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  1. ok thanks for the help
  2. How do i make a shed?
  3. So there is anything else that can be crafted wich is not wooden crate? and might allow to keep weapons inside ?
  4. Guys there is a way to build an improvised tent? and if there is how and what is required
  5. Alright we will try looking there thanks
  6. yo guys where can my friends an i find tents or barrels ? they doesn't seem to appear any place.
  7. it's not working any more i will try
  8. doesn't seem to have the option to make a wooden crate is it something that can't be crafted at DayzRP ? If not there is an alternative for that?
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It is. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My POV: ( i'm sorry if forgotten important points but i don't remember absloutly what happend due to the fact it was a mounth ago). I was with my friend @hadzyy on the way to meet with the other guy from our team when we saw the other girl wich at first seem friendly but later my friend called me in arabic wich the language our characters talked and seem nervous first i didn't listen but later on he told me on the radio so she won't hear that he recognized the girl and thinks she killed his sister and that she might recgonzie him as well and so asked me to handcuff her so he could take a better look at her face, later on as was seen he seem conviced that indeed it was her so i had to side with him and take revenge by killing her. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: the cancelation of my temp ban. What could you have done better?: indeed i understand that my friend was powergaming and didn't had any real related sister to his character (wich i didn't know back then), and i understand i didn't pass the minimum time limit of waiting before logging off. i should've stayed at the server before logging off, i do understand it was less then 30 min but at the time didn't realized it because of my feeling of time wich felt longer and enough, i do really sorry for the "combat logging" and for sure next time will make sure i'm pass the 30 min minimum. The reason for the big delay at application is that the ban was given a day before i traveld to india with a delegation to travel and help poor areas in the himalaya, i coudn't appeal because i had for most of the time no internet connection and when i had could use only to communicate with my family and friends back home. Hope you will understand my situation.
  10. Hi, my POV: me and my friends was wandering around the map for at least an hour in order to fine a good place to make a base so we ended up finding "Pulkovo" and decided to start build it there. after couple of minutes one of my friends said in the radio he see 2 guys entering the the village so we went to his location and met those too guys who seem friendly towerds us, we spoke a little and i offerd any help by supplies (like water, food or anything else i might have to help) and one of them started shouting something and i calmed him down and explained to the other one we are just couple of people here with a secret mission wich we can't share with them because i didn't want to take any chance this guys will try to get back to this location and break into our base and suddenly another guys appeard and i asked the man i was talking to if he knows the guy and he said he didn't know but met before wich in retrospect one of their party, and because of that i believe was watching from distance and was called inside to a fight wich wasn't neccssery or justified. After that i walked away for couple of minutes checking out the area looking how going on the base building and came back to the place we met the guys still to see one of them over there i walked to him and he told me they want to make up and start over the relationship or something like it wich i didn't understand so i just asked if were good and he said yea so i figured that clearly they were friendly and there wasn't any reason to worry about those guys, after that he asked if iv'e seen any ginger guy that he was looking for so wanting them to leave the area as fast as possible i told them iv'e seen one wich i did on some road a little far frome here and even offerd help and throw to him a map and asked if he needed one but he refused and said he already have one and thanked me, so again after that i was completely sure we were on good terms, i l was leaving again to check if there was any extra loot while walking holsted with nothing in my hands and suddnley my buddy hadzyy was shouting in the radio the said hand's up they are hostile, while that happaning iv'e seen at the corner of my eye one of them with a blue hat besides me so i quickly pulled out my akm and starting shooting him and he done the same to me after he a sec or 2 he fell to the ground and i was half hit by a gun shot so i ran to get cover only to get shot in the back and die. I have to note that i didn't have any gun out while the initiating started and clearly didn't think of those guys as a threat first of all because one of them clearly said to me that no matter what ever happend when we met now were good and friendly towards each other and second because they was saying they are only two guys and the third one that came after them wasn't part of their team. I don't have any video as a evidence but i'm sure you verify some of the critical moments that i introduced by one way or another in the log.
  11. Hi, my friends and we decided to try and break a gate to an base we've seen, i was the one breaking it with an axe while my friend it4yB was covering me in any case that the place owner or any one related to the base will see us, we have started the process of breaking in and then suddenly my friend it4yB told me he sees someone looking at us and when i looked back iv'e seen him he was put one of his hands up and in my perspective it looked like he was pulling out weapon so i yelled to my friend shoot him in our language and because of the nervous situation he shot him one bullet in the head.
  12. is there anything else that can be used to contain things for a long time?
  13. yes but lets say i build some walls and entracne around a house and throw some backpakcs with gear inside the house won't disappear?
  14. If i'm not a member of any group and my friends an i just want to build a small sized base to keep some loot and things inside and use as a home, is it possible option or either the base or the loot will be deleted ?
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