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  1. Former French Foreign Legion soldier. Murray didn't have the easiest of upbringings, given his working class and poverty stricken background. Dabbling in and out of jobs and prison from a young age, he eventually found himself at a crossroads in life. Having heard about the FFL, he got caught up in the romance of it all and signed himself off. Serving 6 years, including tours in Algeria and Cote D'Ivoire, Murray made friends with many comrades from all four corners of the globe. After finishing his service and gaining his French citizenship in turn, he travelled Eastern Europe with some old comrades of his before the outbreak.
  2. RIP to one of the sexiest fellas this planets seen.
  3. Reposting as the second half of my post was a genuine point made. Blanked out all the silliness.
  4. -User was warned for this post-
  5. ITT: Commonwealth argue with Yanks over fried chicken.
  6. Shanghai. I don't even like cats.
  7. It's a frigging chicken burger. If it was on bread and not a bun, then it's a sandwich.
  8. Top post mate. As someone stated, I do feel that the quality of roleplay and removal of "chill" roleplay is mostly down to the player, however the game mechanics do play a part as unfortunately as well as OOC knowledge of the rules. We can't trust everyone to truly immerse themselves into character and step above this ruleplaying, be it that people choose to exploit it for gain or they're just not experienced enough roleplayers to even realise they're doing it.
  9. This, this, this. Yes it's a videogame. But surely the whole point of roleplay is to immerse yourself in character and behave how said character would behave without the OOC knowledge that they're in a videogame?
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