on a cure.Now she wanders in search of a place to fit in, or a place to call home. She is 32 years old, does not know how to handle a firearm well, though possess a small handgun in order to defend herself from the infected. She goes by Raven so as not to bring attention to her previous life. She is mostly an introvert, preferring to observe the actions of the few around her. She does not know these lands, and thus at a disadvantage. What she lacks in combat effectiveness she makes up for in the ability to treat illness and injuries. Many would find this utility useful, though she expects something in return, even if she has to collect a favor at a later time.
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