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    That's what I call content
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  3. Sorry that I've wasted all my BeanZ already, but here, have a cat for that post: Kimmy just said everything I've tried to explain but in a easier way. Just listen to these wise words.
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    Lets fuccing go boys

  5. Just to clarify, I'm not picking on your group. Honestly, I should be the last person to criticize you, since I haven't even seen you IG yet. I'm just taking what people said in consideration and making up something over it. If I'm wrong, my apologies, but the fact that people can't simply rise against you is true. Three main things are major obstacles: Rules, FPS and the fact that you are simply PvP gods. If you are indeed trying to help the general RP, props to you, keep on it, but never settle. Don't even think that "oh, this is fine. We'll stick to it" idea, and stop evolving your group and characters. Role-play must have constant change, otherwise it gets boring, as we see right now. I acknowledge that I'm a campfire rp nerd, and I can't do much against your skills, but everything I've said in this thread has not been intended to be hostile towards anyone or any group. I'm trying to offer suggestions and ways for us to improve. I know most of these won't work in your views, because of many reasons, but that's how I brainstorm. Just throw a bunch of ideas on the table, and you guys can pick and choose which one is good and which one should be shot and thrown over the window. I'm just trying to help here. Last thing I want is to get into a conflict with someone, since that wouldn't get us anywhere. I love DayZRP and want it to go forwards, but not at the cost of more role-players like in the past. Instead of us working so hard into trying to defy the fellow members and their words, why don't we join and try to find a common solution and apply it to the server?
  6. Anarchy are, by what I see, the kings of the hill right now, so they might as well do something other than meetups. I see that you are trying to regulate whatever is going on around the area you own, but as far as I've read, it isn't working, so just try something new. Maybe you calm down and stop being hostile and be friendly to the traders in order to get more sweet dank deals? Or perhaps you get angrier and just destroy all relations, proving that you have total control over South Zagoria. Many things can spawn out of your group, you just need to start it. There's no point in raising a militia to fight against a group of people that will just dome you on the spot. I can't fight because my computer won't let me, even if my skills to go full on FPS were the same as when I was 13, I would not be able to go PvP with you. Even if all stars aligned, and I was suddenly able to raise a big ass group to fight you, it would just be PvP again, and the whole concept behind talking things out would vanish away. And tell me, after destroying the opposing force, what would you do? Go back to Lopatino and sit around again? Make sure that no civilian is ever armed, bringing another wave of rebellion, followed by another, and another, until your killstreaks are so high you could be Chuck Norris's son? This staleness isn't a product of lack of hostile behavior directly, but a lack of ideas from our colective minds to end it. We don't need people with guns shoot each other, as weirder as it sounds, we need people with guns threatening to shoot each other. That's the role-play experience. The threat of a war that wouldn't benefit anyone. We ought to have a cold war, otherwise things will just keep on being boring. I'm guessing people just aren't afraid to go PvP by one of two reasons: Full confidence in their skills or the lack of fear for death, since they'll just respawn, grab some gear from the enormous amounts of stashes away M4s, and go back to the fight. In the end, everything we need is tension, and that's precisely what's lacking. @The Traveler brings a great point when it comes to Plot Hooks. Everyone can do those. Every single one of y'all can help with these. If the LMs join in, oh god what a blessing it would be.
  7. Every single time I came back to DayZRP I tried something different. Would it be some sort of video series to spice things up, a new type of character, or even some small scale event to draw out people's attention, but it seemed like gave a single shit about these ideas. It could be for a various array of reasons: Me not having a colored name, me not having enough friends to upvote my idea, the idea itself being bad, etc... But I can assure you, I put a lot of hours behind these ideas and creations of mine, so I guarantee you it's not because of quality. I've done my part more than enough times to try and make things different. I've done groups, joined events, participated on meetings, gave my opinions and suggestions on the forums, and even shared the DayZRP experience with other players, including my own country's DayZ community, which started a server of it's own. So the last thing one can say about me is that I haven't done shit to try and fix the situations we have seen over and over on this server. However, I can't do miracles. I can't force people to enjoy what I suggest, or support what I make. I hoped for that, but found out people didn't care. Even now I'm trying to do something else. As said before, I'm planning a small scaled event, since I won't be around for more than a month, to try and do something around the place, and liven up the server while I still can try, but if y'all don't want to help and prefer being passive-agressive on the forums about a real problem, I can't do jack shit.
