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  1. Yeah, @Bsigo tried being a badass, and he was. Only for a few seconds tho
  2. I don't know if it's tomorrow for you, but it is for me

    Happy birthday!! 🤠

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      Thank you so much @Wolffe ❤️

  3. My favorite one, by far Keep doing these!
  4. "I'll see what I can do. There's plenty to consider at the moment."
  5. "I strongly, once again, advise you to NOT get into that compound. I'm trying to preserve not only your life, but your sanity." "I can give you all there is to be known about that bloody forsaken place, but if you still wish to go and look at it yourself, I can't stop you."
  6. *A british voice would join into the conversation* "Who's the leader of this movement? Is there one? Perhaps multiple? I wish to talk to whoever is in charge." "No randy dandy bullcrap, it's just business. I wish to help you all with whatever it is your people preach, with no cost. My only demand is a word with the leader." *The voice would cease in a moment after letting the button loose*
  7. *Helden's face would come to a slight smile as he hears the voices talking about Kamensk, getting into the conversation immediately* "To whoever is going to Kamensk, don't." "I'm Dr. Helden Tatcher, and have been there a few days ago, concluding my research, one that hasn't been 100% concluded by the united nations ever since 2017. You won't find anything but a decaying pit of decomposed and radioactive organic matter which will kill you if you get close with no protection. That place is as dangerous as it gets." "Not to mention the almost love-craftian creatures that lie within there. The gray-skins have almost melted skin, which has turned them into abominations that shouldn't be approached. Any contact with bodily fluids risk immediate infection; and also, there's the radiation problem. Don't you come into that place without a full CBRN protection suit, or you will suffer the consequences." "And as for the man whose voice I recognize as the one who warned me before, I've done it. Got in, got out. Not going to claim I did it unscathed, but I managed to finish all I wanted to do. Your warnings won't go unappreciated, however. Thank you for trying to stop me; perhaps it would've been better that way, but I still got a job to do." *His voice would faint out in the frequency, returning to static*
  8. *Helden's voice would appear on frequency, disturbing the static* "It's pretty bold to claim for freedom in a country that isn't yours. I've been helping these people even as a foreigner, before this dandy bullcrap of nationalism and politics started happening. This is all ridiculous." "If I want to help you help people that need it? Yes. If I want to do it in the name of your so called 'freedom'? No." "Thing is with Chernarussians: Don't be a twat and nothing will happen to you. Now, I've heard of this fanatic nationalists and how they are being utter bell-ends as well, and that's wrong; but putting yourself in their shoes won't make you better." "I hope for the best, and that you change your way of thinking so y'all can actually help people without being idiots to others." *His voice would go back into silence*
  9. *Helden holds his radio to his mouth. His voice can barely be recognized due to static and just the battered state of the radio, but can still be heard as his british accent takes place into the silence* "I worked with the UN. The first response unit, to be exact. Those people meant to harm at all, and were constantly harassed by the VDV, which for those who don't know, were Russians. The battalion had to change places multiple times due to this, but were always helpful when it came to the civilians, the CDF, and even the Russians when they weren't being total bell-ends." "Now, I've heard of fake news back then, but this is a completely new level. Honestly, this kind of slimey bullcrap is the worst kind, because they're not even manly enough to send a bloody message without lies and hostages, just like back then." "I'm sure you bloody punks are listening. Yes, hello there chaps. How you doin', eh? Feeling brave yet? Stop cowering behind your senseless politics and mindless crusades and act like a normal human being for once, you stupid mongol. If the United Nations really did shit like that, then you're nothing but equal or worse." "Grow up, you twats" *The transmission would cut off, as his voice abruptly returned to static*
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    Gizoogle thread

    I think this is some solid feedback for @Roland. Perhaps add a "Gangsta Mode" to the forums?
  11. My body is ready for anything, bröther Let the horrors come, and I shall face them and their consequences, for such is the journey of knowledge, a curse and a blessing all the same I mean, as UN I still owe my group anything good really since we've been pretty much useless
  12. It gets more interesting with every step, and I'm loving it! Hope to get some more material to play with! THEY KEEP THE TRUTH FROM US, BUT THEY CAN'T KEEP IT FOREVER!! Thanks for the kind words! The video took about four hours out of my regular schedule so I'm glad y'all liked it Order 66
  13. Suggestion for @Developers to add cough/sneezing emotes, just as shivering emotes and alikes, since we already have vomiting in the emote wheel, and will also be getting limping, it would fit great if we could add these ones for utility.
  14. Just noticed I got to 300 BeanZ some days ago, lol

    Ty everyone ❤️

  15. I can actually feel her pain and suffering. I hope Jess get's better Let's get everyone together for a night of Pipsi drinking and story sharing so she can feel better!!
  16. I'm literally shaking @Major


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      I wanna see your Lore!

