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  1. Melody

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    And the offline raiding begins, Either way Great job! hope to see more soon
  2. Melody

    Good Ole Campfire RP

    Pretty sure this image is cropped to remove the DayZ watermark. Could be wrong.
  3. well sour biscuits i just lost.
  4. Melody

    Trough the cellar door

  5. Melody


  6. Melody

    DayZRP mod February content update

    Great work!
  7. Just noticed i could hear my own shots, is anyone else able to hear their own gun sounds as well?
  8. You are better off sticking to mosins for now.
  9. Melody

    To Jimmy

    *Jonas pushes down the PTT* *sighs* "I made a mistake on the way back, the car slid off the road and now it refuses to start." "i take responsibility for it, but i would rather stay alive." "i think i will have to stay low for awhile, sorry Jimmy i never had any ill intentions." "You do what you gotta do, i understand the consequences." *Jonas releases the PTT*
  10. Melody

    To Jimmy

    *Jonas presses down on his PTT rain can be heard thrumming on the roof of a car* "Is it safe to come back? i heard that the irish were crawling all over the place." *Jonas releases the PTT*
  11. Melody

    To Jimmy

    *Jonas presses down his PTT you can hear a car engine running in the background* "Jimmy i have your car and i don't know if you want it, last i heard the house abandoned the village and left us civilians to die." *sigh* "I'm not too sure about the rumors but i was told that the irish were taking over, so i left." "if you want it back just let me know and il gladly hand it to you, thats all for now Jonathan out." *Jonas releases the PTT*
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