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  1. But then it comes: How would the infection not be spreading out? Where would those zombies be coming from? How would the virus be transmitted, and why Chernarus? And still, I don't think that having this would actually make "a lot more opportunities" for role-play. Everyone would know what was going on outside the border, most of these bad asses military groups that exist today, wouldn't even exist, since there would be no reason for them not to try and cross the guarded border other then a few militarized guards. We've all seen what a massive infestation can do in most zombie apocalypse movies out there, and most of that is realistic. Fast running infected, so many that can actually tear down a whole blockade of cars if they go in hordes. I just don't think it would work at all as an entertaining mean of gathering new RP. Of course, some new possibilities would appear, but what about the rest? The ones that don't involve generic stories such as: "I'm a soldier that fought here", "I'm a survivor that came from the plane/ship/helicrash", "I came here as a vonlunteer", "I came here seeking refuge". I would certainly open the role-play for some new ideas, but it wouldn't be as open as it already is, since you can do all of those mentioned with the current lore. I don't know man, it's weird to imagine it in action. Maybe I'm too much of an 'old-schooler' to get it
  2. No no, what I said was: Civilian people are fixing and taking on helicopters because they can. If they have a military helicopter, why wouldn't they have military gear to drop with them And after all, a big ass quarantine just in Chernarus wouldn't really be fun, and wouldn't allow too many people to make different stories for their characters, unfortunately
  3. That ending tho. THAT FREAKING ENDING! It got me going like:
  4. What is love;

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      Baby don't hurt me.

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      Don't hurt me, no more.

    3. Rogério SkyLab
  5. Guys, we need this ASAP! I remember that people used to make drafts in the old website, and it was very helpful whenever I used it. Yes, Word and Google Docs can help, but sometimes it just isn't good enough. Giving the fact that some posts might have a long text, with colored parts and all that kind of stuff (Such as Stories, Events and Radio Chatter), Word and Google Doc won't help you with those. I think it might come a little hard to implement, so I understand that it might take a while, but we really could use it these days!
  6. -snip- It's not a matter of rules. Yes, people should think and play a little bit more realistically, but as @Emerald Knight said, it would end up in mass KoS and RDM at all sides, and if we keep adding more and more rules, it will just become stale RP, with template phrases for every encounter. What we should do, is emphasize just a little bit more into the Role-Play perspective. Most people just miss out on potentially great encounters because they rather avoid RP and talk to their friends OOCly in TS3! That's not an issue at all, but it's bothers people when they are playing by themselves. Seeing that men running from you whilst you haven't met a single person in the whole day feels really bad. Now, I just think that we could definitely change the way we play to a slightly less violent one. Some more love put into RP should do it quite nicely. It doesn't need to be amazing emotional RP, like @The Traveler puts up, but it doesn't need to be that blank and repetitive way to RPing that some members do. We just need to put a little bit more effort into general RP to improve it's quality. I might have gotten a little out of topic here, but I like what I wrote. You guys take your conclusions!
  7. I have this weird explanation for some heli-crashes that I wrote down a few weeks ago when I was making the text scaffold for The Rats of Chernarus. They used steal military gear from camps and outposts, most of these being stationary turrets and armored vehicles. When they found out that some random people were actually using helicopters to leave and enter Chernarus at their will, they decided to shoot them down whenever they felt like it, just because they can. That's for the NATO helicopters, however. As to the Russian ones, I usually suppose it's just an old piece of garbage that was taken down years back, and it was just waiting for some scrappers to come by and harvest all the metal. That's my personal take on it, and I don't talk about it that often in-game, but I wanted to have an explanation for some stuff, since it comes in RP sometimes, and it's always good to have a story to tell about the things you talk about.
  8. I have this bad ass idea for an past event that happened when Novigrad was being invaded, but I can't write it due to Lore restrictions. God dammit!!

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  9. *Raffe takes the radio to his mouth, taking a heavy breath before continuing. There was a tone of sadness on his voice, but he still remained serious trough the whole transmission* "I almost lost a good friend yesterday because of these sick fucks that thought it would be a good idea to attack the island. This isn't a matter to be played with. Although I get what Miller said, and I agree with him, I understand you people have been trough a lot of shit, and are trying to take a rest from the past two years. But I also get that fleeing from the enemy force and hiding whilst we try to help the ones that complied isn't really the thing to do." "I know fear is something that exists, and many people suffer from it, but giving up on people is a selfish move. Specially if they are your friends. And that's why we fought them back, because we consider the most of you as our friends, and I'm speaking for Miller when I say this. Both sides suffered losses, yes, but we are still standing on the firm ground of this island, protecting it so others can hopefully live a life of peace and prosperity until some shit like a bomb drops on top of our heads and kill us all." "Now, about the ones that attacked us... I personally don't know who the hell they are and what the fuck they want. Attacking out of nowhere with no reason and shooting a child is disgusting, even for the worse psychopath. Step up your game, you mongols. Don't try to take down the only place where humanity is actually somewhat stable, and return to your wasteland, where you can kill as many people as you want to." "I've said it already. I like the people that live here, and I'll protect them alongside the ones that stand beside me. If you idiots really do want to survive, never come back." *He would take his thumb out of the transmission button, putting the radio on the table, as he looked outside the window, inspecting the view from up the castle*
  10. @Mr.Panda learning how to Internal RP. Good job with that, I loved it! Thanks to all the other people that were in the Nový camp as well.
  11. Holy fuck, what did I miss?


  12. I mean, I'll leave this here: Yes, people who run into ACTIVE firefights are guilty of NVFL. Now, if there has been a firefight about 10 minutes ago, and I don't hear any shots ever since it, I'll go towards it's direction. You see, RP isn't as easy to find as it should be in most scenarios, so I'll take what I can get. If I get killed for trying to find some RP, that will be fucked up, since my protocol is to go in with no weapons on hands, and slowly walking down the road. If someone sees me like that, and decides it would be funny to kill me and report for NVFL, that would be wrong, don't you think?
  13. Always a pleasure, mate!
  14. *You would hear the crackle of wood burning in the background, as Raffe's voice casually came along with the transmission* "Alrighty then, gentlemen. It doesn't seems like there was much that happened here other than a few shots at infected. If someone did shoot somebody yesterday, it wasn't us. Not that I know of." "There is nothing "shady" going on here. You take your own conclusions, but everything here is fine." *He would let go of the button, as the frequency went back into static*
  15. *Raffe would raise his radio to his mouth, as he finished listening to the people talking. He would press the transmission button with his thumb when he started talking. You would be able to hear heavy wind on the background, and people talking in the background* "I'm afraid to say that it might have been one of us, as far as I know. I am not currently present on the island, but I know some of the people we currently work with are there. So unless something out of my knowledge is going on, everything should be alright." "If there has actually been multiple shots for a few seconds, it just might be infected that live on the island or that come from off-shore, but if there has been multiple sequences of shots as time passed, something else might be going on. I'll try my best to get in touch with the people living there to get an explanation as to what's going on, but I won't be able to do much more than that for now." "I don't have time to go into details, but keep calm, and don't get onto the island until further notice. It might not be healthy for any of ya." *He would end his transmission, briefly after taking a deep breath and frowning on the facts he just heard. He would quickly dial another frequency on his radio as he grabbed his rifle from the desk*