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  1. Cuchulainn

    The Railroad

    Congrats, well deserved boys
  2. Cuchulainn

    Baguette or Roll?

    nah we just call em rolls. And we choose either the big one or small one
  3. Cuchulainn

    Baguette or Roll?

    yeah short rolls
  4. Cuchulainn

    Baguette or Roll?

    This is literally a roll. Can't ever imagine saying baguette, thats some posh ass shit just saying. 3 euro chicken fillet roll at centra
  5. Cuchulainn

    The Railroad

    Been providing quality and fun RP around the towns. Keep it up boys
  6. Cuchulainn

    The Dollars

    Good luck lads Had nothing but great RP from you lot already, keep it up
  7. Buju was born into a life of poverty and was raised by his mother in the harsh city of Kingston together with his siblings, Buju followed in the footsteps of his older brother, Azibo, by cheating the school system, but he continued to go to school to satisfy his mother. His brother Azibo was kicked out of the house for shunning his family and valuing his friends over family. Azibo got into bad illegal business and meanwhile Buju was at home taking care of his mother who had fallen ill along with his other siblings. One night he was out giving the Rastalove to the galdem. Upon his return home he found that his mother had passed away in her sleep. This took a toll on his and his siblings lives. Azibo returned home and found out about this news and at first Buju hated Azibo but soon forgave him as he was kicked out and family is the most important thing to them. After Azibo stormed out, Buju took to the streets in search of him and when he finally found a clue he was bagged and chucked into the back of a van. Screaming and kicking in the back of the van he was knocked out and when he woke up he was with his brother Azibo. Azibo explained their situation to Buju. Buju was in on helping out Azibo with arms dealing especially since they were brothers and could trust one another. Their final arms deal was in South Zagoria and that was when the outbreak hit. Azibo and Buju together survived many close encounters.
  8. Born in Crumlin, Dublin to an Irish mother and a Syrian father. He grew up following the teachings of Islam but at the age of 14 he mixed in with a group of Arabs in secondary school. All of them stuck together as they were a minority and got on best with each other and formed their own little gang. They obviously had some Irish white boys too but the majority of the gang were Arabs. Together they became mischievous and caused trouble, they shoplifted and in their later teen years got into a bit of the drug business. They sold mostly Hash and profited off of the junkies. Shams loved this life as it was easy money. They've gotten into a few knife fights and stabbed some people but never have been caught. They obviously had rivals too and constantly had beef with them. Their own gang were called A12 (A for Arab and D12 was the postal code for Crumlin). He was a ladies man and had a new moth each week. One night Shams' father found out about this and flipped shit. He was lectured about Islam and what he was doing goes against their beliefs. Shams then went on to getting tattoos. Some on his face and most on his arms. Once he showed his Father his father decided to send him to Takistan where his father had cousins. Upon arriving in Takistan and at what would be his new home he was greeted by his relatives. They were kind enough and told him of the troubles they faces in Takistan. It turned out his relatives had some connections to some local militias. The people in the village frowned upon and condemned Shams' tattoos and often gave him slack about it. When the outbreak hit Shams' had been in South Zagoria for business on behalf of his family and was also chatting up the local women. He now roams the country side town to town looking for some fit moths to chat up and to keep him company.
  9. Cuchulainn

    Interview with some weird Irish man: Ryan Shepherd

    Why u bully? @Ryan Shepherd
  10. Wish I had a RPG to do some non illegal stuff. Welcome to the community.
  11. Cuchulainn

    Coloured military gear?

    Mate its literally just a jacket, relax I've had many jackets that look identical to the Gorka one, and before you ask. I am not apart of an eastern militia.
  12. Cuchulainn

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Hope u enjoy ur stay @groovy stannis Looking forward to the RP thats to come.
  13. Cuchulainn

    The Boys From the Ends Media Thread

    Good shtuff bhoys
  14. Born in a traveller community in the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland. He grew up with many siblings and caused trouble quite often with his brothers in the estates around. He dropped out of school at the age of 14 and picked up dog breeding. He trained dogs to fight and held dog fights earning decent sums of money. After the death of one of his brothers he started to get more violent and impatient. This led him to start getting into bare knuckle fighting and at first he lost a few matches but quickly he became a great fighter. He earned the praise of his siblings. After getting word of a Chernarussian bare knuckler champion, Tommylee instantly knew he had to fight this man. But first he had to make a name for himself and fight some less talented fighters over there in Chernarus. Himself and his brothers got plane tickets over to Chernarus and began their work. Some of his brothers were doing some of their own shit as well. Just as Tommylee won another fight in a Barn in South Zagoria the following morning word got out of some kind of crisis. Since then Tommylee has been travelling around trying to find some of his brothers he had gotten split from and also trying to keep himself safe.
  15. Born to a notorious family known as the Shmopov Family in Novigrad, together they roamed Chernarus as a Carnival business. On their latest endeavor they were in South Zagoria around Guglovo. Since the outbreak Gregori has become enriched with power because of the weapons he has come into possession of. Gregori has many brothers, enough to cause mayhem and make a name for themselves once again. They are currently trying to instate the Shmopov Regime. If anyone threatens their cause or one of the Shmopovs they will be condemned and marked for death by the family. Their family rival the Volkovs have been their enemy for many generations as back then one committed a great crime against the Shmopovs. To this day they still have bad blood between them and get into violent interactions. Himself and his brothers are waiting for the right moment to take control of the region.
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