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  1. The DayZRP City Hold cycle:

    >Group announces a city being strongholded by them;

    >People go there to get the RP they've been waiting for;

    >Bad people go there to get the RP they've been waiting for;

    >IC Fights ensue inside the city;

    >Main group kicks people's butt off;

    >People return with their group, trying to fuck over with the city holders;

    >Reports happen;

    >More bad people and less good people in-town;

    >Rumors say that there are some shit happening at said town, and people should not go there;

    >People don't go there because of rumors;

    >City dies.

    (I'm truly hoping Gorka doesn't finish like this)


    1. Pontiff


      You can't break the cycle.

      We need more small settlements far apart, a big town can't hold it's own on a 60 person server. Once we have 100+ servers, maybe we can have a working hub.

    2. Western

      fucking true mate