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  1. Here, have some beanz for the nostalgia trip Have a good stay brother, and I do hope you can take the most out of it. Do grab your friends, and please, do make a group! But I would recommend taking a feel for the server beforehand, just so you get what's been going on for the past few weeks or so ?
  2. *Helden would take his radio from the belt, holding it close to his mouth* "Now, it depends. I've had my fair share of being captured, mugged, or whatever. I was indeed looking for an acquaintance of mine called Dr. Rhodes, in order to research this virus properly, but he doesn't seems... 'Reachable'. Anyway, I would need some more details about you, and what you have in mind, before any meeting happens." "Once again, sorry, but trust-issues are something I can't just go over." *His hand would take the radio down, back to the small holster, as he kept on pacing trough the field*
  3. Rogério SkyLab

    Thunder Road Race | Mini IC Event

    I vote for someone to have an IC Radio that plays Country Roads, and Country Roads only, trough the entirety of the race
  4. *Helden would reach high for his notebook as he carefully read the words one more time, before holding down his radio's PTT button and speak loudly* "Hello my fellows. Name's Dr. Helden, and I have been working on researching this disease that has spread all around us. Pretty sure everyone listening knows what I'm talking about. Anyway, no small talk, I spent the last days searching for sick people to examine the symptoms and try to diagnose whatever it is they have. Without the proper equipment, all I can surely say it that it's probably some sort of viral infection, nothing to do with the Z Virus itself, that is mostly known to be infectious by drinking out of infected water and infected humans and even animals in one case I found, although I'm not certainly sure about the latter. If worried, burn the meat before eating. Anyway, symptoms include the infamous sneezing and coughing, in some cases, blood, but I think that these cases in specific must have secondary causes since no other patients had such an aggressive pathology." "Although I first thought it might have been another cholera spread after hearing about the infected water, the observed symptoms and the lack lack of antibiotic effect got me worried for a moment. The the use of codeine and ibuprofen, alongside a few other anti inflammatory and anti allergic medications have proved to be little efficient into helping to restrain the pathology, although in some cases it worked to some extent. I must remember that large quantities of said medications, not just might, but will, kill you. In conclusion, it has proven to be a rather intriguing disease that, I cannot diagnose easily, but would classify as to being close to a cold, or a flu, as many others have said." "Standard procedure is to stay outside, drawing in fresh air, as being stuck inside a building won't help since the closed ambient will only help you re-infect yourself. Get yourself hydrated most importantly, after that, fed correctly, and after that, stay away from sick people, as they might re-contaminate you. Being sick myself, I spent the last day working on my thoughts about this, and i have been way better now, after being secluded, than I was yesterday. You should be better after this course of action, and by any means, this disease won't kill you if you stay out high-stress situations and other diseases." "Thanks for listening, and I hope this helps. Thank you for all that talked to me and helped me get to this. Won't quote any names since I don't know who hates or loves you, and it's better for all of us if we keep everyone's profile down in the name of privacy. Have a good one, to you all. Stay safe." *The radio would quickly quiet down after the last words, as he took his thumb off from the button, taking in a fresh breath of new air, and closing his notebook.*
  5. Rogério SkyLab

    Require Immediate Assistance - Lore Event

    *Helden would quickly reach for his radio* "Is there any need for medical assistance?" *Small pause ensues as he thinks for a single second before coming to an obvious conclusion* "If there isn't, there might be. But of course. I'm on my way" *He let's go of the button*
  6. Rogério SkyLab

    What IS power gaming exactly?

    As an old standard, power-gaming usually stands for when you do something that has irreversible consequences on someone, that will affect their way of playing, without proper consent. Torturing, waterboarding, leaving scars, won't really affect their gameplay, whilst taking a finger/hand/whole-fucking-arm will Doing the latter without consent would caracterize power-gaming, and consequently, a rule break
  7. Rogério SkyLab

    So.. can we ice sick people now?

    Fuck me, you do have a point I mean that's rule-play, a bannable offense, so it shouldn't happen, but it does. Too many trigger happy people rolling around, and it speaks more for them then the actual question at hand Main course of action is to tweak. If not tweakable, remove. Not really keen into trying to be a doctor around sick people that gets infected by a touch/air transmissible disease even whilst wearing disinfected gloves and mask
  8. Rogério SkyLab

    A bridge to prison island

    Oh the memories
  9. Rogério SkyLab

    So.. can we ice sick people now?

    If you properly initiate on them, as in every other situation, yes You can bet on it
  10. Rogério SkyLab

    Turn off Sickness until fixed

    I got too overconfident on the game mechanics and went next to a sick guy whilst trying to help him. We both were using masks, but still, he infected me. Oh well, the irony
  11. *Helden would reach for his radio in a hurry* "Find these men some clean water. Codeine should help him bear the pain, if that's what he's feeling. In all cases, keep him hydrated and get him some anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine drugs. You might find some of it in the local clinic, or in the bag of anyone around you. Should help his body recover if it's just a common cold or a simple flu." "Wear masks if you're getting to close to him, and do NOT touch his skin without hand protection, since it might have some of the antigen due to coughing, and it might infect you aswell." "Should they turn out to be infected the the virus... Run." *He would turn off his radio, taking a huge sigh, and turning to his way again*
  12. Rogério SkyLab

    The Facts About DayZ .63

    That's what I call content
  13. Rogério SkyLab

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    GO BRAZIL #ACopaÉNossa #100%Jesus #Hexa
  14. Sorry that I've wasted all my BeanZ already, but here, have a cat for that post: Kimmy just said everything I've tried to explain but in a easier way. Just listen to these wise words.
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