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"If you're not with us, You're against us -Biggsbe"

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  1. BiggsbeOG

    The body of Awimba Muncho

    *Biggsbe Picks up the radio and begins to talk* "Ah good riddance. You all know he tried to have sex with a 14 year old girl? Damn, seemed like you all just called Moody a pedo to hide the fact that you all are!" *Releases PTT*
  2. BiggsbeOG

    Dead Batteries {Heavily Recruiting}{Active}

    Great story, Best of luck.
  3. BiggsbeOG

    The Highwaymen [Strict Limited Recruitment]

    Best of luck to you all.
  4. BiggsbeOG


    Best of luck to you
  5. BiggsbeOG

    Hey folks

    Hope you have a good experience
  6. BiggsbeOG

    Can we get rid of this sound bug?

    all for getting that removed. I've heard it several times.
  7. BiggsbeOG

    Your meant to be War Hero

    *Presses PTT* "Funny how pogo was stabbed in the heart when me and pogo was headed down towards cherno after you "modafokas" let him go. Maybe next time you should go deeper? No doubt everyone has a timer set for when its there time. But the only person that knows that is the man upstairs. but by god your timer will run out before mine" *releases PTT*
  8. BiggsbeOG

    What do you listen to ?

  9. BiggsbeOG

    Your meant to be War Hero

    *Holds PTT* "For all you people who wants to avenge John Johnson ill be waiting. But let this be a warning for all. You don't want this smoke. *releases PTT*
  10. BiggsbeOG

    Your meant to be War Hero

    *Press PTT* "How do you get that Moody died from someone such as him? I said that he claimed that he did and that he lied. You clearly don't understand this English language do you?" *releases PTT*
  11. BiggsbeOG

    How do you have your coffee? (Poll)

    I like my coffee black and strong.
  12. BiggsbeOG

    Your meant to be War Hero

    *BIggsbe picks up radio* "Alright I've spared all of you from this pain but I'm not going to hold it back anymore. Your so called "War Hero" that I have heard about Mr. John Johnson. He wasn't much of a war hero. After those rumors he was spreading about himself killing Mr. Moody Someone had to put a stop to him so I took it upon myself to do so. Someone of you may notice John Johnson has been missing yea? You can thank me for that. I wish you all could have heard his screams from what I did to him. His death wasn't quick. I'm not just going to stab a man in the heart with a screw driver like he claims he did. I made sure he knew why this was being done to him. No matter how much he begged me to stop he knew deep down I wouldn't. No matter how loud he screamed no one would have ever found us. Even if they did Ash and Ryan would have run them off. But see I didn't leave his remains out so some animal could come snack on them if you want them come find me ill tell you where they are. And oh yea the names Biggsbe don't forget it." *stuffs radio in bag*
  13. BiggsbeOG

    99.9 Hz

    *Biggsbe grabs radio and begins to speak* "Dr. Hope, I've gotten several bullet wounds and other injuries. We got the medic he goes by blue berry. He's patched me up several times and said I'll be fine but you know its always better to get a second opinion. If we so happen to bump into one another ill get you to check me out if you want." *Stuffs radio back in bag*
  14. BiggsbeOG

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Another great event done by @Zanaan
  15. BiggsbeOG

    Big question

    Its 15 for sure.
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