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  1. I was a member for all of 10 minutes. o7
  2. I guess I could see the logic if it was in a high traffic area or in someone's base or what have you, but just randomly found with no damage done....? Ehhhhh. Not so much...
  3. Wbtrex


    THE BOYS GOT APPROVED! As if there was any doubt from this roster. Great work guys. Let's see what comes in the future, huh?
  4. "My friend, I was not taking credit for your actions. I even said such further along in the broadcast. As for doing something useful, I'm doing more than just these fun little broadcasts, that I assure you, I just happen to be a bit less direct. I shall accept your offer to reach out, though. I suspect we can get along well. I'll be around. With presents." "To the young lady earlier in the broadcast's conversation, I shall reach out. I can think of a few places that we might have mutual contacts. I'll be in touch."
  5. Welcome back; something tells me we should expect great things from you.
  6. After a time, a voice comes onto the airwaves. A familiar one, at that. "Greetings Chernarus! Remember me? I'm the friendly man on the radio, politely advising you to throw off the shackles of the Russian's slavery. Evidently, my message seems to ring similar to a lot of people's sentiments. Just a day ago, the Enforcement Zone was ablaze as a daring group of hardcore bastards fought the Russians tooth and nail! Sources are out on who exactly won, but I'd argue it's the point of the matter. In the heart of their little safety bubble, some daring men decide to strike out at the Russian aggressors. That's beautiful, enough to bring me to tears! Truly, their dedication is worth merit, and song. But, for now I instead wish to deliberate. Those who wish to fight the Russians are far more numerous than they or their supporters would care to realize. Right now, the movement is disorganized; separate fronts all striking at the invader in their own time. Good enough, some would say. I however, do not settle for 'Good Enough'. I believe the resistances as a whole must come together and collaborate. To that end, my services shall continue. Even now, more and more continue to sway towards violence. Some whom were neutral now offer me supplies, shelter, and information they withheld in exchange for helping keep them safe from the relocation efforts of the Russians. Sad to say; we won't be able to save them all, folks. A lot of people will be forcibly shifted to the Enforcement Zone. What's important is the fact the EZ itself is not as secure as the Russians would like you to believe. They will be attacked from inside, and from outside in equal measure. Those of you residing within the EZ would do well not to rely on the Military, or the resurgent Politsiya. By the way, I was sneaking about the city when that firefight went down. Was pretty easy to smuggle a bag of guns among the populace....need to work on that one there, boys." There's a hearty laugh. "Ultimately though, I can't take credit for what happened yesterday. That lies to the men who acted. To them, I say well done, and at any rate, I encourage those fighting the Russians to continue to unite. Find like-minded folk, and continue to fight. To those of you who support the Russians; continue to do so. I hope you support them with everything you can manage. The only way this beautiful country can be purified is by the blood of a strong military to fall upon it. This defeat of the Russians must be decisive and absolute. It cannot be simple, 'nor can it be boringly one-sided. It must be viewed by all as a bloody conflict of determination and grit, such that we may proceed onwards, past them, and into a new dawn. I'd like to take a moment to call out some supporters, not by name, but by action." The sound of shuffling papers are heard, but they are then thrown away immediately, indicating that it was just done for effect. "The young man who spread the word of revolution, lighting fires in the hearts of those who listened. He is an old friend, an old comrade. Thanks to him, we can count on another small, nameless group committing their lives to this conflict." "The two young women who reached out to me, having stashed a handful of damaged military grade weapons in the wilderness. Those weapons have found homes, ladies. I tended to each weapon with passion, mending and repairing them. Well done." "The old man who spoke of his time in the CDF. His resentment was easy to detect. He offered his body in service, but I'll take his words instead. He will speak truth to all who wish to hear." "The roadside encampment along a certain mountainous path. You provided me with food and water, and gave me your observations regarding the Russians' movement priorities in the NWAF. Fine observational work." A couple taps are audible. "All those who were thanked allowed themselves to be identified as such on this broadcast. Continue the work, Chernarus. These Russians....their grip is slipping. Kill them all." The signal ends there.
