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  1. okay but also said that she didn't say anything like "no" to it. so did she not say no and you didnt know about the rule or you heard her and kept going not knowing the rule? cause i heard her multiple times "Also me not knowing rape rp was not a thing is my fault but you not saying you don't want to is yours even if you did't know about the rule either."
  2. she did say multiple times. in multiple ways which you 1000% heard given the volume of her voice over IG mic
  3. Permanent: Multiple forum accounts Unwelcome or immature sexual RP <------ Hiding a permanently banned player Duping, cheating or hacking, BattlEye global ban Blackmail or harassment Any behavior considered bad enough by the administrator team to use their executive decision found under standard report and punishment guide
  4. Server and location: Server 1, Zelenogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (2019-07-14, 12:45-1:00 in game name: David Loans allies involved: Georgia Banks Name of suspect/s: john Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Georgia and i, were looting zelen and had been being followed around by john and were helping him find 5.56 as stated and G had leaned down to fix/tie her boots, and john pulled his weapon on us proceeding to tell us to get on the ground and restrain ourselves. We complied and he then proceeded to take us into the shed lining us up and feeding us intestines and human flesh raw from what it looked like telling us " join the cause". To which afterwards he stripped Georgia, with no consent of any kind given to do that and also her verbally saying no to him IG... let alone what he did next. By forcing her down to her knees and rape her and a few moments later trying to forcing me to rape her as well and, get her other side..and as stated i bargained for G's freedom and gave my own life. I was not aware that we could decline RP situations in any form
  5. Retired/fired medical doctor turned merc, who specializes in combat surgery and is just as good at putting things together as he is taking them apart. raised in an orphanage by a very abusive and hostile staff til he escaped at 19 and went to med school only to be turned away and turned to the military where he learned more useful medicine. leaving the military and going to a merc group that worked and moved about alot in African continent and the European countries. slowly learning new ways and better way of medicine and field fixing of wounded people. mainly here to study the populace both un-dead and alive for medical and scientific studies.
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