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  2. Didnt know you were into this anime thing Rutkiy wow

    1. Rutkiy


      you're next up m8

    2. GMAK




  3. Damn more variety? Yes please, will be more interesting than seeing the same gun all over the place. Even a new drum mag too. +1
  4. End of the day, a civil war is a civil war. No matter who wins one side is not going to be happy, theres still going to be people who have strong beliefs that oppose the others. Its only been like 10 odd years since the end of the Civil War and with the infection people who may have been silent would take advantage of the crisis.
  5. Damn dunno why people are hating on this, looks slick af boys. Best of luck and god bless.
  6. Its a game set in a fictional country. Serious RP is not the same as Realistic RP.
  7. RP is make belief bro, just need to chill.
  8. Born in Osaka to 2nd generation Chernarussian parents. His grandparents emigrated to Japan and led a humble life. Growing up white he faced some bits of racism here and there but it was minor and he had friends who helped him out. By the time he was in High School himself and his friends had become known as delinquents to the elders. His grades in school fell and he began hanging out on corners starting fights and smoking. His grandparents would often remind him and tell him stories of his origin country so he would have some self pride in where his blood runs. After getting known as drop outs and trouble makers it wasn't long until they were spotted by Yakuza Scouters. He ended up being recruited along with his best mate and served the Yakuza for many years to come. It was until around the time the civil war was beginning in Chernarus that he made the decision to return and fight for his country in honor of his Grandparents. In order to make his leave he chopped off his pinky and offered it to the Boss graciously. Due to the respect he had shown and the dedication he had for the organisation his leave was granted. Over in Chernarus he joined up with NAPA with other foreigners with Chernarussian heritage. He was given training and he saw action. He was sent to the battle of Kirovograd along with the unit he was in. After the defeat and the end of the Civil War Teppei tried fleeing the country along with other men but was apprehended. He was sent to prison at Storohz. He was in a foreigners only block. They were eventually put under house arrest in Chernogorsk. Since the panic of the pandemic he has been running with his fellow "Bastards".
  9. Yeah sure maybe... cool dude
  10. I think this should be added! Feelin peckish after a bit of shooting? Just nibble on ur barrel
  11. Good luck to ye boys. Hope to run into yous soon
  12. Cuchulainn

    The Legend

    What a great video! Can't wait for the introduction video of his brother Brian Shepherd.
  13. Growing up was tough for Kvido, he struggled to help ends meet. During the civil war his mother was slain in cold blood by the Chedaki scum. His father was a sympathizer for the Chernarussian government and helped out where he could without actually getting involved. Unfortunately with the victory of the Chedaki many of the now branded "terrorists" had to go on the run and hide. His father helped hide these men but it later caught up with him during the Hrůzy and Kvido has no clue whether he is still alive or not. Left to fend for himself Kvido became much like the rest of the Dubky kids and became a hooligan. He smoked weed and got high a lot of the days with the other kids and caused trouble. One of the residents named Vania Bozik taught them all about the Nationalist cause and the struggle against the Lopotev Regime, this inspired Kvido. He and the other kids would often fantasize about revenge but they were far too helpless, poor and high to be able to do anything. In 2020 they all attended the riots to cause mischief and harm to the now government forces, and they had lots of fun doing all this. With the pandemic worsening they saw it as an opportunity to get back at the government and have begun looting and robbing the rich tourists that roam their country. The tourists often have flashy jewelry that would be a fortune. Kvido wishes for more though, he wishes to be of more use to his country and to get justice for his mother and father.
  14. I think its better, no super soldier NATO marines running around doing flips and shit in Chernarus. Been having loads of fun and am actually happy to see loads of Eastern European characters rather than western characters.
  15. Born into a rather large family in Novigrad and dinner was always a fight. His father was a proud man who did his best to provide for his family and his mother was a hard working woman who made the family function. In his teens himself and his brothers always got into a good bit of trouble but were fairly nice kids. In his early adult life he and his brothers began building a crime empire for themselves to make money and by god they became kings in the crime scene. When the civil war began Gregori enlisted into the local NAPA force, although he was a scumbag criminal he was still a proud man as his father was and loves his country. He had enlisted with some of his very own brothers and together they bled throughout the war. When the civil war ended with the victory of the ChDKZ, Gregori tried to resume back to his normal life and lay low. Due to the prosecution of the General and Politicians and the classing of them as War Criminals, Gregori and his brothers moved their crime empire toward South Zagoria hoping to cool off some heat and become known as criminals and nothing more. Unfortunately for Gregori when the Hrůzy began it wasn't long until he was caught by the Lopotev Regime. He was sentenced to Storozh Prison. He had been serving his sentence up until now whilst his younger brothers who had no part in the Civil War worked on the "family" business on the outside. Inside Gregori helped control things within his own ability with the business and gained connections but it was unfortunate for him that there was no way out for him as far he could see. When the flu / pandemic struck and with the withdrawal of the prison guards and local policing, he escaped with many others. Some war criminals as he was and some oddly enough were foreigners from the west. Now he is keeping his head low for the time being.
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