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  1. The Characters name is Frank Clawsson. He is 56 Yrs Old. He is Swedish, he was in the Yugoslavian WAR 1992-96. Helped out the NATO. He came back to sweden after the war became a teacher in the city of LUND, He taught gymnastics for high school students specially long distance running !! He has a wife and 2 kids have not seen them since the outbreak. How he ended up in Chernarus is weird. He does not know how he ended up there he only knows that he was out with some friends on a dinner and bowling,He got a call from a friend he worked with Before in Chernarus about what was going on over there . He Went to the toilet to wash the face he collapsed on the floor and woke up in a back of an old truck where he heard some russian, then he collapsed again and woke up at the shore of Chernarus. Still trying to find some clues how he got drugged and who put him there. He has been in chernarus before it is not his not his first time. But not since the outbreak.
  2. Hi Everyone, My name is Mirza im 27yrs old im from sweden. I just wanted to greet all the fellow members of this Community, and i hope i meet you ingame with a smile on my face, i hope you have a very good day!!. ?️?
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