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  1. "Sir, you're right. I have no chance against either the Sobaki, nor you, that's why I pay them taxes so they don't do to me what you folks did to Haven, yeah? No need to get fiesty." "Mr. Colter, if that truly is the case, then it seems the problem is larger than I thought. I just wished you folks had told me the truth when I asked who destroyed Haven when I came up to your walls." "The accusations were made based on the appearances and armbands that were seen in the scene. Should there be a third party, the timing was really, really bad. But I understand now. Wish you farewell."
  2. *A tired and scuffled adult's voice would sound on the radio.* "Rangers and VK. What's going on with ya?" "Apparently you folks are raiding neutral settlements left and right, yeah?" "You razed New Haven so hard that Vinny had to leave for another town, and now my Outpost aswell. I'm sure it wasn't Sobaki, because they were preocupied getting shot. We have nothing to do with you or whatever your politics are, and neutral wanderers are getting caught in the crossfire of this." "I'd assume this is because Sobaki is losing, and you wanna make sure we don't supply them anymore. What's the point of killing the ones doing taxation if you're going to be as bad as them? If you wanted my bullets you could've asked." "Also, quite hipocritical that the Rangers, out of all people, would take away a person's protection. Might be good to know that the ranger kidnapped by the Sobaki yesterday only survived because of my objections. Hope he's doing well." "Anyways, have a change of mind will you? This is all very disgraceful and unasked for. If I'm wrong about any of this, since information is conflictuous at the moment, I hope someone finds who's responsible." "I just hope Basilisk isn't involved in this. I like those people..."
  3. S E C O N D C H A P T E R : This is a book that belongs to Luka Marianelli, and any information about it's location, appearance and contents must be obtained IC'ly through this character.
  4. It was very good rolepaying with the Sobaki yesterday, you folks really are doing some great stuff. I love your dynamic, and it feels good to be able to chat with you without any guns or hostilities. It's a privilege to be able to understand e listen to your motives and stories. Hope we continue meeting, as long as you don't leave a dead body on my yard!!! And for the record, I didn't even see you all coming lmao
  5. Thanks! I think it's good now. Tell me if something's missing I'm not sure such a thing is possible, but if it was, would certainly be nice We already have a bunch of zombies that just spawn in the middle of forests for no reason whatsoever, just make them move if possible If not, moving them to another place that actually makes sense would be kinda nice
  6. We do be chillin


  7. Finally updated my character's backstory, thank god

  8. Very nice RP from @Seska Rotan, @Mita and @Mirotvurce at the Outpost today, alongside the quick and instructional visit from our building ground's official tester @Zanaan. Thank you folks for a brief but joyful experience
  9. Hope this is the right sub-forum to post this It's understandable that a few cities were reinforced and protected in the past, but PLIKT is gone for now and there's no reason why there shouldn't be zombies crawling to the residential areas outside of the walls of the capital city. A couple towns down south suffer from this same predicament: no walls, no protection force, and somehow no zombies. We might aswell be playing Day at this point Not only this, but a couple of the places that spawn zombies have their difficulty scrambled, such as some summer camps that for some reason spawn military grade zombies Not sure if my opinion is part of the general opinion, but RPing a civilian that is not interested in collecting automatic weapons, and instead focuses on simpler and easier ways to take down Zeds isn't fun atm, and since civilian loot spawns at town, every loot run is the same thing over and over again, with no challenge whatsoever. Part of the experience is wasting crossbow bolts at zombies, just as much as shitty silenced pistols for the sakes of it I've heard that loot tables are being reworked for the next update, so I wished to throw this in aswell
  10. I don't like expansion base building, but it is less limited than default DayZ basebuilding. Perhasp this mod could amend that, instead of using expansion's
  11. I suggest adding a feature to Discord that shows the lastest forum topics made in a separate text channel, such as #new-topics. I've seen something like that done before, can't remember where, but know it is possible. This might make forum posts a little bit more active, and make the Discord integration even more useful. Don't think it is needed for replies, since it could clog the entire thing, but new topics would work just fine. EDIT: No @everyone by the way folks, that would be way too much even
  12. Within a deep dark glade in the woods, where the thorns stretch and wraps around the bark like teeth ready to tear through flesh, a black spiral awaits carved on a tree, signaling the spot. Under it, a small box, cointaining nothing but a small book and a carnival mask depicting a wolf. The thin, leather layered book is carefuly placed within the box's space, leaving room only for a unfortunate's soul hands to reach in and take it. On the cover, words spell out, almost as if painted with blood. "The Ancient Death" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- F I R S T C H A P T E R : This is a book that belongs to Luka Marianelli, and any information about it's location, appearance and contents must be obtained IC'ly through this character.
  13. Very nice, good job on this one. Hope to learn more about this!
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