  7. Another voice comes onto the air. "High-caliber, automatic weapons are perfect for a hunting trip. I highly endorse it. Who cares about the gun laws from a failing military, who get weaker every day? Take what you like."
  8. "Perhaps you aren't ignorant but more like you're being ignorant; a temporary rather than a permanent. In truth, you're like...hopeful. I think that's the proper word. Not optimistic, but not being pessimistic either. Hoping but not expecting. I suppose any regular person might see all the conflict, and strife, and want to stem the tide even a little bit. To convince oneself that we're not slipping fully, yet. As for the topic of my frequency, that was a bit of a joke. I've already outed myself as a 'terrorist' to the Russian state. If I were to freely give out my frequency, it would likely be to my detriment. If you really care that much, you could always give me your frequency. In regards to philosophy, I adore it. I find questioning everything about the facets of life we cling to to be a hobby; especially when I may challenge those very facets of other people's lifestyles. Words are powerful things. Especially when you can mentally break someone just by asking proper questions."
  9. "Ah, you again. I trust you're well, stranger? Still holding onto that narrative of yours, hm? Hoping against hope itself that the Russians are actually trying to be good people. Trying to help; yet as you can hear from all of those speaking before us, this just isn't the case. Those promise are too late. This is a final measure. A last chance, and then a mop-up operation. The Russians see the people rising up now, and are hoping to consolidate their forces and resources in one central, defendable location. By undergoing this doctrine, they now can use the excuse of order to remove people from their homes for no other reason than daring to try and live somewhere out-of-the-way, or even less. Probable cause is no longer the lowest bar needed to be met for the Russians to round people up and dismantle their efforts. All of the groups present in South Zagoria have just been targeted with a de facto Casus Belli. They even call upon police forces now, to bolster their own numbers." A pause. "I understand you wish to have a happy ending. That, through it all, the Russians want to help people, and all will return to normal, but it just won't. Ignorance is bliss, but bliss makes you unaware. Being unaware is death these days. But, that's enough of that. If you wish to really continue this debate, ping my radio privately and we'll go from there. Be well."
  10. A voice comes over the radio. "Such passion among all of these people in rejecting your plan, President. That's quite unfortunate. I just wanted to drop by and offer an alternative train of thought for those on the fence about this; the Russians are likely doing this to 'cut costs'. They want you all in a single zone, so that when they decide to leave South Zagoria, they can liquidate you. President Bernarus here has sold his own country out in exchange for his own longevity. I suppose I'm less of a babbling terrorist than first thought, hmmm?" Click.
  11. "Is that a Russian soldier on the ATC? We should get out of here!" "He do be vibin doe." "He do."
  12. After a day of waiting, the radio signal comes to life again, a chuckling is heard. "Humans are....beautiful things. Such spirit and passion for your ideals, it is admirable. Truly, the best of us have not fallen to the infected hordes. In truth, I made this radio message, not for the advertising of my services, for I have customers already, but for another reason. I wished to establish myself firmly within the purview of this conflict. This message was not to...mmmh, be a beacon for those against the Russians. By now, those who oppose them would know better than to take the bait. Rather, it was the opposite. I wished to attract the Russians and their supporters, as a form of courtesy call. I wished to approach the proverbial battle lines, and say 'I am here!'. Truly, you all have performed as I hoped you would, and for that you have my utter thanks. For your cries of resistance and belittlement served a 'purpose'. As now, those who were on the ropes of trusting me, know fully well that I am against you. It was a declaration, the price of gaining their loyalty, resources, and manpower. It is not my first time, assisting an insurgency against Russia. The Takistanis were quite thankful for my resources in the past, it's a shame their funds dried up so quickly, though....now, if you would all permit before I close this signal for good, I'd like to address those who spoke." In order of speaking, each person's prior transmission is played again. "Without a hint of smugness, I wish to say your outlook is refreshing, even if it runs rather contrast to my own. You've called me selfish, and even opted to wonder of my intentions. However, the fact you speak without a hint of ego is worthy of respect, girl. You believe equally that I could've failed, or be aspiring to