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  1. Stan Manarello the son of the Head boss in the Manarello Mafia, was born in Italy. Shortly after Stan was born he's father sent him to Springfield, Illinois. While growing up his uncle taught him everything he needed to know about the Manarello family and its mafia. His uncle taught him how to get answers out of people. Stan had a small clique growing up. He never had to do the dirty work unless he needed answers from someone. Everyone in Stan's clique respected him. No one ever would have thought of turning their back on him. After Stan's uncle thought he had learned enough he sent him to Chernarus where he would meet his cousins to start spreading the Manarello ways. Stan's uncle bought him the ticket to fly over. Shortly after he arrived to Chernarus is when the outbreak started. He didn't know what to do nor where to go. All he knew was he had family there and no Manarello gets left for dead.
  2. BiggsbeOG

    Bratstvo (Open Recruitment)

    Best of luck
  3. BiggsbeOG

    Make the AK more common again.

    +1 I have not found a ak in ages. I've seen a few people with them. All I have found is M4s and Scars
  4. BiggsbeOG

    Increase Thirst and Hunger Rates.

    -1 for me. My character stays hungry and thirsty already no need to make it faster.
  5. BiggsbeOG

    Second server and automatic locking

    Sounds good to me
  6. BiggsbeOG

    Where is all the loot?

    If you want any kind of automatic weapon besides a UMP your gunna have to take from people. So after you take it they run to their stash to get another one.
  7. BiggsbeOG

    Use Summer Chernarus?

    +1 for me. Ill be waiting for this to come mid may.
  8. BiggsbeOG

    Favourite TV Show Growing Up

    These 2 right here were by go to shows
  9. BiggsbeOG

    Thoughts on the Current State of Base Defense/Raiding?

    Base Building and base defending is fine with me. The time it takes to knock down a wall seems pretty quick to me.
  10. @ToeZOG Thanks man. No doubt I will keep you in the Loop. Should Join Team speak from time to time.
  • BiggsbeOG

    Shroud's Clipperino's

    Nice ones dude
  • BiggsbeOG

    Revival of room 4

    Nothing is safe nowadays.
  • BiggsbeOG

    Insta-killing Zombies

    If you crouch walk 8/10 zombies will not agro on to you unless you walk right up next to them.
  • BiggsbeOG

    S1, South of Tisy Summer Camp - Invalid initiation

    We all was chilling around Novaya. We decide that we was going to head up to the Tisy camp. We see 3 guys on the street walking down from the road by some houses. We waited for them to get closer just to be 100% they would hear the mega phone. @MoodyOG initiated and moments after they start bolting. And moody says to open fire. I tag a couple but get knocked uncon. After I woke up I tried hiding in a bush but was gunned down.
  • BiggsbeOG

    Real life picture Thread

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