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  1. Marcus grew up in Newark, New Jersey. Newark is not known for being a great place for living. Throughout Marcus's early life, his family struggled with money and had to work multiple jobs to even pay rent in this small apartment they lived in. One tragic day, Marcus went off to work not knowing his mother and father was going to die that day. Marcus's parents both were tragically killed from an armed robbery gone wrong. Marcus, 19 years old, lost both of his parents at once. Marcus visited many psychologists, but nothing worked. People around him could tell that the murder of his parents unleashed something peculiar in his mind. A few weeks later, Marcus stole a car, at gunpoint ironically, and fled Newark to head down south. After reaching a small private airport, Marcus saw a cargo plane loading up with an immense amount of supplies. The airport happened to be military, but not heavily guarded. Marcus broke in and boarded the cargo portion of the airplane without the guards noticing. The travel was long, but Marcus didn't think much about it. All he wanted was to leave the world he used to live in and start something new. Little did he know, the whole world was about to restart in the wrong direction. Once the plane landed, the guards were treated to hoards of people, or what looked like people. Marcus didn't know what the guards knew. After the gunfire died down, Marcus fled the scene once again, but in a new world. After a few weeks, knowledge started to spread about the infection. People started to group together, or stay alone. That leaves us here, in 2018, where Marcus lives alone, trying to solve his dysfunctional problems as best as he can in a new world.
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