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  1. As a kid Sweeney grew up in Thurles a town in Tipperary. He played hurling for his school and was fair good he could've made county. He was good academically in school also. At the age of 17 his father died of cancer. His mother was left widowed and he himself was devastated. His grades started falling and after he finished secondary school he went to college. He was in college for about a year and dropped out to join the Irish Army seeing as he was physical and sporty. It wasn't long after his decision he realised this wasn't how he wanted to live his life, he wasn't earning enough money to give to his ma. -to be continued-
  2. Young Fellas 😢 


    Erin Go Bragh

  3. Enjoyed the nice talks with @Ryan Shepherd and @yuthee. Hope ye had a good time with the trainee interrogator.
  4. Cuchulainn

    S1-mass invalid execution-around 23:20 server time

    Aleksandr Korotkevich POV: I am chilling by the factory and they initiate on my boys. I slip away and go into a building and there is person in it. He screamed and pointed a gun at me so I killed him and then went onto the roof. On the roof there is another guy who I had RP'd with earlier. I talk to him and then Moody comes running over screaming at me saying if I don't come down in 10 seconds he will kill the hostages. I then initiate on the guy who is with me and say I will kill this innocent guy if any of the hostages are killed. I tell my hostage to go out on the roof and he pulls an AK and goes to shoot me so I kill him. The hostages Moody had are then gatted.
  5. *Aleksandr picks up PTT* "Artyom it hurts to know you lied to us. I apologised at the time to you and everything and this is how you repay us? All you had to do was wait and I would've compensated your for taking your rifle. But of course you throw it all out the window. Typical Ruski... How about we see eachother soon then eh?" *He sighs and releases PTT*
  6. Born in Rogovo to a family that supported the Chedaki, he grew up knowing to dislike the CDF and their supporters. Seeing as their opinion was in the minority they kept their thoughts to themselves but as Aleksandr grew older he became a Chedaki informant. He would tell the Chedaki officials anything from CDF sympathizers names to members and plans. One day when he was in the pub his secret somehow got out and the consequences were let out at his parents. The CDF supporters bombarded his house with bricks until some extremist chucked a molotov setting his house alight with his parents inside. With this happening he grew anger but was forced to run into hiding. He swore vengeance and had been in search for fellow Chedaki supporters when the infection and outbreak hit. He was forced to keep his thoughts to himself on the road to ensure his survival. He continues to gather information on whatever he can as it has not become his job but more of a hobby now.
  7. Cuchulainn

    S1: INVALID INTITATION / Angel Barns - 2019-02-03 0120

    Cuchulainn's POV: We had recenttly roleplayed with the PAMYATI and Noah 20 mins before, we were running down to VMC when PAMYATI and Noah got initiated on. We were close to the area of which the initiation took place and heard the firefight and saw the Kamenici running away with 3 hostages. Of which were the two McKaines and a PAMYATI member. We shot and killed them due to harming our allies and taking them.
  8. Cuchulainn


    The two Lovebirds posing in the rain @OxeN @Challenger
  9. *McGee picks up the PTT and speaks in a cheery tone* "Thank you for the offer. I will make sure to stop by. Haven't had a decent meal in ages, much appreciated. *Releases PTT and continues to work on his sword*
  10. *Picks up his PTT happy to hear another Irish lad* "Good to hear brudder. If ye wish to find me I'll be around the Kabanino area. There's a few of us Irish, I'm sure you'll meet them in due time" *Releases PTT*
  11. *McGee surprised of hearing someone slander John Johnson's name picks up the PTT* "John Johnson is not responsible for his colleagues actions. He is an old man and it is quite cowardly to threaten him as such. He is a kind and generous man. Please reconsider as no blood has been shed yet so there is no reason for anyone to get hurt." *Releases PTT hoping to have made the man reconsider his choice*
  12. *McGee presses PTT* When someone takes their own life it is indeed a tragic thing but nonetheless still a sin. BUT they still have time before they wander in the afterlife to make amends. They can still find their way for they are just people who have been hurt. They will always have a slot in Heaven. *his voice changes to a pissed off tone* Young Demon you have lied to me and threatened my dear friend for just sticking up for me. It is you who needs to watch your back. I promise you this... Do not seek me for it is I who will find you... *Releases PTT*
  13. *McGee happy to hear his plea picks up PTT* Child of the Devil. If you truly wish to seek atonement, embrace God's pressence and he will guide you to me, where I can purify you. *Releases PTT*
  14. *McGee presses his PTT* To answer your question, I believe God has placed this "curse" on us so we can have an attempt at a fresh start. This is an opportunity to make the world better than before. The world was in a bad state. People taking advantage of others for money. People no longer being grateful of what they had. We just have to push through this state of distress and come out on top. It is only temporary I promise you. This is what I believe to be the reasoning. God's word is a mystery and that is what makes it glorious. I do apologize if you are not satisfied with my answer but hopefully you can think on it. After all it is a learning process my friend. *Ahem* Now to the Leader of the Demons. I do ask of you to attend Confession. You need to atone for these threats and sins. You may not threaten the holy people who abide by God. They have done nothing wrong. I pray to God for you to open up your heart to him. It is wonderful. The Lord is my Shepherd. *McGee releases the PTT and finishes blessing the baptismal pond*
  15. *McGee presses his PTT* My brothers I do see where you are coming from. But I assure you. I have seen the holy spirit. Even Saint Patrick himself. I am not asking for you guys to accept me as the Pope. I just think this is the time for change. I was guided here to teach the people the word of God. I do agree a congress must be held. There is something we must agree on though. And that is that the Demons must be stopped before they plague the youths. I myself am 21 years of age and you may think I have no right to preach these things. But I am only doing what I was told to do by the higher powers, which is the Holy Spirit. The Spirits and Saint Patrick visit me frequently to update me on my mission. They guide me... they saved me... *He clears his throat* I thank you my brothers for your input and hope to set up this congress soon. *McGee releases the PTT and continues to read his handwritten Bible*
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