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  1. Ray is a 44 year old masseuse who owns his own massage company in Miami Florida. He is a first generation Greek American with deep Greek roots. At a young age Ray had trouble with bullies that left a mark on him, at age 25 he finished masseuse school where he quickly opened up his own practice. He was very successful but something was always missing from his life. He had a great family great job, great life but he was voided of something... a sense of adventure. Ray decided to take a trip to chenarus for a massage expo where he would learn different techniques. he thought it would be a great way to get out of the house and explore parts of Russia and Europe at the same time... oh boy was he wrong. While he was there the outbreak happened, he quickly saw people turning on each other killing each other to fight for survival. Ray quickly learned to not trust to many people which was against his personality. he went off on his own taking what he needed, helping others when he could but more often then not not fully trusting everyone fully. He is trying to become better, striving to find that one group he will click with, one that reminds him of a family he once had, of a life he now wishes was boring and mundane as he had before. Ray can be the kindest person but also turn if he feels his life threatened.
  2. Thank you soooo much you are litterally an god send. It worked
  3. Hey guys, I know this is a reoccurring problem, and I have looked at a lot of the posts on how to fix the problem, but nothing works. I've checked at least 30 times the spelling of my name spacing and spelling and capitalization still didnt work. I created a second character and set that one to active and ran into the same problem. The game lets me spawn in and play for like 20 seconds to a couple minutes then boots me. I really like this server but all i want to do is play. no fixes work. I tried the DZSA Launcher but my game freezes when it loads up. then i try the regual dayz launcher and it wont let me play. I just want to get online and play.
  4. Born in a small town in idaho, Xavier quickly learned to pick up a skill that would take over his life and assist him in many ways. Carpentry was his escape from life, its where he would craft things from bows, to chairs, and even spears. He never married because he felt as if he could not find that just right person for him. eventually he made his way to chernarus for a carpentry expo around the Berezino area. Things quickly took a turn for the worst when the outbreak came, so he took his skills and started fighting. he quickly felt like he found his purpose, kicking zombie butt.
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