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"I'm sure we can work something out."

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  1. An Old Enemy? Mmmmh, looks like Lev can at least take comfort in something from the 'good ol' days' showing up. Curious to see how the CLF will do this go around, not that you disappointed much last time.
  2. I'm gonna reverse-pickpocket a plasma grenade on him.
  3. Best of luck with this, Doc. Don't let @sinikas get away
  4. Wow, what a wild, wild day at the school (). Gotta throw out some props to a few people though. @sinikas For being a new guy to the community, you got some serious RP chops. Forreal man, keep it up. @HDragon The first in person introduction to Callahan, and we (hopefully) buried beef between you and some people. Please let this turn out to be a reason to watch Deacon and Callahan chew the scenery. Please. @The Preacher As if I should've expected anything else from you; stellar RP and internal conflict. It's clear our characters have two divergent opinions on the way the group is going, and I greatly look forward to more of this. For less specific but overall positive experiences: @BeanMama @wastingdoor @MaybeleleLR @Panda , and everyone else at the school.
  5. Your kind words are most appreciated. The boys work hard, and while I myself am not as active as many of them, I can tell you that they do give it their all. It's not without it's challenges and it is nice to see that you can see the struggle within, not as a sign of weakness in the feasibility of the idea, but as an accessory to the RP in question. Appreciate, choom.
  6. Save some credit to yourself; a part of what makes the group good is because of you, too, Kermie. Best of luck with your future endeavors.
  7. What's to say? Leadership's pretty stellar, roster's top, and the RP myself and my compadres have seen is nothing short of excellent. Keep it up.
  8. Lev Yelagin, frostbitten, starving, and sick in Namalsk: (Glad to be here bois and girls. )
  9. While I certainly understand (and partially share) the frustration, I'd argue the population count'd probably be lower overall if we forced people to only play on Namalsk by removing the Chernarus server. I'm sure people'll get curious and pop over. I myself plan to do so soon so I mean, hey. Give it time.
  10. I'll say yes but apparently there's a thermal scope in the collection...maybe toss that one. That's just...asking for trouble.
  11. No video evidence to be had; stopped recording after I bluescreened earlier. POV: My POV's effectively the same as a lot of the AJ Line/Ocelari bros here. We were in Zeleno attending the event when we got a heads up that people were getting robbed at GM, so a massive force of us went up. After initiations were dropped I circled around the front where I promptly crashed for roughly 10-20 mins, whereupon I logged back on to the ending kills of the fight minus Turk and Luke. While we try a few things to dislodge them up in GM's tower, nothing really works, even sustained RPG fire. Eventually, Luke comes down, and we take him hostage. Despite my misgivings, the decision is made after a short time to execute him if Turk doesn't abide by our demands. As you know, Turk did not do so and we regretfully killed Luke, spraying him down. From there, we're basically stuck for nearly an hour trying to coax him down or kill him using a variety of means, not really being successful. At this point I crash again, and get back in as Turk goes on his last stand, from my POV I was able to witness his head fly back from the killshot, and I called to my comrades 'I saw his head pop!' under the assumption it was a headshot. We confirm the kill and it's over. Rip the homie. The only meaningful thing I did in that entire fight was shoot at the Camo building a few times, and then got to update my windows because after bluescreening my computer decided it was a great time to apply updates.
  12. Kill, to avenge my homie Ronnie.
  13. A radio crackles to life on the frequency, as Lev takes a knee to speak, eyeing up a particularly large deer with an also particularly large rock resting in his other hand. "Nationalists. You guys do good work, give good order and have shown you're reliable. We've come to accords it seems, and as an Overseer of AJ Line I greatly look forward to continuing to pursue our relationship, business and otherwise." There's a pause. "A shame we didn't do more bonding tonight, though! Seems our opportunity for rapport building slithered away into the night once the chess game wrapped up. Nonetheless, another day shall come when we can drink beer and fight together I'm sure. That's all. Lev Yelagin, out. Best of luck with your relationship, Aleksi!" There's a chuckle, followed by the whipping of something through the air, ending with a pained groan of a deer.* "Heh. Venison's on the menu now...." Static.
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