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  1. Chris

    let amnesty players apply for staff

    Too much sensitive data that could get abused or leaked, tbh. Large risk small reward, gonna be a no from me, dawg.
  2. I'm sure that it was just an oversight on the part of the staff member who handled your case, I would send them a PM and ot should get resolved swiftly!
  3. Whatever happened to drop your gun? Works, disarms them, then search like normal.
  4. If that was your takeaway, you didn't listen to what he said, and injected what you wanted to hear into the conversation.
  5. Chris

    This is odd

    You obviously weren't here the first time Psi rolled in. It brought good roleplayers here, but we also had to deal with months of kids, trolls, and stream sniping interrupting role play. People left, good people, because 5 months of bullshit can take it's toll. Not much we can do about it but weather the storm, but don't dismiss people's concerns without being better informed about it.
  6. I mean, several reports that were posted lately were closed after the issue was discussed between the two parties, does it really matter how that interaction takes place? Forum or TS, the issues are getting resolved. Personally I think TS is less efficient for dealing with reports, text has the advantage of leaving a 'record' that can be referenced later.
  7. Chris


    A million times, this
  8. Hey maybe I'll bring TOR back, too.





  9. Chris

    Does a ban wipe your character?

    The good old days
  10. No, I'm saying that if you think that dropping an N bomb is funny, I'd be happy to see you go.
  11. All I'm seeing here is people being apologists for shit behavior. If "being a SJW" is now synonymous with "not being an asshole", sign me the hell up.
  12. Beanz are already cancer enough, please no more facebook-esque options
  13. in the example given above if your friend was shot right in front of you all you would have to do would be to point your weapon at the guy who shot him and say drop that weapon you son of a b**** at that point if the person does anything other than comply with your demands you're free to blast them and I can't see any scenario where Gamemaster would rule against you. Rules are rules but each situation is still weighed in of itself. someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe I'm right here
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