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  1. POV: After the Time initiated on the trade camp thing we avoided the area as to not get in the way. We found a nice little area to start building a base and we were away from the hostilities that were going on. I was helping Rutkiy carry logs when Lucas calls out over the radio some fella with a purple armband started shooting at him. I dropped my log and kept alert. I look over at Rutkiy just in time as his brain gets blown out. I go on a hunt and just as Im taking a nice sip out of my cooking pot the dude sprays into me. Luckily I am a fast handy man and whipped my AK out and avenged my good friend. No video evidence
  2. Anthony was born in Ballycragh, Dublin, Ireland to a single mother in a council house. He was generally a good kid growing up not causing too much hassle for his mother but in his teenage years he began to develop kleptomania. He began stealing things he didn't need. In school he would rob pens, rubbers any money laying around etc. This earned him the nickname "Fleecer" from his classmates. At lunch he would go to the shops with a few of his friends. He would always end up robbing something. Usually something he didn't need or want like birthday cards or a lighter. After a year and a half of this behavior he was kicked out of his school and his mother had given up on him. He told her many times it wasn't his fault and that he just had urges to steal. His mother never sent him back to a different school. After hanging around the streets doing nothing he got mixed up with a bad crowd and got into many mishaps and trouble. They usually went into different parts of Dublin to mess about and cause trouble. They became known as the "Cragh Fleecers". They would conduct small burglaries on houses usually in richer neighborhoods around Christmas when they have valuable presents. Anto himself didn't get involved in any burglaries as he thought it was a bit fucked up but they were still his boys. Their "Gang" consisted of about 20 people. When they turned 19 they moved to Glasgow, Scotland as they wanted to broaden their horizons and live a little by going different places. They lived in a small cramped house but it was enough to get by. They continued what they were doing back in Dublin in Glasgow. One night Anto and a few of the boys were going home after a night out when they were approached by a gang of young fellas. One of them took lead and started speaking to Anto. He called him an Irish prick and that he had stolen his girlfriends purse. Anto and his friends were drunk and didn't notice that the fellas had knives. They just scoffed at the young fellas and continued to walk past them. One of them pushed Anto and so he turned around and swung. His fist connected with the mans jaw and he dropped. One of the other ones lunged at Anto with a knife but his friend Ste backed him up and shoved him over. He got back up and had a scuffle with Ste. He ended up getting stabbed in the gut. The knife men ran off and left Anto and the others holding Ste who was bleeding on the cold damp ground. They called an ambulance and it arrived 15 mins later. Ste was rushed to hospital. They waited outside as Ste needed surgery. The doctor told Anto that Ste was going to be okay and he was going to pull through. Anto stole a few pens and a fake plant from the hospital. After he was discharged from the hospital, Ste felt like he should be rewarded with a holiday as he technically took a knife for the boys. Since they're broke they decided it was best to go for a cheap flight and cheap accommodation. They booked a flight to Novigrad, Chernarus for a month. In Novigrad they spent most of the time partying and chatting up the women. They thought the Chernarussian women were of a different universe because of how good looking they were. After a week and a half in Novigrad. They decided to travel more and go on a road trip. After packing up some clothes, Anto stole some towels and soap from the hotel. They went to a car dealership and began their road trip. They headed towards South Zagoria to witness more of the countryside. They were in Elektro when the first news of the crisis hit. The boys had heard enough of it and decided to try get the fuck out of the country. They went to the docks and tried to get a boat out of the country. But the boats were all gone. They also checked Cherno and no boats. Since he's been stranded in South Zagoria he has lost contact with his old pals he had first come here with and has gotten into trouble. His disorder has gotten him into all kinds of predicaments. People don't understand what it is and when he tries to explain why he had stolen something they own, they just tell him to shut the fuck up and threaten to kill him. He has been beaten to a pulp countless times by groups of angry people for his thievery. (Will make changes/improvements)
  3. Cuchulainn

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Awh shieet
  4. *Fionn holds PTT* Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. The Holy Crusades are coming! DEUS VULT! *Releases*
  5. @Baz Great roleplay today buddy! Should've went to bed
  6. Conas atá tú mo chara? Welcome to the community
  7. Cuchulainn

    Message from the Mafia (For those looking to live and survive) Or those looking for the Mafia

    *Holds PTT* So ehh can my "family" set up a nice little shop. Ye kno like a lil butchers or something? *Releases PTT*
  8. @Rutkiy watching Arsenal get fucked 

    sad tears GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

  9. I highly recommend for anyone to watch this anime. Definitely one of my all time favorites. Such a great story which keeps the audiences attention. Really an anime everyone should see. On top of that the opening is just AMAZING
  10. *Fionn holds the PTT and sounds eager* "This. This is exactly what this shithole needs! Better stay through to your word and make this cos I am mad excited to hop into a ring." "Stay safe pal." *Releases PTT*
  11. Very cool concept. Good luck with this!
  12. Born in Dublin, Ireland to a Jewish family who originally came from Slovakia. They emigrated during the war to Ireland. His father owned a Tailoring business making the finest of suits. But under the cover of his business he ran a street gang. This gang offered protection to the other Jewish establishments and communities in the area. The gang also sold drugs. Such as coke, cannabis and ketamine. After his father passed away it was his turn to take over the gang and tailoring business. The gang became known as the Tailors to the rival gangs. Pretty basic name with no thought behind it but it stuck. The rivals saw The Tailors as weak as Asher took over. Asher had to kill many young men who were in the starting ranks of these gangs. He felt bad as they were being misguided. Asher had to take many risks to maintain their territory and eventually lost too much that his own younger brother tried to end his life. When this happened Asher felt betrayed and he knew he was fucked as his little brother had the support of the whole gang. He condemned his brother and killed him outside his own house. His own gang members hunted him as he ran. He lost them and went into hiding. Asher's cousin, Tomi bought him a ticket out of the country to a place called Chernarus to start a new life far away. After a few months he started up his own Tailoring business in Chernarus. When things started going well the crisis struck and he lost all hope in life. This was until he met Abraham Goldstein. He brought meaning to him and reminded him of what being a Jew means. Asher now protects Abraham against any dangers as he preaches the word of God.
  13. My POV: We were in Stary and initiated on Jim. Upon initiation Jim sprayed into me but didn't finish me off and I was tk'd. That's all I have. I was not involved with anything that happened afterwards.
  14. Cuchulainn

    Camp eden Has fallen (open frequency)

    *Adrian holds PTT and speaks in UKRAINIAN* My friend. I think its best not to talk shit about these men... I come from the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic or Transnistria whichever you'd like to call it. Ukraine and Russia both assisted my small country against Moldova I will forever be grateful. And I will ask you to take care of yourself more. These men aren't that bad, I believe they can make communism work. I know it. Its just some people insist on disrespecting them in their own land. I'm foreign and they've treated me with much respect as it is what I have given them. Its like the story of Jesus. Treat one as you yourself would like to be treated... I believe that's how it goes anyways. Stay safe my friend. *Releases PTT*
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