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  1. YOOOOOOOOOO BRO! Sick profile picture!

  2. Rohaan was born in Pakistan, he lived with his family in Kashmir where they were goat farmers for countless generations. He and his brother inherited the tasks of keeping the farm going and ensuring the goats well-being. After a series of unfortunate events they were forced to move country after losing their income. They moved to Chernarus to start their new life.
  3. Didn't actually use my head and voted yes. Would've voted no if I used my thinker. Ladies and gents, where the map is situated, its gonna be bleedin BALTIC. You're going to be freezing your bollocks off in the drenching rain no matter what. Rain isn't warm.
  4. Voted yes because its an annoying, bugged mechanic especially when you have @Ryan Shepherd who refuses to take his meds.
  5. If ur being racist for the sake of being racist you should be banned simple as. If its beneficial and ur portraying a nationalist etc and ur not overdoing it then yeah fine go ahead.
  6. I'd much rather not take part in a magician's trick when raiding a base. A FEW doors is grand but over that few is too far bro...
  7. No need imo, already have prefabs etc and base building as it is, is grand.
  8. Meant to vote no. Raiding is already a pain, no need to make it even harder.
  9. *Tommylee pick up and holds PTT* Listen right, I can give ye a whopper trim, meet me at the Soup Kitchen some time and I'll even throw ye in a bowl for free. We'll discuss the fee then. Right see ya then. *Releases PTT*
  10. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Staff decided this was a post "subject of those currently or previously connected to the IRA and the individual promotion of it". The two people I posted pictures of have no affiliation to this group and never had. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The first picture is a cookbook by Sinn Fein politician Gerry Adams, he has never been a part of the IRA as said by the man himself here https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/news/gerry-adams-i-was-not-a-member-of-the-ira-i-have-never-disassociated-myself-from-the-ira-and-never-will-until-the-day-i-die-38093014.html . The second picture is of the president of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, I have no idea why this picture is included in the points I received. I also do not see how it is NSFW in any way. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My only points I have ever received be revoked as I did nothing wrong and I feel unfairly treated here. What could you have done better?: Not posted a status update of anything Irish related as others were posting IRA related stuff at the time and this seems to have been grouped in with them without any research of what I posted.
  11. As said by @Ryan Shepherd we were checking out the Prison whilst on our travels. When leaving the area Donovan was killed but little to my knowledge I was heading to the scene of the crime and out of nowhere I came under fire whilst minding my own business. I turned to face my attacker and popped a few shots off but unfortunately I had not managed to pull off a gamer moment. When he had fired the first two shots at me I exclaimed "Im getting shot!!" over the radio and to my aggressor as a sort of "WTF?" I had no interaction with anyone and had not even heard a single word muttered as these violent acts were committed against myself and my friend @Ryan Shepherd . We had 0 interaction with these men and because of the 0 interaction it also means NO initiation. Also just to add, no shots were heard on our approach to insinuate an active gunfight.
  12. Welcome Brazil man, welcome. Would advise to speak the language of English.
  13. Wiktor's family was poor enough but not the poorest, his parents were hard working and quickly Wiktor learned that life was about hard work. From an early age his father showed him the works and taught him how to follow his footsteps in becoming a skilled builder. He would travel all around Livonia with his father to construction sites to lend an extra hand and to observe. It wasn't until he was 16 that began working full-time with his father. For years he worked and worked trying to make a living for himself. He managed to get by but barely. He was working, as always, when the crisis hit and here he is wandering the country wondering where his fellow countrymen are just trying to make ends meet.
  14. *Tommylee would take a sip of water and hold down the PTT* There ya have it folks the man himself CJ backs down from the fight. Fair enough saying we’re not men. We’re a different breed. We’re fucking Joyces bai and you’ll be well to remember that the next time your getting thumped across the cranium. Up Joyce ye dirty bastards yiz. *Releases PTT and goes on to spar Donovan to get him back into shape*
  15. Welcome back boys, looking forward to rping with yiz
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