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  1. Yeah we're out sightseeing and that bro. See ya soon
  2. Cuchulainn

    S1: No time to comply Crossroads - 16/10/19 21:30

    No video evidence sorry. POV: I was minding my own business with my good pal @Ryan Shepherd when we get to the crossroads. We spot some young fellos there and proceed to talk to them. The first sentence I hear from them is "Do you have a license for those weapons?" to which Shepherd responds "Go fuck yourself" the guy and his buddy then go on to telling us to put our hands up. Shepherd puts one hand up and asks them "Are you not going to ask me who I am?". Bands screams to him to put 2 hands up and within 2 secs he shot the poor man dead. The only shit talk that happened was before the initiation and it was the "Go fuck yourself" comment and may I repeat, IT WAS BEFORE THE INITIATION. After he was shot dead, I say "Y'all are crazy" in fear of my life and then I get told to stop lipping so I stop and then a sniper shot comes whizzing past and kills Mr Bands.
  3. Benjamin was born in Mobile, Alabama. At a young age his father would bring him out fishing almost every weekend and this sparked his love for it. All his friends started joining the army to fight in Vietnam against the Viet Cong so he enlisted too. He witnessed some fucked up shit over there and had to kill some Viet Cong. After arriving back home from the war he found himself a wife, settled down and had kids. He bought himself a small boat and took up fishing again. He often took his sons out fishing. After his wife passed away his now grown up children stuck him in an old folks home called "Open Arms Retirement Home". They brought the old folks around Europe on a historical trip and once in South Zagoria is when the crisis happened.
  4. Born in Takmyr the capital of Takistan he was raised by his mother as his father was a Takistani rebel and had been killed. As he grew up witnessing the atrocities being committed around him in his local area he eventually became insensitive to death and murder, it was like this until his mother had succumbed to disease and died when he was 15. He came to the conclusion that it he was on his own as was everyone else. Nobody helped each other. Shabaz had to make ends meet one way or another. He himself ended up joining the Rebels. He took it only as an opportunity to learn how to fight and get experience with combat. After a few years he left the Rebels with no regret, he didn't care for them, he used them. He joined a mercenary company and went around Takistan taking contracts with his company. They eventually broadened their horizon and took a contract in Chernarus. During this contract is when the crisis hit and he was stranded in this country. He made his way to South Zagoria with a few others and has been surviving there. He has gotten lots of abuse from the local Chernarussians just for being Takistani. He does not care for this as he is just in it for himself and making profit.
  5. Cuchulainn

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    Been really enjoying your RP recently brudder, Keep it up 💪❤️

  6. wow 13 years old already, congrats

  7. didnt know this boi was 15.


    16 now

    you couldve told me this and we couldve been friends

    happy birthday

  8. Charlie

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    Happy Birthday to my favorite Irish!

    1. Cuchulainn


      Appreciate it bro 😘

  9. Cuchulainn

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Sound fella, firm supporter. Nothin but love bb
  10. Cuchulainn

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    @Ryan Shepherd The stuff looks neat and cool so I vote yes.
  11. Cuchulainn

    Domorodci Media Thread

    Another Ruski down bratrs.
  12. Born in Pustoshka, Kvido would often go into the nearby fields with his friends and set up goal posts to play football. Later in his childhood he joined a local club and was rather good at the sport. When he was 17 he was scouted for FC. Zeleno for the semi professional league in the country. He also went on to play internationally for the Chernarus football squad. He was a right winger. At the age of 19 in secret he attended NAPA meetings and got involved in some crimes, although he believe they were justified. In the public eye he was a football star and hero, in his secret life he had deep connections within the NAPA. He had to keep it secret to avoid criticism and conflict with his football career. He fell to the ideals of NAPA and grew hatred for foreigners and was prepared to take action against the foreigners and Chedaki invaders. Just before the outbreak he took part in kidnapping a chedaki sympathizer, they took him into an isolated barn and tortured the man through the entire night, his screams not to be heard by anyone. Once they were finished with him they branded him and hung him from a tree to send a message to his chedaki scumbag friends. Upon the outbreak Kvido became more aware of the influx of foreigners and refugees and his resolve became stronger, he banded together with fellow Chernarussians to fight against any threats to their beloved and beautiful country.
  13. Cuchulainn

    Domorodci Media Thread

    Good work man
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