      Give me your Lore!!!

  17. Just posted a lore post about research on Kamensk, check it here:


  18. Approved and edited by @Major Written by @Wolffe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This journey has been planned for two months now. I have been gathering enough information and equipment all this time, from simple gas masks to complex measuring devices. It has been a long trek, but I was finally able to finish this. Helden Tatcher, M.D Ph.D former World Health Organization and United Nations affiliate, Planning With the aid of former UN documents such as the First Expedition and reports linked to it, alongside common knowledge I managed to gather, I started planning what would be necessary, and how I would enter this place with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. I began researching on a few books I had with me at the time, starting a list of necessary gear to get in and get out safely. Full "A" Level CBRN suit (or "B" Level), including face mask with additional charcoal filter (just in case). Two piece hood, chemical resistant gloves and boots, the latter with steel toes and shanks; Electronic Personal Dosimeter. Is not found/if broken, a Film Badge Dosimeter is also an option, although brutally less accurate; Windowless Geiger Counter for Gamma radiation detection. If able to find, a Pancake-end Type would aid in detecting Alpha and Beta radiation; Iodine-131 pills, beta-blockers, prednisone, anti-biotics and levothyroxine (just in case); Portable gun with either 5.56 caliber or higher, or armor-penetrating bullets, with at least 80 rounds, silenced; Light-weight pistol for close encounters, with at least 40 rounds, silenced; Head torch, helmet-held lamp or night vision goggles; Portable drone for aerial shots. The drone I found within a military installation was low-end and apparently designed for recon missions, which fit my need perfectly. It's rotors didn't make too much sound along the woods, and the range, although not too far, was far enough for what I intended. Upon gathering the archived UN photos from whatever documents I still had, I managed to make up a small map of the main compound within my laptop. When I got hold of the drone and managed to take pictures of the place I confirmed these points of interest and got access to more information on the area, making the route planning and doing way easier to imagine, and possibly execute. The other section of the base was reported as being civilian based, mainly being a mechanical station and dormitories, so I didn't give much attention to it. After the expedition, this turned out to be true. Execution Upon gearing into my expedition equipment, I turned on my camera, which proved itself to be a valuable asset that has aided me into gathering the rest of the information that had been forgotten whilst recovering from the trip. Some of the footage was scuffed due to radiation, although much of it's defect wasn't the ionization's fault, but a technical flaw of mine. The camera had been poorly managed these months, so it's not surprising that the end result had somewhat bad quality coming with it. Video Footage: After analyzing the radiation emanating from the area, it was evident that close to no expansion of the radioactive zone had happened, and if any had occurred, it was too weak for the Geiger to pick up. The map made by the first expedition should be still representing the area with good accuracy, but since I can't export it to this report I made a copy of it, also adding the dry riverbed measurements, which were not in the original one due to it being measured later-on. The only thing missing from this map are the lakes located by the main entrance of the base (South-West), where the riverbed falls into. The one lake where the radioactive water had been falling into is measuring at about 1,5 Gy (Grays) which is still an brutal rate, and should NOT be approached. The northernmost lake, at a distance of about 30 to 50m away, didn't show signs of radiation by the Geiger, although it is still possible to hide around 0,5 Gy in there due to infiltration. Luckily, if there is any radiation in there, it's being contained by the water as a "shield", but should also be avoided. The warning zone is a circle of about 250m -ish radius that zones out the no-go area with no protection. It also covers possible low-Gy zones that a Geiger can't pick up, but can still affect prolonged exposure. The original exclusion zone was of a 1 Km radius, but I don't think it will be necessary. I'm no radiologist, but 1 Km seems way too far for the ionizing aspect to be of any use of this radiation. The barracks and the buildings have little to no aspect deemed scientifically useful. They are just there, existing, but not for long however, since nature is already taking her part back from the compound. Multiple destroyed buildings have plants, trees and even water flowing and growing all around them, making the entire place a disturbing mix of concrete and organic matter. The gray-skins have their skin almost melting, with tumors all around growing within the half-alive flesh of theirs. It's something straight out of a love-craftian novel. The pit is even worse than it was back then. The descriptions and photos taken by Dr. Capella and her team still come to use since many things described are still there, however, some have changed. For starters, the bodies have decomposed so much that it looks like it's a black-ish pasta over a pile of dirt. The 2017 report described there being pregnant women, children and elderly, but these differences were impossible to distinguish by now. The radiation of around 3 Gy, or even worse, has tore down the structure of their bodies, making the skin melt, and apparently, the internal tissue as well. There's little red or pale