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  1. Thank you for my new profile music

    1. Wbtrex


      there will be violence.


  2. Dude, shout out to all my brothers and sisters in Svobodny for a great first day as part of the group on my end. @PadlockGetting to run your trial was a privilege. You played along magnificently and the maturity you showed, putting RP above all else was genuinely inspiring. I look forward to seeing more of Mikhail.
  3. Wha- Where am I? Who are you people? No, don't turn me into a marketable nationalist- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  4. It uh....it's not been a good time to be Han Lee, has it?
  5. you're uninvited to the chernarussian-only barbeque.
  6. Not much I need to say, but I guess I'll say it anyway for the people in the back. This roster is composed of people I know can provide excellent RP. It's got too many friends for me to list, and for those who I don't know personally, I take their association as a maker's mark that they can get shit done. This is a stacked roster. You have veterans and new-bloods in the community side by side. If I wasn't as busy as I was I'd be on the roster as well, if that says anything. You guys have infinite potential with this, and I look forward to seeing (or at the very least hearing) the fru
  7. Click "I think we both know that's not what you're known for these days, Han Lee. I'm not sure target shooting is in your best interest; it's different between 87 meters and a point blank range on a child's kneecaps." Click
  8. Click "What kind of ranges are we talking for this competition?" Click
  9. one day I'll get into someone's relations page on their character.


    1. FaeLR




      If i wasnt lazy...

    2. TearsFallSilent


      I imagine Lev is just a big murderous cuddly teddy bear.


  10. For a moment, the radio waves of South Zagoria are silent. Not with static, but pure, utter silence, as a truly powerful signal blasts its way through the airwaves. After a short time of utter silence, an Irish-accented voice begins to speak. Gentle, it was pleasing to the ear. "Attention South Zagoria. This is a collaborative message on behalf o' a variety o' groups an concerned individuals regarding tha' sudden resurgence in gas attacks. Each speaker presented on this message was chosen randomly, an any continuing messages will be chosen in a similar manner, as a means to espouse unity,
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