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  1. Christpher Brent's POV: From the very start of the get together, Chris Kendell and I got word that Hilde, Andy, and George were coming with some house warming gifts. After they arrived, I looked through their gifts for a moment and soon after George and I broke off from the group to talk and provide a tour and the idea to spy on the medical procedure came up. This is where we saw Amber on the table being operated on from a window by the scaffolding. We eventually got caught by the doctor, James and assistant Ayden so we went back to the group to talk. Mostly small talk occurred before James, Ayden, and Amber came down to join all of us. Me being surprised wondered why Amber was outside and ordered her to go back where she informed us she was OOC observing. She ran around each of us throughout the rest of the conversation with OOC comments in between before Hilde's group asked us to come along to do a supply run while Andy slept. As in the video, I was the one that fed her the tetracycline when she asked for it. I knew full well she claimed she was OOC. I thought if I fed her it, she would move away a little quicker. I shouldn't of encouraged it and for that I'd like to apologize even if it's a non-issue. I'm not sure why she didn't just spy on us IC like I thought she was when she first came down. She should've just stayed away instead of buzzing around the group.
  2. *Chris picks up the radio and pushes the PTT* Sure, count me in. I might be able to swing by and drop a few things off. *click*
  3. Welcome back! Can't wait to hold down a castle or protect Novaya again!
  4. Oh man I wish I knew you with such a good character. Hopefully we meet soon! 0/10
  5. Combi

    Shadow Puppets

    After a long day of work, time to pose and play with our shadows.
  6. Ever since he was able to walk, Christopher was always adventurous. From sneaking out at day-care to escaping his mother's hand at the store. As he grew, his love for the outdoors grew. His childhood mainly consisted of joining scouts, many camping trips, and mountain hikes with a little bit of studying and family troubles in-between. Around his early teens, his parents separated and as the years went on he found less time to go outdoors. Christopher would eventually grow a sarcastic personality after balancing school, work, and a constantly shifting family life but he eventually found a way to even it out, if poorly. Spending half his family time with his father tending to his ranch and the other half with his mother in town. After some time working on the ranch and graduating high school, Christopher decided a higher education just wasn't going to be his plan. At least for a good while. He dreamed of being a park ranger but first he wanted to capture what he felt he missed throughout most of his teens, adventures through the countryside unburdened. This sense of adventure and a sort of tourism led him to close estates and far once the novelty of the local area wore off. This sense of adventure and socializing led him to seek a more dangerous venture. After reading briefly about the Civil War in Chernarus, he decided to take a gamble and see how the war torn nation is finding it's feet while also taking in the sights.
  7. I didn't get my security deposit back when leaving Novaya. House took this new home fair and square! Emila Arcuri - House
  8. Growing up, Emila spent more of her time finding ways to get cheap thrills than actually spending time doing something productive. In her early school years, she learned English and basic math. However, as the school years dragged, she slowly lost interest. Near her last few weeks of classes, she abandoned it all together and eventually fell into sort of a gang. After all of this, she describes it as pretty stupid and chalking it up to "being teenagers just getting into simple trouble". After awhile of being just a general nuisance, Emila got caught and was hit with a petty thief charge. Her parents refusing to pay the fine, let her go to jail for six months. Those six months gave Emila some time to think about where her life was headed. She enjoyed the freedom of just doing what she wanted to do. However, in order to do anything with her life, she would have to work with others and follow the rules. For a while this worked, she got a stable server job and started a collection of spaghetti westerns, longing for that outlaw life she wanted for herself but could never happen. A couple years later, she would get her chance. A new disease of some sort has popped up over in Chernarus after the fighting died down. Seeing a misguided chance at a new start to life based on doing what she wants, she jumps on the opportunity to smuggle her way into the effected zone. After arriving to the burned and dead country, she had a worried yet hopeful outlook that maybe she did know what she was getting into.
  9. Combi

    Hello there!

    You are a bold one! (It's okay! I thought about it too after I posted it!) Thank you for the welcome I'd be glad to meet you too!
  10. Hello! Thought I'd introduce myself and get to meet some of you on the forums and get to know some of you all before I get in game. Been having a wonderful time reading all of your stories and characters and can't wait to add onto it!
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