win, and either is likely for me to undertake what I am. In truth; neither is the case. There's no failure I must claim revenge for, and no ploy for which I wish to profit with. I will not speak my plans over the radio like some bond-esque Villain, but I do wish to meet you on the roads sometime. You, and the last man who spoke, both seem like the sort I'd enjoy talking philosophy with." "I adore your spirit, such youthful enthusiasm is a beautiful thing, even when it is against me.. It's clear you've had some tough times, and I will not call you a fool for wishing to return to more peaceful ones. You've decided I am your enemy, directly or not, and I shall accept that title gratefully. I will not pursue you, or those you call allies, friends, lovers or kin, but I will, perhaps, one day, arrive to settle our issues, personally, in a way we both will agree is worthwhile. May you be well, young man. I wish you nothing but the best times." "Arrogance. Hypocrisy. But most importantly, fear. I suppose that makes sense, for a modern soldier. You're not used to enemies wanting to meet you fairly, to announce themselves without decapitating your comrades or those you rely upon. This message was to call you out, and for you to accept my existence. I had hoped for more than just a singular soldier, but you have done more than I could've hoped. You claim I am nothing, an idiot, a fool, although I do appreciate the terrorist part. That's a compliment as far as I am concerned. You have attempted to debunk and devalue me. But, what is 'value'? It is the quantification of something in exchange for that 'object', with the expectation of obtaining or otherwise owning it a sense. Despite decrying me, you offer a bounty, and a reassurance to the people listening I am nothing. You insist that those people who abide by your rules are safe, yet a couple of people whom I know live near a populated center were robbed last night. One of them was shot....with an assault rifle." "Mr. Soldier, you have given me 'value'. You have accepted me as an enemy, and outright admitted that you must partially rely on the civilians to obtain me, despite speaking so surely of yourself and your comrades. You have given me 'value', that I am now going to put to work in gaining reputation among all the little groups that hide in the shadows, insulting you with their very existence. I will become a Bowery King. All of those whom you put down in the name of 'security', who you refuse to let free and keep confined in grid-iron cages, I will let fly." "However, I am being somewhat unfair. You show great dedication and a mind to protect the citizenry. This is worthy of respect, and note. You also show great confidence that even shines through your arrogance. Again, something worthy of respect. Know this, unknown soldier, I will have your name eventually, and you mine. When that occurs, I wish to meet you as an equal, and we will settle our differences as men. I wish for you and your comrades to be massacred at all hours of the day, sincerely. It is an honest death, one free of politics or moral myopias; just two groups of people doing their best. Seeing who is stronger. There is purity in that. I hope you can appreciate it. "Young man, your humility and down to earth attitude is something I could never hope to replicate. You do not announce to the world 'Here I am, take me!' You merely wish to live, and have grown aware of the situation at large. You understand nothing is absolute or concrete; that the factions of the past have failed where S-GRU attempts. You are not blind in your faith, or your desires. You are merely trying to survive. Anyone acting on my behalf will not harm you or those you call comrades. I promise, and if there comes a time when I will choose between wiping out the Russians and solving all of this, I will choose the latter. If you may, lay easy tonight knowing that at least one side of this conflict will not make you choose, unlike the RAC and the CLF of the past. Will these Russians, who appear almost as a chimera of the two do the same? I can not tell you, but I would hope they openly declare the same." "People of Chernarus. I am an enemy of the Russian Military. I will hold myself to a conduct becoming of a proper foe to the country that has beaten back Napoleon, German dictator, and countless others who dare. Sadly, now is the time where it is their turn to be humbled. To those of you who hear this; do not seek me out on your own. If you are with similarly-minded comrades, do not worry. We will find you. My contacts spread through the communities of Chernarus. We are not here to harm those who sympathize with the Russians; they are doing their job, however pointless it is. Only those who act against us will be acted against. We have no name, it is not important. We are many faces, and individuals, seeded since the Outbreak itself has started. Be well, all of you. To the Russians, good luck." The signal dies soon after, replayings of the conversation sifting through the radiowaves for days after.
