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  2. Well its a very valid question he has asked, are questions not allowed to be asked on a group page? Do some research and maybe you'd find out why its highly unlikely that a RA man would join a English street drug gang. And since your reason is "why not" I guess we have gotten the answer. And to be honest seems like a very low effort reason for a man who is a member of the IRA and has their ideals to be now in an English drug street gang.
  3. Fair enough bro, I can respect that. The problem truly is the stone walling. I just personally agree to Elmo's points about it and believe it to be the solution. I respect that opinion on it.
  4. How do you know ICly that ur gonna get away with lying then? oh ye cos u know ur protected by the rules where if ur caught lying u cannot be executed for it. +1 This is a good message, people who are caught lying through their teeth should be able to be executed due to the risk they took of lying.
  5. Thread looks great guys, heard a few things about you guys. Hope to meet u guys whenever im next in game, looks like pretty neat group.
  6. Pov: I heard Phoenyxx was taken into custody inside the police station so I remained just outside of it mostly due to multiple SGRU and Police inside the Police Station. Sassy trades with a fella out front whilst I am conversing with a civilian. I quickly rush to the front and whilst doing so I hear a lot of commotion about Phoenyxx whipping out a MP7 and gunning down two of our soldiers. I then deal with a masked thug out front who had taken up arms and I investigate the scene.
  7. Out on the streets he lived and thrived. He was a hoodlum along with his mates. Caused trouble here and there, got drunk and just had fun with no regards for others. It was when he was 17 he had a wake up call when his best mate died due to a drug related incident. He knew if he didn't fix up his life there and then he'd end up like that. He decided that he would enlist into the Russian Military to learn discipline and become apart of something great. Due to his previous experience with piloting a crop duster on his grandparents farm out in the boonies he insisted on learning at least the basics of helicopter piloting. After seeing many conflicts with the 56th Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade. They were deployed in Crimea, Takistan and now Chernarus. Gleb was a tank driver. He now spends his time patrolling the streets and reminiscing about the past.
  8. I swear if I blow up again...
  9. Meant to vote yes. Weird seeing people on a different character every second day. Can't keep up.
  10. I miss the Kabanino Anime Club @GMAK maybe you could fit in this group instead now to pursue your anime RP dreams. Very cool group
  11. Born in Jobstown, Tallaght in a council estate, Ste grew up surrounded by great role models. Every one of them never had worked a day in their life, just lived on the dole and spent their dole money on drugs. Ste himself never really liked school although he was good at it. Just the teachers were a pack of numptys. He got on well with everyone but mostly hung out with the travellers who took him under their wing. The McDonaghs were his best mates. They went joyriding, set cars alight, lit massive bonfires and most of all, just had the craic with the boys. In his early teens he began MC'ing and became well known throughout his estate, although he wasn't fair good at all and rather shite he still got the support from his estate as he was repping them. One year they had a great idea to have a nice old holiday for a change, to experience the world a bit. The only question was where? Eventually they had all settled on a place in the Russian Federation called South Zagoria where they would have a bawl. Apparently one of the lads knew of a great underground rave so they were all looking forward to that. Unfortunately their fun was cut short when the frenzy flu started to become a problem. He's been here ever since. MC'ing along the way.
  12. Thank you for having me boys. Very good group of hospitable people. But its time for me to ride off on me horse.
  13. *The young man himself, Anthony McCoomer, holds down the PTT* Right so boys, I'm after just finding out fairly recently that the young wan that I was foolin' around with back home is prego with me baby. And if yiz are wonderin why I'm using this aul yoke of a radio, its cos some prick nicked me phone. So I'm off cyas later gonna go find me way back home. Did ya hear me? Yer brother's gonna be fucking daddy! G'luck farewell. Except you Ciarán ye poxy bastard. *Releases the PTT*
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