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  1. @Simatho Dude your roleplay was absolutely glorious and made my day. Keep it up and hope to see you again in-game.
  2. Roleplay, not ruleplay buddy. "Hello do you have a moment to talk about Jesus" isn't good enough in my opinion, and also actively avoiding roleplaying, such as running away from someone who has been aggressive with you and has weapons out, kind of removes the ability for them to initiate when you just run out of voice distance so idk what you want me to say here. Please post your POV. Tbh you weren't even involved in this situation, no clue how you knew any of this was even going on because the first time I ever even knew of your existence is in the video.
  3. Server and location: S1 - Outside Pushtoshka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4/28/2019 - 2:53 Your in game name: Frank Walker Names of allies involved: George Walker Name of suspect/s: No Clue Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 1 Enemy Vehicle Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: George Walker and I were roleplaying with a gentleman inside of Pushtoshka. My friend dropped his mask on the ground for a second and this guy decided to pick it up so we roleplayed being upset but then got momentarily distracted (our characters are psychopaths and become easily distracted) so we asked him to follow us. This being said we had weapons out and were absolutely pissed that he wouldn't give us the mask back even though we asked him multiple times. As we asked him to follow us he said okay, and when we turned to go where we were gonna show him something, he decided it was well within value for life to just book it in the other direction. So we fired a few warning shots to get him to stop which he never did. So we chased after him and continued to shoot until eventually, and mind you we only lost sight of him for about thirty seconds to which he was in the middle of a field alone, when I started to catch up to him, easily 800m outside of town, his friend, who had yet to interact with anyone. Rolled up in a car and shot me, the only words being stated by him were, "do you have a moment to talk about jesus". What's the point of playing on a roleplay server if you're 1, not going to roleplay with the people you come across, and 2, metagame so that you don't die, because now and even though I don't particularly care about what gear I have, all the time I just spent gathering it was wasted and quite frankly it just ruins the point of this for me.
  4. George and Frank were born on 11-14-1993 in Kansas City, Kansas. They were normal children for the most part, until something changed their lives forever at a young age. During a family cookout when their family was outside entertaining close relatives, George and Frank, not knowing any better, turned on the stove in their kitchen, to which there were a few boxes of pizza sitting on top, which quickly caught fire. Then setting the rest of the house ablaze. In an attempt to save their children, George and Frank’s parents ran inside to find them. Making their way through the house frantically. Eventually they found their children and immediately covered their faces with blankets to stop them from being burned as much as possible and to reduce smoke inhalation. Almost making it to the exit with their beloved children their parents fell unconscious and eventually died from their injuries. Leaving the kids burned and orphaned at the age of 4. During their adult life George and Frank were court ordered to see therapists and psychiatrists three times a week. They were diagnosed as psychopaths with a reality disconnection disorder, basically their brains never grew up and they still see the world in an immature way. After a few violent outbursts due to accidentally using poor phrasing with George and Frank they hurt more than one shrink. The last shrink they were sent to was a specialist in psychopathic disorders and had a special plan in mind for these two. Knowing that George and Frank were inseparable he decided they should be sent away together where anything they could think of wouldn’t be able to hurt a sustained society. He placed them both on a plane to a place called Chernarus, knowing that this would be the last time almost anybody saw those two again.
  5. After discussing it with the accused I would like to drop said report. There was a misunderstanding that I had about how the situation worked out and it has since been cleared up. Apologies for the inconvenience and confusion I caused.
  6. @Jasper The NVFL comes from myself drawing an automatic weapon while they just had their fists out, and after drawing my weapon they felt it was appropriate to draw their's while I was telling them to back off. I had plenty of time to shoot before they drew and apparently my weapon just didn't phase them. But yes I am happy to speak about this on discord. @Phoenix I do not know their names, I do believe @Jasper does though I can't clarify as I had just met them about two minutes before being shot. And again to elaborate on the NVFL it's the fact that they assaulted me in melee, and I drew a weapon. Then instead of actually taking into consideration I had a weapon out, and they did not, they thought it was okay to just draw their's and follow me while I was continually saying, "there's three of you, and one of me, of course I'm going to draw a weapon, fuck off".
  7. Server and location: S1 - Vybor Military Base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 3/17/2019 14:20 roughly Your in game name: John Henry Buttz Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was at the Vybor military base looting. A few players rolled up and were talking to me and then I character I had met before rolled up and with roll play I ran away from him because he had told me he has a communicable disease. His friends then hit me melee, which I'm fine with and don't see a problem. Then I continued to run and I drew a sub machine gun on three people who at this point had no weapons out. They then decided it was okay while I was aiming a UMP at them to draw their weapons and shoot me. I have recorded this situation but the audio did not come through sadly.
  8. Alvin Moorehouse was born in 1990 as an only child to his biological parents who could not afford to take care of him. He was given away at the age of 1 years old and adopted shortly after, spending no more than a couple of months in foster care. Growing up he had issues with being bullied as he is not very big. Being scrawnier he found himself fighting more with words rather than with his fists. At the age of 16 he completed high school and enrolled into law school to become an attorney. After one of his more high profile cases involving gang related activity in London he managed to win a case that landed two gang leaders in prison. The gangs themselves obviously were not happy. The men directly below who Alvin put in prison sent a group after him to deal with him once and for all. They went to his house and held a gun to his while he was duct taped to a chair. He somehow convinced them that someone would find out and investigate if they found him dead after he put their boss in jail. So instead of killing him they put him on a plane to Chernarus, and Alvin had no idea what he was about to be facing.
  9. Fantastic, thank you very much for the fast reply.
  10. I joined just a few minutes ago and in the bottom left I kept getting a message saying something along the lines of, "Error: connection to database failed, characters cannot be saved" So I disconnected and upon attempting to reconnect it says, "Kicked: Character Locked in Database" Anyone have any idea what this means?
  11. John-Henry Buttz is a former Army Military Working Dog Handler. He spent six years enlisted in the Army straight out of high school. After almost not making it out of basic training he went on to his advanced school where he learned how to train and run dogs for the Army. During his six years enlisted he went on one tour to Iraq, three tours to Afghanistan, and had two large cocaine busts in the states working alongside Dallas PD. Vader was John-Henry's third assigned MWD. The first two dogs were named Ralphie, and AK. They both died in the line of duty searching for IED's that detonated upon discovery. John-Henry served his full enlistment contract and left the Army. Using his entire military enlistment bonus and taking out a loan to purchase 20 acres of land in Dallas he then ended Vader's contract with the Army and adopted him. He is currently twenty-six years old. In his years after being enlisted he generally spends his time with Vader. They make Moonshine on his plot of land in Dallas and go bird hunting. John-Henry is an only child to his mother, Rachel Buttz age of 50, and Jeremy Buttz age of 52. He has brown hair and blue eyes and a thick southern accent. He prefers to wear casual form fitting clothes that frame his muscular body, but his daddy taught him how and when to wear a suit or tux and do it well. He is a big supporter of the constitution and America. He loves his second amendment rights and will rarely ever be caught without a firearm.
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