  13. So; normally I'm kinda meh on survivor-esque groups. But a series of events that happened on my first day back on DayZRP have led me to want to chronicle it here. So picture this; I, Lev Yelagin, have had the misfortune of running into a firefight of which I want no part in; I run out of Electro and take a round. I'm red blinking health, but manage to get away as I wander along the coast. I'm literally surviving on swamp water and beef jerky; yellow health and am perpetually in the red from zombie attacks and losing HP from starvation/dehydration inbetween looting spots. I get to Stary Sobor, and having forgotten there was a spigot there (I came in parallel to the police station), and manage to find some antibiotics in the clinic. Then, as I'm taking them and basically about to pass out from thirst anyway, I see it there. I limp over, fill my canteen and drink probably the first clean water I've had all day. What do I see? A note. A note from you lot. Normally I wouldn't give it much mind, but in a moment when I needed clean water, I find it, with a message of hope and determination atop it. It wasn't intentional of course, but that little moment made an otherwise shit sessions of DayZRP rather worth it. I look forward to meeting you guys in game.
  14. The radio waves are struck by a sudden transmission. "Greetings! How is everyone today? Are you well? Have you eaten well? Drank enough? Are you dieting properly? Hopefully no sickness? I hope. My name is...not important. But I just wanted to let this out on the open radio, as I see quite a lot of tension building. It's been an interesting couple of weeks from what I have heard. Y'see, I only recently came back to South Zagoria, having sequestered for myself a nice little safe house, complete with drinks, food, and, get this, even a satellite television! I was living in luxury, but honestly? I've spent most of my life like that and-mmmm, how do I put this? I can't enjoy any of it. Not when all of you people are out here, suffering, fighting, and killing one another. Not while you all are under the boot of the Russians, beset by Bandits, and besieged by violent wildlife..." There's a chuckle, followed by what sounds like a sip of a drink. "How could I allow myself such tranquil pleasures, when the true show is here? Conflict is progress, the truest of them all. But this conflict, this right here folks is special. For here we have the powers of the Old and the New on full display! Those who have adjusted to the new world, the survivor groups who congregate, who trade by barter and swear all sorts of allegiances. Those who keep the old order, the Russian Military, whom are determined to maintain their definition of 'peace'. The fact is, the Russians are a dwindling thing. They are a weakening power; even now, sparks of violent resistance are starting. Some of them a little misled, sure, but their spirit is there. It's a classic catch 22; if the Russians do nothing and do not pursue the survivors' equipment, letting them manage themselves, their power and influence wains , and soon they will go the way of the RF, the RAC, and the CLF. If they push too hard? The region rises up in rebellion! Same effect, different means." A pause, followed by another long sip. "So what's the point in really putting off the inevitable? Tell me, people of Chernarus, why do you cling to their authority, if all they're going to do is die off anyway? Certainly the state of Chernarus is 'rightfully' Russian, but in truth, the state no longer exists. There is no Government. This land is just land; anyone's for the taking. So take it. Kill Russians at every opportunity. They have wronged your people, have they not? Karmically speaking, whatever you do to them is justified, so slaughter them. Attack their helicopters. Destroy their convoys and vehicles. Those of you who fear them should discard it; for the Russians fight the inevitability of the apocalypse!" Another pause, this one followed by the creaking of a chair. "Now, make no mistake here, my friends, my comrades, my erstwhile kin and my allies-to-be. The old world is over. It's done for. We are all we have. The Russians are just soldiers, following orders. They're soldiers of the old world. But it's for their own good, too, to be brutal about our retaliation. It saves them from seeing Russia fall to the infected. Putting the soldiers out of their own ignored misery is a kindness, the likes of which the miracles and compassion of Jesus Christ himself would pale in comparison to. Even now, my friends are in your ear, buzzing. They speak of rebellion and resistance. They are everywhere. People wish to fight back. I am not a man, but merely the mouthpiece to a growing desire. A desire that is only found among starving slaves, imprisoned undesirables and those with their backs to the wall. A desire of paradise. The Russians will continue to seize equipment and weaken our efforts at defending ourselves, as they are