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  1. I'm sorry but this is no plaice for such a ridiculous looking cod, sorry I mean mod.
  2. Think 28 days later. Not George Romano.
  3. Firefights were infinitely better on the mod than standalone. Now its just hipfire drum mag run and gun rush B blyat.
  4. Hey Glass. Settle down. On a more serious note. What makes you think the Lore groups haven't been progressing the lore? I feel a lot of the complaints on the forum stem from players not getting the attention they so require in game enough. We literally had a guy say "RF never leave base, they bad" switch to "I've been at RF base for 3 days now. No one here to RP". I'm struggling to see what your actual complaint is here though? Beyond "give us a civilian lore faction." Why not create one and discuss it with the LM team? All this bollocks about Lore Masters and Lore groups creating the world for the players to "react" to is pleb level roleplay excuses. Any good roleplayer creates their own stories as well as reacting. They drive their own plots without expecting others to do it for them. If you want to react and be a bystander. Thats fine. Just don't moan about not getting the drive you want or load forum posts with RANDOM capitalised words and claim you're NOT being hostile or angry. In short. Don't wait for handouts. Get up off your arse and do it yourself. Make that story happen. The LM team are there to help you get your engine started and running smoothly, they're not there to drive you whilst you nap in the backseat.
  5. I could name a dozen non-lore factions that never fell dead in the water without backing.
  6. You're all filthy casuals. You'll be asking for a pistol or backpacks next. It's a big -1 from me.
  7. I feel this is what RAC's Vybor issue was. Any "hub" becomes a centre for clowns. We saw it with Soup Kitchen, we saw it with RAC's Vybor base. If you don't go hardline, you get those things, if you do go hardline (like you guys did) people just leave. Hubs are the absolute worst in this community, simply because the average player can't be trusted to turn into a buffoon when given an audience.
  8. Word to the street man. This game that some people pay monthly for is broke as fuck but we make do and enjoy it. People will always complain and not everyone can be happy, I of all people know that. But ultimately its just a game and the game here is meant to be fun for everyone. If it ain't, don't play!
  9. That sounds like an IC problem fam. Make contact. Get it done. Less salt on the forums, more peppery RP in the game. I look forward to RAC getting a huge influx of civilian support and the potential storyline it can create.
  10. You could perhaps pop in, its been over a year since you last played. Maybe things might be different now? Just a thought lad.
  11. Might be waiting quite a while there bud.
  12. This can be justified though, its not as black and white as saying "gear rp". I've encountered a number of non-Chernarussian civilians or off duty military personnel in game and whilst I don't straight up go "drop gear and go away" I'll ask why a civilian is walking around the/my (characters) country with three kalashnikovs. I've even in the last few encounters with a few on the NWAF, allowed them to keep their weapons (despite giving them a stern telling off or questioning) but made it clear that they shouldn't be carrying around such things and that they should not get seen by me or my men again with such arms. Given the current climate, yes non Lore Faction members may be ushered towards a Civilian RP style (though you can be creative), theres no excuse in my characters eyes to see Brad America running around Vybor with a small arsenal of weapons on him. I honestly can't be the only one who thinks OOCly and ICly it looks ridiculous that non-combatants/civilians running around with military weapons, helmets, ghillie suits, chest plates look absolutely ridiculous. If you roll up to me looking like that, expect a reaction. Alas, I presume you, like many, many many many MANY people in this community completely forget that the area we play in, South Zagoria, is but a fraction of the country of Chernarus. Its the hillbilly countryside region that borders Russia. Its not the capital city which is hundreds of miles to the south west. Don't expect RAC government to be operating in South Zagoria, they're likely having their hands full in Novigrad. Think of Chernarus as Modern day Ukraine or Georgia and the area/map we play in as the Crimea/South Ossetia, not Kiev and Tbilisi.
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