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  1. Hey man, think I recognise the name, not sure where from tho. Welcome back.
  2. "Помощи и помощи" is just "help and help" a bit weird sounding. Maybe a better translation to russian would be " облегчение "
  3. "You use threats to hunt down and kill people, yet you claim to not be an animal. I have committed no crimes except to serve my country, your trial sounds motivated from ideals and not justice. I will think about your proposition, I hope you think about your accusations."
  4. "And what guarantee do we, members of the police, have for a fair trial? You have no judicial system, agreeing to your terms is suicidal. Why would I step forward, even if I can agree with your ideals to some extent."
  5. Kalxyn,an only child, born and raised in Berezino as a russian-bulgarian never felt much attachment to Chernarus, simply because he never felt in place, truth be told he never felt much attachment anywhere, whether it be Russia or Bulgaria, always living in-between left him with little pride of his nationality, be it Russian, Chernarussian or Bulgarian.What he did grow fond of was, however, was the people, no matter where they hailed from. Kalxyn would have a great judge of character, thus looking past simple things such as the place one was born, but rather looking within the person.He grew to love some, and hate others, and those whom he would love, he'd protect with everything he had. That desire to protect the good, the innocent, the ones he loved carved the path he was always destined to take, the one of a police officer, driven by the desire to put away those who would seek to do harm to the good, hardworking people. Even after joining the force and facing reality, he still had that strong desire to protect the innocent, with the minor difference that he no longer saw the world as black and white, and nobody was simply "good" or "bad".The system tried to crush him, as it did with countless others, however and entire lifetime of wanting to be on the force was more than enough to help him get over the harsh reality of what policing really was.
  6. I honestly love the idea of playing a local character,I've done so on Chernarus and want to for Livonia, but I gotta admit I've always been afraid of running into someone who can speak Polish or Czech and trying to talk to me while I just sit there and look stupid.
  7. I'd like my toothbrush to be added as an RP item as well, so I can RP brushing my teeth before logging off. Joke aside the suggestion sounds silly but I wouldn't mind tossing TP on peoples bases
  8. Looking good fellas, keep up the content
  9. Safe space? Cmon this is ridiculous at this point. It's a game where dead people try to eat you and the living ones try to shoot you, I suggest playing The Sims if this is something that triggers people. (But since it broken yeah, remove it)
  10. Rule play is also a thing.
  11. Makes sense, sounds like the type of thing I'd expect to be already in the game.
  12. It's annoying enough to have to run around for an hour trying to meet your friends, looking for food every 10 minutes, buggy zombies to have to now worry about even more things. I can't enjoy roleplay if 90% of the time I'm dealing with my character being hungry, thirsty, has two broken arms, a broken leg, is sick, hasn't slept and god knows what. I get some might want more realism, but I personally would prefer the game be more casual so I can focus on role-playing. Just my opinion.
  13. Looks great, good luck and can't wait to meet you IG
  14. That's pretty cool, what do you use to make them?
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