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    Thanks for the Beanz, Hope your Well Chris.

  1. Where is everyone.

    "Find out IC, it means more RP!" I don't think that's good advice, on a low pop server. In the past I've played for hours in game without meeting a soul, there is no shame in using a little ooc info to have a good time.
  2. We did just fine before we had dynamic groups, with rules such as these. If I still played, I'd be looking forward to these new rules.
  3. Chris

    Hall if fame still working?  I don't seem to be appearing. (Ya ya I know, vanity)

    1. Rolle


      Should be working. It may be however that old old payments are not appearing in it correctly, Terra had the same problem. I can't really "import" those old payments in a good way into the new system :/

    2. Chris


      Ah, gotcha.  No biggie!

  4. If memory serves, at the time people were making demands like, "Leave Chernarus or we'll kill you" which sucks a lot for the person on the receiving end, as they pretty much have to remove their character from the server (almost like a soft perma death), or be sure that the next time they met with this group they would be executed. Now, I actually do agree, the rule shouldn't have been to disallow unrealistic demands, but to disallow the hostage takers from following through. In the above example, you would be allowed to tell them to never come back, but if you met them again you wouldn't have execution rights, you'd have to come up with another way to further the RP. I think the rule was likely made the way it was because it was easier to convey and enforce. Personally, I think the server is at a place where the clarification of such rules could and should be done, in cases like this where it is easy to do so.
  5. steam

    Its like that to provide protection against people switching back and forth between steam accounts, which people have done in the past to work around bans and such. So, its a deliberate choice that the option to switch it doesn't exist. If you have a good reason, though, you may be able to convince staff to do it manually. But my guess is if you had a good reason, you'd have stated it, beyond "I want it"...
  6. [Suggestion] New Suggestion Procedure

    And then it promptly died, again. I dunno, I feel like the ideas that are truly good do end up being followed through on. And the ideas that are good, that don't get much support from up top, need to be championed by passionate community members. THAT's what gets noticed more than anything, more than post counts, eloquent language or anything else. Passion and time count for a lot. Its no coincidence that so many group leaders turn into staff members (or vice versa), and by that same token people on the forums should try to do things and then present the idea. Proof of concept makes an easier sell when you're pitching an idea to management. (And I understand that this wouldn't work with all suggestions, namely those dealing with staff workings or reports, just my thoughts in general). (Also on mobile, sorry for crappy sentence structure and brevity)
  7. Chris

    When not a single active ban appeal follows the rules for the subject line....:/

    1. Elmo


      And they dare have a staff of the year award smh smh

    2. Rolle


      We have to prioritize :) Hi Chris! 

    3. Chris


      Hi Rolle!  Not dumping on the staff btw, more concerned about the memes from community members that should know better :D

  8. We used to play Arma, this isn't the strangest bug by far! Still annoying though
  9. Chris

    Back in my day, people who told others to fuck off were reprimanded, not praised.  But I guess its none of my business...

  10. Happy to see DayZRP again

    Oh wow, its that guy
  11. Let's switch to Discord

    I give you full points for your optimism
  12. Hello there!

    Wow, that's a name I haven't seen in a long time!
  13. I feel bad, I was invited to do an interview in the spring, and halfway through answering the questions I realized how completely out of touch I was with community happenings that I never finished filling it out. Figured that 'no' interview was better than the crap one that I was about to turn in, lol.
  14. Cannibal time

    Maybe. Food could be an issue at this stage. I think the bigger issue is that the cannibal role play style has been played out too often in the past, much of it done poorly, and trying to shake that reputation will be an uphill struggle. Cannibals shouldn't be boogeyman, they should be normal folks with a dark, terrible secret. Approach it with some subtlety, you should be actively trying to AVOID people finding out. My 2 cents