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  1. I see nothing wrong with doing this. It would just take some time to get used to the change.
  2. BiggsbeOG


    I enjoying see how my character looks. I use 1st person when taking screen shots and things like that so this is a -1 from me.
  3. Death should not mean you pk. You know how many times people have died from just spawning inside a town after restart and a horde of zombies are just there waiting to have a snack.
  4. Well since this new update the game freezes when you hit T or /. So how should we all move forward with asking OOC perms?
  5. *Biggsbe holds down the PTT* "Alan was a one of a kind man. He was a great pal. If you need the shirt off his back he would give it to you. The person talking talking about how he knew your brother saying he worked for him if im not mistaken the voice its Falk. He backstabbed us all in the end. He never helped your brother. If anything he scared the shit out of alan. He is not to be trusted. *Biggsbe would release the PTT*
  6. Who is who is the real questino
  7. I'd rather have alot of hair. Would you rather spend 20 years in prison and be exonerated as innocent or be put away for four years and be considered guilty forever?
  8. I'd rather create history. Would you rather be without internet for a week, or without your phone
  9. I'd be a dealer. Would You Rather Be A Millionaire Moron Or A Broke Brainiac?
  10. This group was a Moody thing. #Archive @PandaOG and Myself will be working on something for the future.
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