  8. I wasn't being hostile, or referring to anyone. These were simple examples, nothing more. Cool, so we have a few events. That's nice, if you ask me, but we could have a lot more. It's not a recent thing that many players suggest new ideas constantly, only to be overlooked by others. Back before-wipe, I saw tons of new event ideas from some friends of mine, alongside many event ideas from people I didn't even know. I always tried my best cheer it up, to see if anyone would help them, but then again, people just don't seem to care that much when its a whitename that doesn't know many people. Anyway, let up remind ourselves that, even though I might have gone to the wrong place at the wrong time, and based off this topic on it, it doesn't mean that the idea behind it is wrong. RP is stale some time, if not most of the time, so lets do the following: Instead of constantly reminding me that I should've came in another time, or did this or that, let us address the larger issue I pointed that is the lack of interesting things to do overall, and how to spice things up, even if just a little bit. I admit my mistake of judging things too early, but now seeing that this is an active issue even then, we should try and solve it, no? As said by many people, hostile RP got fucked up by the amount of rules and etc... I was a huge defender when it came to regulating the ridiculous amount of hostile rp, because what I found out is that their RP, or at least the one I was having, was pretty much kidnap > move to somewhere > ask questions > take some stuff > leave some stuff > mark you for some reason > leave > repeat. Hell, my character got through it twice after-wipe, and it was just the same thing. But now I see that EVEN THAT would be more entertaining. Sure, we have one, two or even three hostile groups on the server, but then again, how many of them are actively hostile? How many of then constantly bring fear to the community, instead of simply anger or even cringe? And just as a reminder, people shouldn't be scared to lose their gear, but to lose their life, so work around that. I've seen the new group idea that would be kinda working like SVR and ZBOR, disarming people of their military grade weapons, and giving then civilian ones. I find that rather interesting, and would love such a thing. It's not, as I said, fear for life, but the fact that a bunch of slavic men just came out of the woods with their guns up would scare the balls out of me. Eventually, they would become a huge nuisance for people, so their would gather on and fight them (They should at least). If that's not a interesting concept, I don't know what is. I just feel like the community as a whole needs to be more proactive. I personally can't do much because I only have, what? One month since I have to ditch out again? So there's no point in starting something I can't finish, although I am thinking of a smaller scale event, and trying to get it to work on my mind. But it worries me that it might just be ignored, again. And now, a friendly reminder, just in case: Let's keep this thread family friendly so it doesn't get locked or removed.
  9. I did get in game for few hours, but out of the time I spent looking for people, I only met these players. Seemed like the other ones I found on the road weren't keen on having a conversation, so they just kept running leaving me unanswered. And as stated, I'm not saying everyone's suffering from this, nor am I saying that everyone's causing this, but everyone can help to solve. That's the main point of the thread. I did play earlier, and didn't get much as well. I'll check back in this weekend and see if this is still running. If not, I'll admit my mistake, but the message is still right. As I said to Taryn, the point of that wall of text is for the people to help solve this problem I wasn't the one calling everything boring. Guess I should add quote marks on the title for this confusion not to happen again. And I'm pretty sure I had plenty of people in the city to make this analysis. Once again, I haven't and won't assume that every single time of the day is like this, but this serves as a call-out for people to help bump things up when it is. Back few months ago, I was complaining about the massive scale of hostile rp, and how ridiculous it was for people not in groups to enjoy role-playing, since everyone was just running away from the bad guys in the most secluded places of all, but I never asked for the server to have what? One group that is actively hostile to players? I loved when we had the entire ZBOR vs Chedaki cheese going on before-wipe, alongside the Masquerade doing their stuff aswell. Problem isn't the amount of hostile rp, but the quality of it. However, that was the main problem after the wipe, so there is some meaning behind the entire "lack of hostilities" after all. Back then (Before-wipe) I did invest a lot of time on a group to oppose the entire "banditry" stuff, but it never got 'up there' due to the lack of support from other members. I've done my part by being part of the UN aswell, for a long time. When I got my new PC I also made a 'bad-guy' character, something I had not done after we switched to Standalone for a long time, but I can't really fight with this other computer I'm using, so what's the point of being hostile if I can't join firefights at all? I know there are multiple types of ways to role-play with a hostile behavior, but when I tried it, nobody seemed to give a damn. Why would they now, when we have even less support? Also, let's not forget this is not a hate thread gentleman. I'm not shit-talking others, nor am I saying that the community is bad in any way. I'm hinting out ways to help with this stagnant role-play, in the hopes you can help me develop the idea. I can't do miracles, nor do I have 24 hours to play the game like some people seem to have, but I'm giving my thoughts the way I can in order to try and move from this bad stage we are right now with role-playing overall. I'm also not standing tall with pride saying "I'm always right". No. I'm open to ideas, and I might be wrong about a lot of things, but nobody can deny that this is happening as we speak, and it will continue happening, even if at small scale, after this thread is done for. It rests upon us to try and help it or not.
