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  1. Yeah, @Bsigo tried being a badass, and he was. Only for a few seconds tho
  2. I don't know if it's tomorrow for you, but it is for me

    Happy birthday!! 🤠

    1. Mademoiselle


      Thank you so much @Wolffe ❤️

  3. My favorite one, by far Keep doing these!
  4. "I'll see what I can do. There's plenty to consider at the moment."
  5. "I strongly, once again, advise you to NOT get into that compound. I'm trying to preserve not only your life, but your sanity." "I can give you all there is to be known about that bloody forsaken place, but if you still wish to go and look at it yourself, I can't stop you."
  6. *A british voice would join into the conversation* "Who's the leader of this movement? Is there one? Perhaps multiple? I wish to talk to whoever is in charge." "No randy dandy bullcrap, it's just business. I wish to help you all with whatever it is your people preach, with no cost. My only demand is a word with the leader." *The voice would cease in a moment after letting the button loose*
  7. *Helden's face would come to a slight smile as he hears the voices talking about Kamensk, getting into the conversation immediately* "To whoever is going to Kamensk, don't." "I'm Dr. Helden Tatcher, and have been there a few days ago, concluding my research, one that hasn't been 100% concluded by the united nations ever since 2017. You won't find anything but a decaying pit of decomposed and radioactive organic matter which will kill you if you get close with no protection. That place is as dangerous as it gets." "Not to mention the almost love-craftian creatures that lie within there. The gray-skins have almost melted skin, which has turned them into abominations that shouldn't be approached. Any contact with bodily fluids risk immediate infection; and also, there's the radiation problem. Don't you come into that place without a full CBRN protection suit, or you will suffer the consequences." "And as for the man whose voice I recognize as the one who warned me before, I've done it. Got in, got out. Not going to claim I did it unscathed, but I managed to finish all I wanted to do. Your warnings won't go unappreciated, however. Thank you for trying to stop me; perhaps it would've been better that way, but I still got a job to do." *His voice would faint out in the frequency, returning to static*
  8. *Helden's voice would appear on frequency, disturbing the static* "It's pretty bold to claim for freedom in a country that isn't yours. I've been helping these people even as a foreigner, before this dandy bullcrap of nationalism and politics started happening. This is all ridiculous." "If I want to help you help people that need it? Yes. If I want to do it in the name of your so called 'freedom'? No." "Thing is with Chernarussians: Don't be a twat and nothing will happen to you. Now, I've heard of this fanatic nationalists and how they are being utter bell-ends as well, and that's wrong; but putting yourself in their shoes won't make you better." "I hope for the best, and that you change your way of thinking so y'all can actually help people without being idiots to others." *His voice would go back into silence*
  9. *Helden holds his radio to his mouth. His voice can barely be recognized due to static and just the battered state of the radio, but can still be heard as his british accent takes place into the silence* "I worked with the UN. The first response unit, to be exact. Those people meant to harm at all, and were constantly harassed by the VDV, which for those who don't know, were Russians. The battalion had to change places multiple times due to this, but were always helpful when it came to the civilians, the CDF, and even the Russians when they weren't being total bell-ends." "Now, I've heard of fake news back then, but this is a completely new level. Honestly, this kind of slimey bullcrap is the worst kind, because they're not even manly enough to send a bloody message without lies and hostages, just like back then." "I'm sure you bloody punks are listening. Yes, hello there chaps. How you doin', eh? Feeling brave yet? Stop cowering behind your senseless politics and mindless crusades and act like a normal human being for once, you stupid mongol. If the United Nations really did shit like that, then you're nothing but equal or worse." "Grow up, you twats" *The transmission would cut off, as his voice abruptly returned to static*
  10. Wolffe

    Gizoogle thread

    I think this is some solid feedback for @Roland. Perhaps add a "Gangsta Mode" to the forums?
  11. My body is ready for anything, bröther Let the horrors come, and I shall face them and their consequences, for such is the journey of knowledge, a curse and a blessing all the same I mean, as UN I still owe my group anything good really since we've been pretty much useless
  12. It gets more interesting with every step, and I'm loving it! Hope to get some more material to play with! THEY KEEP THE TRUTH FROM US, BUT THEY CAN'T KEEP IT FOREVER!! Thanks for the kind words! The video took about four hours out of my regular schedule so I'm glad y'all liked it Order 66
  13. Suggestion for @Developers to add cough/sneezing emotes, just as shivering emotes and alikes, since we already have vomiting in the emote wheel, and will also be getting limping, it would fit great if we could add these ones for utility.
  14. Just noticed I got to 300 BeanZ some days ago, lol

    Ty everyone ❤️

  15. I can actually feel her pain and suffering. I hope Jess get's better Let's get everyone together for a night of Pipsi drinking and story sharing so she can feel better!!
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