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  1. Show us your Photography

    Yeah, sure! Here you go a few I took this year. Behold the beauty of Brazil: City stuff: Nature & Sunsets: Bonus: Dabbing by the sunset
  2. 10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    Hey. Count me in. I guess Also, what the fuck
  3. Pijka's Pseudo-Art

    I love these! I'll surely keep an eye out for these dank drawings This is true btw
  4. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: David Gallo Country: Brazil English Skills: Fluent DayZ Standalone Experience: I have over 800+ hours in Standalone itself, and more on ArmA itself, so yeah. Roleplaying Experience: At least 4/5 of my DayZ hours are on RP. That without mentioning D&D, and other RP games. What kind of In Game role best describes you: My character used to be a Fixer, so he's good at making deals, talking his way into and out of situations, and overall, good at getting information and all that. However, I don't like full on PvP, and I enjoy role-playing randomly with people, which might mean I'm a campfire RP'er. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Paladins, Bastion, United Nations (As a W.H.O member), and some other dynamics and groups I can't remember names. Best way to contact you: Shoot me a PM, or poke me in TS3. Backstory: It's a long one, so you might as well check it here.
  5. New Here !!!

    Welcome baby. Hope you like what you'll find 'round these forums and in game
  6. SCREENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Cities, Towns & Landmarks

    Hoping this one gets somewhere Under Protection
  7. Bring back S2 US

    Devs have said 0.63 is only coming Early 2018, so, why wait? If it's as cheap as you say, Rolle, let's just do it for the greater good. And if the BETA hits in 6 months, we might get an even bigger player increase, so just keep it for the offer. @EDIT: And by "Early 2018", I mean something like February/March or even further.
  8. Christmas Thread 2017

    Had my Christmas Tree up and ready since the end of August. You guys need to step up your game.
  9. Animation created by Derk

    I love this beyond I thought I would. Oh, if only cars had better textures in this game! Here sir, have my BeanZ!
  10. The Station: E98 [Open Recruitment]

    I like this, really. But I feel like calling people "workers" just doesn't look good. Why not just "agents"? That's all the feedback I can give right now
  11. What got all of you into DayZRP?

    In RP games, it was D&D. In DayZRP, it was good old Lewis in 2012-13, playing on the Mod server. I got so excited I bought ArmA 2 the day after, just to play on this server. Too bad he turned into a memer prick. R.I.P
  12. Character Page photo issue

    I feel like having a proper fix would do better, but anyways, I found a picture to put in place that seems to fit the character good enough. Should I mark some answer as right, or leave this post up until an actual fix is done/found?
  13. Character Page photo issue

    It seems like I can't delete my second character photo. You can find the character in question here. I tried changing the photo, switching places with the first one, etc... But it just looks like the second photo won't vanish, not mattering what image it is.
  14. Greed [Open]

    *David reaches out for his radio, and you immediately notice his Italian accent. He presses the transmission button, and te first thing you hear is birds singing in the background* "Eh, I see what you sayin' kiddo. Some call it 'the greater good' and all that, and I myself believe in it, but these dumb asses out 'ere won't get your point even it were in their faces. But trust me, some might still understand your side, and stick to your idea. You're doin' good, which is something that people need to do more in this country. Keep on it." *His voice would cease, as he removed the thumb from the button, leading the frequency back to slight static*
  15. A literal white-board the size of my torso
  16. Character Page photo issue

    I'm trying to fix it. Tried upload different images and deleting them, thinking that "maybe", the image itself was bugged, but didn't work out. It seems like it's a site issue, as @Clumsy pointed out. It doesn't matter which image I use on the "Second Photo" slot, if I try to delete it, it stays.
  17. Character Page photo issue

    That's the thing, I'm actually trying to remove it, so there's only one photo, because I can't find another good enough image of the actor that fits the character theme. But the god damn image just won't disappear. Is there any chance you, or another admin/moderator can just take it off from there?
  18. Character Page photo issue

    That's a negative:
  19. Character Page photo issue

    Calling in @Rolle to post his POV.
  20. Character Page photo issue

    I cleared it down, and tried once again, but it didn't seem to work. I also noticed this: The weight is 0 bytes? I'm confused and concerned Also, answering your question: Yes, I'm using the "Edit Character Page" interface to do so.
  21. David Gallo

    [Heavy W.I.P] David was always a fan of mathematics. He joined the college, graduating, and receiving a bachelor's degree in accounting. He worked on public accounting for several years, until he was 25. One day, his brother, Francesco, returned to the city seeking for David. Francesco worked with mobsters since their parents died when David was 20 years old, getting himself reputation and money to sustain his younger brother. When the opportunity came, he dragged his brother in his job, which was being a "Fixer", the middle-man that arranges meetings, contracts, exchanges, etc... They were both successful for few years, until one day, a job required their presence in Chernarus. A group of militia fighting the Chernarussian Mafia asked for several weapons and devices to "use" on said mobsters. Francesco had a hard bias against Chernarus's mafia, and thought it would be a good agreement. The weapons were smuggled one day before the brothers reached the country, as they arranged a meeting in some dark alleyway in the big city of Novigrad. After the trade occurred smoothly, both groups returned home, one with guns, the other with fresh cash payed in american dollars. The next connection flight to the USA was one week ahead, so they had to wait. Unfortunately for them, the Chernarussian Mafia knew about the deal, and struck them down with a raid on their apartment. Both brothers managed to escape, injuring several goons. They proceeded to wander with their head low around town, evading any hotposts for the mafia, and surviving the search. As they thought that safety was at hand, the outbreak started. Several notices and stories warned them to find shelter, but nowhere was safe. Their plan was to get a car, and flee somewhere, continuing to survive the next months together. As family should.
  22. Heading off to the capital today, to do my tests for med school.

    It will certainly be fun, I suppose

  23. I can confirm this. I asked the man in yellow what was going on when they restrained me inside the church, and he said that the OP "started picking on him because he cursed". As to this, I'm not quite sure. Some of them were wearing white armbands, others orange, some weren't at all. Confusion also got to me, and the fact that so many people were running in and off the church just made it even worse. I don't know how bad it was inside, since the doors were closed the whole time, but the outside was just as filled with people.
  24. I was around the place, and was previously with Allen and Bradley. I don't quite know what happened to be honest. They were all inside the church, yelling and talking about someone doing something, and I'm talking about both sides. Problem is, there was so many people involved, I don't even know who's on which side. The OP and Allen came with a group, including me, into Stary Sobor to talk to other and generally have fun. Turns out a bunch of people showed up and it became a big mess of people yelling, someone was playing music out loud and didn't stop until he got threatened to stop. My sole reaction was to step away, and stand under a bus-stop to protect myself from the rain. I just someone scream "Hands up", and suddenly a bunch of shots. When I stood up to see what was going on (I didn't think people were dying, since they were shooting at random before), and someone with a white armband comes up to me, telling to put my hands up and all, and proceed to escort me to the church, with about 6 other hostages. They do some good RP, separate the mass amount of people in two groups (I'm part of the group of hostages that stood in the church), make us yell some things at someone recording us, and don't really take our stuff at all. Not too much to add after that, other than the fact that it all just seemed a little pointless / random.