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  1. So the entire military police wing is away? Y'all better watch yourselves while we're away.
  2. Screw that, teach them the good ol spray n'pray
  3. Surprised, Antonov grabs his radio and responds. Law Enforcement? I think I could be of help with that, considering this is all real to begin with. Where could one convince himself of your intentions personally? He ends the transmission.
  4. A police officer in training, send over to Livonia with 11 other colleagues for 4 months.Whilst at a police academy in the capital, the events leading up to what Livonia is today start to unfold.Out of desperation and lack of manpower, the 12 trainees are mobilised and spread out across the country, Simo being one of them.After much time has passed, he hears a radio transmission from one of the other 11 trainees he was serving with, calling him to meet in Nadbor.Time to put on the uniform again.
  5. Looks interesting, hope I bump into you fellas soon.
  6. Gabriel Orsak had just had his one year anniversary of joining the police force, something he'd wished for his entire childhood.Under the careful watch of an old, burnedout veteran, Sgt. Tomasek, he'd quickly get a hang of the job and was starting to form as a sturdy, hardworking young man with a keen sense of justice.Having built no family and with a few old friends in the picture, he had all the time to hone his profesional skills and dedicate himself almost entirely to his job, which is probably why he can't seem to fully grasp reality, not being able to realise nobody cares about who he is, what his job is(or was) and the most he could get out of identifying himself as a government employee is trouble.Struggling to find his place in the world, he keeps old relics of his past tucked away safely, eagerly awaiting the moment when he'd need them.
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