to be seen in the middle of the black liquid-like substance. It's a new state of dead. Within that matter, there can still be seen some shrapnel as reported in 2017, being easier to locate this time. A simple shine with a light should give some metallic-like reflections that follow the size described in the papers. Not only that, but the neck-chains and knives also appear a little easier to see, and also appear even more disturbing. The pipe was also in there, almost intact from what the photos suggest. It has a valve by the left of the bodies and a seemingly welded portion, probably due to rupture by some external, or internal, factor. The purpose of the valve is unknown, but can be theorized upon. There is possibility of chemical leakage in the pit judging by the 2017's report where some soldiers said that they were feeling a burning sensation on their eyes. There are multiple patches of dead grass all around, and inside the compound, not to mention the trees with no foliage that seem to have been there forever. Theories Although the compound has been there for a long time, it has been destroyed recently. The entire plot that began the Outbreak has thickened when this military base came into play. There is much more going on here than we know of, and this whole situation of the pit, for instance, is a clear example that we have no clue of what the hell is going on. The theories from the old report were: Cult suicide being dropped into the pit to solve a lack of graves problem; Government/military mass murdering being hidden; Body disposal by fire (which later was concluded as false). Judging by the neck chains, at least some of those people must have been prisoners or high-level masochists. The shrapnel can be something that went wrong, perhaps the pipe that ruptured? Someone lobbed a grenade in there? The hardest one are the knives, which make no sense when you try to fit it within a story. Perhaps they were executing the people with knives to the neck? Perhaps they were killing off infected? Even making some sort of bloody ritual? Some more solid-ish theories that could be taken in account are: Test subjects, perhaps, judging by possible chemical leakage within the pit, the valve working as something that regulates the liberation of whatever chemicals in there. Maybe they were testing something on people before trying it out for other purposes, such as attacking their long lasting enemy: Russians. Which would certainly explain the bombing that occurred. An execution chamber for prisoners/infected, even. A disposal area for soldiers who didn't want to fight, perhaps people who knew too many secrets. (Highly unlikely since there were children in there) If this truly is Ground Zero as they say, it must have had something to do with the Chernarussian Virus, and knowing the political landscape of this place, highly likely to have something to do with the war and the entire Russian scenario. Perhaps the Russians delivered the virus with the bombing? Perhaps they tried to stop it? The Pamiyati described not knowing who spread the virus around, and were actively hunting the ones responsible for it, so perhaps it isn't the Northerners fault. It must have something to do with this base, and must have something to do with this pit. Conclusion Nothing new is to be concluded, honestly. The place hasn't seen changes ever since 2017, and it doesn't look like it will be changing any time soon. I believe that the same results should be put forward, those being restraint from ever entering the military base without body protection and a good enough gas-mask, and to not get close within the pit for safety measures. I hope that in the future we can get some idea of what happened in there, but I don't think we will. Let us not expect anything coming from that place, and let us stay away from it. Forever.
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    Rain gets you character wet Wetness makes him cold Coldness gets you hypothermic due to a decrease in temperature That does damage It's simple really, get a raincoat, a heatpack or perhaps make a fireplace. It's pretty easy
  20. Perhaps a "strip weapons" option once a person is tied up/hands up
  21. I like this. Keep doing it!
  22. Don't necro this report It can only end in misery and suffering
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    No, here's the thing. We got some diseases working in game, whilst some others just don't. There are two types of curable diseases in game right now, those being bacterial and poisoning. I'm pretty sure the only way to cure Flu is by keeping healthy stats and not getting close to other people with the Flu. To cure poisoning (Salmonella; meaning you ate meat raw): Charcoal tabs To cure bacterial stuff (Cholera; meaning you either got too close to someone who has it, or drank from pond water): Tetracycline tabs None of there are solvable with only one pill. You need to have multiple. Once your "medicine" status runs out from your bar (The pill that appears next to the "sick" status), have another one, until it's solved. It takes time, but it goes out. Has happened to me two times already, and I got out two times already. P.S: Some diseases don't work, apparently Cholera is one. It doesn't deteriorate your stats a single bit for now, but idk, it's pretty confusing stuff
  24. Thank you all for the small time of RP today @DrMax, @Kerkkoh, @Pepper, @Ouromov, @Brayces and @Dino. Even though I had to leave early it was still fun to see y'all again. Hope to do it one more time soon! Also, Alex; nice uppercut
  25. Hey, you two at Kamensk, @J_Reed (hope I'm tagging the right guy) and your friend Vito. Oh my god you scared the fuck out of me Nice encounter tho. Got me on my toes for the rest of the night
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