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  1. Don't forget the ones that purposely got themselves perma'd after being fed up with how they were being treated. I think part of the issue is that the community has always had sort of an ego about it: There was always a sentiment that if people didn't want to conform exactly to how some in the community (staff) wanted, that they could just leave, and not many shed a tear if they got banned over minor infractions that added up. The community could afford to act that way when it had 3 servers full at peak time every day, but when the player volume dropped, the sentiment didn't evolve. When some of the most active players kept being banned over silly reasons, the community was really asking for stagnation. At this point, doubt that having a ban wipe would do much. Most people I know at least have either moved on, or probably wouldn't want to come back anyways. Even I'm just checking in out of curiosity, kind of hard to find motivation when all you're friends were banned and told they're not wanted. Think the community's seeing the result of that behavior, which doesn't help when compounded by DayZ not having aged well. Community's always bounded back before, and I was always one of the first to defend its longevity.... but I'm not sure about this one. Before, there was always something around the corner to look to. When mod was dying, it was standalone. When Standalone could become dry, there was always a major update that would peak people's interest again. When things became a little stale after updates, the community brought in a few decently popular streamers / youtubers to recruit more members. I've been out of the loop for a while now, but it doesn't seem like there's anything in the future that will bring back the numbers. Considering how long DayZ's been out, I doubt this new update will have the same effect as previous ones when the game was just released . The meme might have come true.
  2. I mean, somebody needs to keep all those military grade weapons safe...
  3. Rick

    Military Simulation RP Guide

    How dare you defend the OP....shame.....
  4. Desric was born in NH, USA. He had a typical childhood: had friends, went to school, studied somewhat. After 4 semesters at the University of New Hampshire, Desric decided he wanted to venture out into the world, and at least spend a little time away from the white mountains that was all he really knew. Having majored in international relations, he decided a logical choice would be to apply for a state department internship. This had two major downsides: it doesn't pay, and its about as competitive as internships get. Long story short, he made the cut, but barely. Desric quite literally got the last choice of any person requesting an oversees assignment. Chenarus wasn't beautiful, rich in culture, or historic. It was a backwards soviet satellite stuck an era behind everybody else, and had about as much excitement to it as a morgue. On the bright side, it was cheap.... After spending a few weeks learning the tricks of the trade (which for a state intern, meant getting coffee), he was actually sent on an assignment into South Zagoria. The ambassador had wanted a piece written on the cultural aftermath of the Chedaki "disappearance" Another long story involving airstrikes zombies and lots of hiding in a shed short, he's stuck here.
  5. These points were brought up many times, and ignored. Sure, posting dicks left and right doesn't exactly send a resounding message of change, but you have to analyze that as well. Why would so many previously respected community members, almost a third of which were ex staff, post things so extreme? After all, many of them banned people in the past for the exact same thing. People were so tired of the BS and being ignored, that they simply threw in the towel. Change not happening fast enough wasn't the issue; the issue was that there was not change at all. You say they can never help to change anything, yet if anything, them leaving had sparked one of the larger discussions I've seen. Nobody cared what they had to say when they complained through "mature" ways, so they took an alternative route. When pretty much the entire active staff team of years past says somethings wrong, there might be something wrong...
  6. I beg to differ. Your perception of the situation is rather black and white. Sure, they knew what their actions were, and expected to be banned. You fail to look beyond that, and examine the reasoning as to why they did what they did. Over 100 people don't ban themselves because everything is going great. They do it because of persistent issues. When you ignore a group of people's opinion, and frankly don't even bother to empathize with them, you're throwing them away. They were constantly told if they do not like how things are, then leave. I'm not sure how that's not throwing people away.
  7. Rick

    What has this come to?

    People need to lighten the fuck up. Something like that isn't flaming, insulting, mean, or obscene. Some might find it in poor taste, but taste is subjective! There are plenty of things posted here that are NSFW that aren't considered rule-breaking. Just because somebody doesn't find something funny, doesn't mean it needs warning points. Half the time I feel staff has divulged into policing personalities over actually having a standard for warning.
  8. Rick

    What has this come to?

    Considering how the current staff team has responded to situations and comported themselves, I seriously doubt that.
  9. Rick

    What We Can Do

    Some of those were pretty funny
  10. Rick

    What We Can Do

    Good thing we have a brilliant PR team to facilitate this....oh wait
  11. Rick

    What We Can Do

    Quality, +1
  12. Rick

    What We Can Do

    But that album was funny
  13. Rick

    What We Can Do

  14. Rick

    What We Can Do

    Seems legit to me
  15. Rick

    Farewell amigos.

    Take your lemonade with you