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  1. I did see him flee from the camp after i poped a yellow smoke. I think he also heard that someone was around the walll. He keept on running down into the forrest and i gave him a warningshot. I was not aming at him at any point.
  2. I was going to visit the camp like i always do. I came trough the forrest and my eye saw a man in purple and pink breaking in to the camp. I just sat there and wathed him. I saw he took a tent out and placed it on the ground in the woods to go back and collect more. I decided to move the tent a few meters out so he couldt find it. Then i approched the camp wall and pop a yellow smokegrenade. I went around and saw this man running down into the forrest. I did shoot i warningshot just so he knows that there are people in the camp. Didnt aim at him at all. Then a meet lincoln ( Mikey) and i was a litlebit stressed and told him to follow me towards the intruder. But he was also confused. We went to the main gate, and i was shot 2 times, pased out but manage to esacpe and recover my self. Then i ran to the trader.
  3. Leo was born i Norway back in 1975. Living with his wife and kids. He grew up in quit place in a litlle town. He discoverd early that he like to discover thing, see the world and climb high mountains in different locations. He and som friend planed to take a trip en explore Chernarus. They planed the trip and took the train and boat. Early in the morning they arrived to a town called Svetloyarsk. The boat it selv was carring containers and stuff but also some tourists. They was very tired from the trip it self so they spend the nigth on a hotell in town. They went early to bed that day and the next day that they woke up evertyhing had change. People was screaming all around, running and aslo killed eachother. They saw people eating on dead bodys and acted like monsters. They took the chance and run of into the forrest. During this run the friends get separated and now he tries to find them. Alone with no communication or contact from the rest of the world.
  4. Cartman


    back to the future delorean ( russian version)
  5. We went up there to break in and take some gear and stuff. I had the overwatch for sometime. I logged on and told by kris that we was about to break in. We run up there and me had the overwatch. We took some gear and i run down to go up with the others. We took out antother wall so the car could go clear of a tree laying in the way. I cant see want we did wrong. We took the gear and didnt destroy or anything else that i could see.
  6. Hi Ive played earlier today and now i got bad server thingie. I did do the steps on steam but i still cant join.
  7. So, i ewnt up to this town and talked to emilonfire. We talked about the town i asked if it was a dangrous Place, i also talked about airfield. Then Mr. Narlugo shows up, talked about Things and then he suddelny treaten me and told me to give away my backpack. Ill tryed to talk my way out of the situation but no. So emilonfire pulled up hes gun a started to talk to narlugo and told him to put his hands up. And they talked and i heard mr,narlugo said that he had videoevidence( in roleplay) and there was an agreement to rob me. And emlilonfire killed him self probely about the video. I think the video exlplaine the situation very well . I came to town getting robbed followed orders and thats it. Its between those to guys.
  8. Cartman


    Hello from Cartman. Just found this server on the web when i was looking for an rp server. And i did find it. Iam playing the most on arma 3 roleplay and iam looking foward to try this out.
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