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  1. Cuchulainn

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya - Media Thread

    Bet ye can't balance an Ak on your head now can ye?
  2. Born in Nagornoe to a cruel family which chained him in their basement for many years as his siblings grew up normally. He was chained up for looking different. When he was 17 he completely lost it and killed his father when he was being served food. He used the fork to repeatedly stab him. When one of his little brothers came down to check on the father Bok forced him to unchain him. Once free he ran. He was soon apprehended and thrown into Prison Island. He spent all his days there... confused and alone. He would always beg to be let go, and the prison guards would tease and taunt him. Finally his day came when the crisis hit. Amidst the chaos he escaped with the other prisoners and mentally ill. On the mainland in South Zagoria he wandered back up north toward his old house in search of his mother to get revenge on chaining him up for many years. Once he made it he found his mother had "turned" and proceeded to smash her skull in against the table. For the past few years he has been hiding. Not knowing how to socialize he stayed hiding up north, never straying too far from home. One day the 67th "Lopotev" Sotnya returned from the Black Mountains and passed through his town. They spotted him and confronted him. After finding out how weak his mind was they begun to resume their regime. They began to influence him and covert him into their Communism. He became their "Hound" and stayed loyal to them. He felt like he could actually speak to them but in reality they were just using him. To successfully pledge his allegiance to their cause, he had to slaughter a Chernarussian woman and her child.
  3. Cuchulainn

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

    Congratulations on the approval. Looking forward to meeting you all ingame!
  4. John Daly was born to a member of "The Squad" set up by Michael Collins back in the 1920s. Since his father was a member of the IRA it subsequently led to John being initiated into it later on in his late teens. He would carry out all kinds of tasks and the Council held him in high regards as his father worked directly for "The Big Fella". Later on in life the council elected him as Adutant-General. He continued "serving" his country claiming all these deaths were necessary for Ireland. He was arrested by the British police up north as thats where he had been living for years of his life to endure the same suffering his people were under the rule of the British. He was sent to Maze-Prison, where he joined the Hunger Strikes (1981). He was charged with possession of Explosives and bombing a hotel. He was on hunger strike for about 43 days before he ended it as Doctors had consulted him that he would die as he had an obstructed kidney. He was released in 1998 under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement and was reunited with his wife and son. He resigned his position as General to focus on his family. When his son, Tadhg, asked him "was it worth it?" he responded with "The question is phrased in the past tense. It's not over. The struggle continues and will continue until the British are out of Ireland". In 2016 his son brought him on a trip around Europe in an attempt to reform his beliefs and think about the outside world and how there is so much more to offer in life. After a year or so travelling they were in Chernarus a country which endured suffering such as Ireland under an oppressing authority. After their journey came to an end in Chernarus they were going through departure at the airport when they were told they wouldn't be allowed leave and they would have to post-pone the flight for a week. Himself and his son went back into the city to look for a restaurant and ate. Since they had already checked out of their hotel they had to find a cheap B&B. After 4 days at the B&B they went into town only to find the streets in panic. They began to get chased by a group of "people". They took refuge in the forest outside of the small town. After a week of the crisis they went back into the town only to be confronted by a British gunman. He wanted all their stuff. Money, food, water and jewellery. John started cursing the british man out and ended up getting whacked over the head. Tadhg got enraged and went for the man but was shot. After shooting Tadhg, the man fled and John was left distraught holding his dying son in his hands. John dragged his son's body to the forest and gave him as much of a Catholic burial as he could. Left distraught John is out for revenge and will not be too trustful of British people BUT hopefully he can be proven wrong by some kind fellas?
  5. Cuchulainn

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    True true haha
  6. Cuchulainn

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    Thank you all for inviting us aul' fellas into your home. Much appreciated
  7. Cuchulainn

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

    Looks good. Can appreciate the Irish name Best of luck boys
  8. *Holds PTT* I am deeply sorry for insulting It seems yall do some hard work. I'm just an old man stuck in the old ways. *Releases PTT*
  9. *Hold PTT* I agree with what he said. Don't trust them Allahu Akbarbarians *Releases PTT as he cleans his glasses*
  10. *Just after figuring out how to work it, the old man holds down the PTT* That Sahhid man sounds like a god damn Jeehad, Take advice from an old man, Don't trust godamn Jeehads... *After a few secs you can hear him fumbling around and then releases the PTT*
  11. Charleston was born in a small rural town in Kentucky. It was here he had his best experiences in life. He pulled all the girls in his youth and got married at the age of 23. He pursued the career of being a dentist but failed miserably at the school. He attempted to set up his clinic as he said to himself he wouldn't let others put him down. After fucking up a filling and getting sued he went bankrupt. After going bankrupt his wife left him and took the kids. He was left sad and lonely. He developed an excessive alcohol abuse and shit just kept getting shitter. When he was 36 after getting piss drunk he tried robbing a family of four with a gun. The kids of the family wouldn't shut up screaming and crying so he smacked the father around in an attempt to quiet them. But soon after was apprehended by the police, whom he hadn't noticed were nearby. He was convicted for 25 years. This was then extended for bad behaviour in prison. He was let out of prison at the age of 67 and one of his kids took care of him for a few months. After that they put him in a retirement home. It wasn't all bad as he met some good people there who he made some good bonds with. The home was also great as they brought the pensioners around the world. On one of their most recent trips they went to Europe and Chernarus. After the crisis the courageous Charleston gathered his people. They stook together through thick and thin.
  12. Cuchulainn

    Awimba's end

    Leaving Agu fatherless... Its a shame to lose a strong African Warlord out here man.
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