just soldiers, following orders. That weakening will kill more of us; so, if some of us are fated to die, many of them likely listening to this, why not roll the dice? Fight the Russians. Arm yourselves. It's either a slow, cancerous death at their leeching hands, their requisitions and directives, or a gamble. A gamble that either you die a few weeks earlier from a bullet, rather than starvation or thirst, the predations of bandits and wildlife. Of course, I'm sure plenty of you may gasp at such logic. That's understandable. But it's the core facts; you can't stop a pack of wolves with a bolt action rifle. You can't kill groups of zombies with crossbows, or fight bandits off with handguns. You're being thrown into a cage with a lion, and handed but a sharpened stick, all while the Russians say 'you'll be fine!'....." "....So what's there to debate? They only survive on the equipment they pilfer from us. On the resources they acquire from us, with nothing in return. From the standpoint of logic, they're a lose end. They provide nothing other than a half-assed attempt at 'security', that clearly doesn't work. I had to shoot a guy with an RPG the other day. He tried to hold me up, so I blew him the fuck away. That was outside a fucking town populated by people. Their security is less than any of you could do with the equipment and supplies they steal from you. If you dislike the idea of enjoying the slaughter of Russians, treat it as it were a chore. Yes, the Russians are soldiers but they have been getting cocky. Smaller and smaller patrols. Or, instead of hubris...is that weakness? Are they losing more men than they'd care to mention? I've certainly heard mention of Russian helicopters being target practice as of late. But ah, water cooler gossip is not my strong suit." "....And for those of you thinking you have no chance against the Russians, worry not! I am an arms dealer, my friend! My goods and services have been bought from the Americas to Asia, and I don't mean pacifically! I am a specialist at training the untrained, arming the unarmed, and powering the unempowered. Even now I'm sitting on a healthy little stash that grows larger with the help of my friends. I've got a lot of friends, these days, and the number rises daily. So; if you're a proper shit kicker, or even show any form of anti-Russian sentiment...don't worry! I'll hear about it. My friends won't take offense to how you meet them, either. Maybe you'll hold them up? Maybe you'll flirt with them over a drink, or offer them stew on one of these bitter nights. Regardless, on a day not too dissimilar from this one, I'll arrive. You won't know it's me. I'll sometimes come alone, other times I'll bring a small group. Maybe I'll fly in on a helicopter. Maybe I'll roll up in a BMW, blaring Limp Bizkit. Regardless, I'll arrive. You'll be tested. When you pass my test. Not if, but when...you will want for naught under my sponsorship. I will give you the tools to seize your future. Let's be friends." The signal stays alive for some time, but the voice fails to speak any longer.
  15. A new voice comes over the radio, with an exasperated, almost bored tone, snippets of the past two speakers' input on repeat beforehand. "Oh my fucking god. Chill with the bravado, pleeeeease? I'm not sure which is worse, a Russian soldier openly being a sexist piece of shit, and having a shit taste in seafood at that, or some patriot on the air acting like it was the Chernarussians themselves who killed the Soviet Union. Yes yes, Mr. Petrov, you're so cool, stripping civilians of weapons they use to fend off rampant banditry and wildlife, neither of whom are effectively dealt with using a lever-action rifle, and both of which you make no effort to help with. Also, by the way? Sushi rolls are shit unless they're made in Japan. Even so, fried squid is a thousand times better, and inevitably when you end up captured by the angry natives I'll make you some. Before, you know. Execution, torture, the usual." A pause. "Sorry, slightly hung over from a party last night. As for the other guy, chill with the nationalistic zeal, huh? That's the problem with the people of my homeland, you all assume Chernarus is so great. It's not. It's a piece of shit satellite state that only got independence 'cuz the Soviet Union died. Then it was reabsorbed into a more-or-less autonomous zone, not dissimilar to other states in Asia bordering Russia. Chernarus should be part of Russia's state, sure. But as I'm sure you'll agree, not at the expense of civil liberties, or for that matter, blind loyalty to the state that ends up getting people killed. However, blind nationalism over superficial reasons is just as stupid, if not moreso. It's a wide new world; quit clinging to old ideals like it'll save you." Another pause. "Alright, thank you for coming to my ted talk. I'm going back to bed. No, you can't have my name." Click. Silence.
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