  10. I recently got into the server again, and noticed people going straight to Lopatino to find RP and all that juicy stuff, but when I got there, everything I get is people just sitting, not talking at all, and some random ass meme-ing from time to time. Not to mention the randos shooting their guns a few hundred meters off the city, which makes everyone panic for at most 10 seconds, and then return to normal stance. So uhhhhhhh... what are you gonna do? Y'all find it boring to stay around looking at each other, yelling "I WANT TO TRADE THIS" or just simply scavenging for better gear that isn't really gonna solve the "boring" issue. That's what you find useful for the ending of this problem? I've read in some thread that everything people do in Lopatino is sit around and sing kumbaya, but I haven't even seen that. Of course, everything I'm going to say doesn't apply to everyone, but it sure as hell applies to a load of people: I tried to talk with some of the people in the city (There was about 8 players there), and he was very nice. We talked a little, got a small trade going, I hinted on the recent attack to the settlement and he talked with me about it. Nice stuff. Then I moved to the center of town, where pretty much total silence was to be found. I tried talking to two guys who were standing there, and they didn't even respond. One person was 'trying' to RP, but most of the conversations ended with him saying "Yeah...". The "Oh, what's your name?", "What you doing today?", and all that cheesiness of the good old Campfire RP are just missing. You can't head into a trading post, where people trade and talk, and not expect to Campfire RP. That's why it's fucking boring, because people don't talk. There are multiple reasons for that: Paying too much attention to TS3, not giving a fuck about other people's stories, being a jackass in general, etc... So we can't just fix it. But I'd guess people can at least try to, well, you know, role-play every now and then, instead of sitting on a random corner and screaming "IT'S SO BORING OUT HERE" every ten god damn seconds. If you're too immersed on your TS3 conversation, just mute it or leave the game, because your character standing there, static, staring into the abyss, isn't adding to the general role-play. If you're so egocentric to the point that you only care about your own character development, then you shouldn't be playing RP after all. Other people's stories matter. You're not the main character of DayZRP's Lore, and there's a big chance you'll never be, so step down a little and start treating others like actual characters, not just NPCs. And if you're a jackass, just stop it. Honestly, I couldn't care less if you like or dislike what this essay of mine had to say, but the behavior I've seen is truly saddening. There's no point in criticizing the server for being boring if everything you do all day is loot, complain and shitpost. If you're not looking for a solution, or suggesting a way to make things better, you don't have the right to talk shit about the community or the server. That's not how criticism and feedback works. Pretty much that, folks. I would suggest that large groups staged more player-made events, more hostile-ish groups would be made, and new takes on the aspect of a group would be tried (Such as scrappers, mad-max style), but it seems that everything that I suggest just goes unnoticed, so I'll leave it to the big and colored names. Have a good one!
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    "You mind shutting up so I can do my thing?"
  12. "So, I uh... Ran into some trouble, sorry. I can explain it later, long story. Mind postponing our meeting to somewhere later today?"
  13. "Yeah, good enough it seems. Might take some time tho, think there's some people here. Gonna go talk to 'em. Give me uh.... One hour? I'll be there."
  14. "Uh... Right about Vybor or something? Yeah, Vybor. Almost there."
  15. *The radio would burst again with Helden's voice* "Yeah, sure. You can set a place. I believe I'm somewhere north. Gimme a name and I'll go." *He releases the button*