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  1. Good read and all but Im sorry bud, thank fuck that aint Canon. Aint no way im sharing my legos.
  2. If I see a base that looks pretty tempting and is raidable imma raid it end of, if theres someone there thats a bonus and if no one is there unlucky bud. How am I supposed to know if the owner is offline or just out on a loot run too? Also lets say I've been prepping to raid the base, getting the supplies etc. Then the owner goes offline, makes for some awkward rp with my mates eh? "Sorry boys lets not raid it now"
  3. Happy Valentines day my son!

  4. How are ye bud?

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    2. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      IMgood too

    3. Cuchulainn
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      Nae cunt cares 

  5. Really enjoying the podcast so far. Some very Hot, Relevant Topics that are being discussed. Well done boys
  6. Born in a small village in Ethiopia, William never got to properly learn how to work the land as he was taken from it at a young age. He was taken by some Somali Pirates and they worked him to the bone with barely any food. It was until the age of about 13 when an african guerrila force known as the Revolutionary United Front, now "The Ubuntu", got into a small conflict with these pirates that he was "freed" but really the only choice he had was to join them. With these people he formed some bonds here and there but it took a while for him to finally settle in once again. The people he had bonded with the most had been the Muncho brothers as some of them were there personally when he was freed but also they were like-able and had good personalities. When they were to smuggle blood diamonds all the way over to South Zagoria through foreign lands, this was when the bonds he had grew and they became his brothers. Unfortunately things didn't go so well and they ended up in the middle of some shit show. He goes where The Ubuntu goes, they are his family and he will die for them.
  7. Want to know the god honest truth? All I need is a good pair of wellies, not the fake brand ones, and some capris aswell as the odd Double barrel shotgun. Anything else I carry is extra, I carry cos of convenience. Oh and I carry a nice boiling hot bowl of stew that I get from the lovely soup kitchen.
  8. Welcome welcome, take a seat, take a bowl and welcome... to Fionn's Bowl Cuts. (Sorry to those who believed in me, I'm truly ashamed of my actions) credit to @Ryan Shepherd for name Idea and convincing me, absolute genius
  9. Unfortunately his heart is set for one already
  10. cONGRATS boo

    happy birthday good job GIF

    1. Banshee


      Cheers lads


  11. I personally would like to have the ability to reach the outside top windows of some houses so I can go window washing and make a few extra bob. +1 from me
  12. Born into the Crip lifestyle he quickly fell into the whole ganglife. He was all about that life. At the age of 19 he had done his fair share of gangbangings and earned himself some street cred. Ova the course of about 4-5 years he ended up going on a trip across europe to meet up with some brothas across the atlantic. Upon arrival they hired some Car-Fo-Hire and went on a road trip. In Livonia he couldn't believe his eyes, "They got some fine ass snow bunnies in europe dawwg" They were at some ghetto ass nightclub when a fight broke out and they had to dip out soon cos the 5.0 round here aint got no love for a brotha or so they heard. One fine ass evening while eating a goooood steak, the news hit. The last thing he and the brothas expected was the outbreak. Shit hit them real hard.
  13. Damn i got the voice of an angel if i do say so myself
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