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  1. Finished the title art for the group idea topic, although it's kinda bad.


    1. Pontiff


      I like the art. Not the most original name ever but we both know it's not what makes a group great or not.

    2. Rogério SkyLab

      Rogério SkyLab

      I make my names out of context. If the name is "The Lost Brotherhood", it's because some people found themselves and decided to form a group with a name for themselves.

      Now, as it is the apocalypse, there isn't much when it comes to creativity, so they might as well pick something rustic and straight forward.

      I just imagine that's how it would have worked if it were real life :D

    3. Pontiff


      I don't think anybody realizes that, besides music band, company, association and NGO nobody ever picks a group name and displays it proudly to however passes by. x)

      You don't go around with your friends with stated ranks and a group name. :P

    4. Rogério SkyLab

      Rogério SkyLab

      Pretty much that.

      You got the idea :)