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  1. Jens was born on the Faroe Islands, but his parents moved to Denmark for better job opportunities, so he never got to learn the language except odd words here and there. Jens considers himself to be a Dane, and is proud of it. Jens has a profound national feeling about his country and since he was young, willing to offer himself for his country. He knew since he was 17 that he wanted to serve in the military. He had to wait until he was done with his education, which didn't take long, he finished high school as a eighteen year old. He volunteered before he got called in for mandatory military service. He was hopeful that this was the right decision he made, he didn't have much family except his parents. His dad was proud of his decisions, but his mother was worried because of what it might lead to. Jens didn't think much of it in the beginning because there wasn't too much trouble going on around the world. But when he finished his training and got officialed enlisted, a lot of things changed. A rapid armament of danish troops was set in progress because of demands from NATO, this meant that Jens was definintely going abroad. Jens got deployed to Poland, and further fought against invading russian troops, all over the baltics. Jens was lucky that he never got wounded or injured, he took great care not to be a nuisance. He wanted to make his way up in the ranks in the danish military, so he had something to be proud of, a legacy of some kind. The violence and dispair took a heavy toll on Jens, since he never got used to the idea of taking another mans life, but he had to do his duty, and serve his country. Jens's first confirmed kill was in the baltics, where he shot a russian soldier, wounded but not killed. He went over to this man, and tried to talk to him, in english. It appeared that the russian was not able to communicate, but Jens shed a tear and shot him in the head. Jens tried to sleep the night after, but couldn't. He met people on his deployments, that he considered family, he's never had a closer bond with anyone else before. You need a lot of trust to put your life in the hands of another person, but it's necessary to fight properly. Jens learnt a lot of valuable lessons in his deployment, he gained a lot of combat experience aswell with his continuative service in the military. A lot of complications happened though. The infection was annouced globally by the WHO and described as a severe pandemic. Not a lot of precations was made, so it was all havoc and destruction. Civilian populations fell quickly, leaving the military to do a lot of the work. The remaining danish forces in Livonia are now desperately trying to get back to Denmark. Gud Bevare Danmark.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: As position logs shows, I returned to the same area of my death within 1-2 minutes of my New Life Rule timer, 1-2 minutes. You can't be serious about me receiving 3 day ban and 10 points because I returned to the airfield, not even the same part or area, 1-2 minutes before my timer was up, this is ridiculous. If I were to reinitiate and join the "firefight" that wasn't even active at this point, then I wouldn't go around looting southern barracks, but instead run back to the base and regear. I would also like to point that in the comms I was in, had nothing PVP related, it was only speculations about someone being outside our base, not a active gunfight. The firefight at this point was dying out, and the only thing I heard was desolate gun shots, probably killing zombies. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Position logs (4498.0, 9328.5, 335.6) shows me being outside the perimeter of the airfield at 19:16:27, I was shot and killed at 18:18:42. I simply returned to the airfield and started looting up, so I could continue with my RP after the situation was over, I did in no way participate or consider participating in the current active event. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban revoked and all points removed. What could you have done better?: I thought I calculated my death correctly, ''I died at this time and can return now'', but I guess I just have to give it a bit more time instead of just going after the time from my exact death. And next time I'll stay completely out of the vicinity, because I don't want to end up in the same situation.
  3. I was staying away from the actual firefight, I stayed in the southern barrack area to loot, the firefight was ongoing up by ATC, so I thought that I would be out of harms way being in the southern part.
  4. Server and location: Server 1, NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Time: 19:37 Date: 28/12/2019 Your in game name: Frederik Niclassen Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I'm walking around looting the airfield, looking for a better gun. I was crossing the road to go to the other side, to continue looting when I see a guy. I approach him trying to get some RP, I then instigate a conversation with him, and it was hard for me to hear him, so I mute discord, and when I've muted discord, I come back and tell him to speak up, because he is still quiet. He then pauses for a couple of seconds to then proceed with shooting me down.
  5. POV: I was behind the PD and I got sprayed down by Ali Amir, who had rights on me. Btw good fucking shot @Scrxts
  6. Frederik was on a school related trip in Chernarus when it all started, he was supposed to attend a scientific convention but was apprehended because of the unseen consequences of the apocalypse. He hadn't been informed of alot except that they needed to get out of the country as quickly as possible. This didn't prove to be his luck when the helicopter that came to evacuate him crashed straight into the ground. He was told by his teacher that was on the trip with them that they needed to head to the coast, to be escorted by the military out of the country. The only problem was that there were no public transport of any kind available at the time of need. This resulted in them having to walk until they got intercepted by a military patrol. They were confronted and told stand still as the guy in charge came over and talked to the teacher. The teacher informed them of who they were and that their evacuation helicopter had crashed. The entire class then got loaded up into the back of the military truck and they all headed back to the coast. They managed to get to the coastal city of Chernogorsk and saw huge war ships in the Black sea of the coast. Their teacher told the class that they were gonna get transported out there and everything should be okay. But the apocalypse didn't prove to be merciful. They were supposed to take on the RHIIB's out to the war ships, but someone had sabotaged all of them, they were leaking. The military then told them to stay put for now until further evacuation was available. Frederik was terrified, he didn't wanna be a part of all this. He started hearing alot of gunfire in the town that he was residing. he looked out the window and saw a lot of military personnel shooting down the road into a huge gathering of people walking up the street. He didn't know what to make of this but, the teacher reacted quickly and took the class with her. They walked outside to see the military shooting upon civilians, or atleast they thought so. Frederik panicked and ran, his teacher yelled at him to come back, the teacher couldn't keep up with Frederik and gave up. Frederik ran into the forest and fell unconscious because of fatigue. He woke up again after 1-2 days freezing in the forest. He walked back to the town where he ran from in the first place. He saw smoke arise from the city, and walked closer to investigate. There were dead bodies all of the streets, bullet casings laid in stacks, The air smelled of gunpowder from all of the gunfire. Frederik walked further into the town and saw his old classmates and his teacher laying dead on the ground. They had bitemarks in them and bullet holes. He broke down crying from seeing all of the dead people. He was emotionally broken. He walked on the streets for days without seeing a single soul or anything. He continued to walk with the hope of finding someone else.
  7. The issue has been resolved no need to take it any further
  8. The server has a discord though Can we use DayzRP's discord?
  9. Server and location: S1: NW Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approximately around 20:45 Your in game name: Kohl Ludvigsen Names of allies involved: John Stone Name of suspect/s: Didn't get his name Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We were talking to some people that we met at the airfield and trying to see if they wanted to be recruited to a group we were trying to form, this then resulted in a few minutes of chatter and afterwards a guy with an AKM runs up to us and guns us down.
  10. Server and location: S1 EU Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): approx. 17:45 Your in game name: Kohl Ludvigsen Names of allies involved: Xander Black Name of suspect/s: None Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Forgot to save video evidence Detailed description of the events: Me and a teammate was at the NW airfield looting in a barrack when i say him drop dead on the floor instant, no blood on him no gunshot no zombie no nothing, so i tried to aid him and then i got insta killed no gunshot no zombie no nothing aswell, i died approximately 5 seconds after he did, i talked to staff about it and they told me to file a report about it.
  11. Background Kohl originates from Denmark, more precisely on the Danish peninsula known as Jutland. He started his Education in the town of Aarhus, where he graduated high school, and pursued his dreams of joining the military. Kohl was only 17 when he joined the danish military. He had special allowance to join at such a young age, which made him the youngest person in his company. He finished his basic training 6 months in, and this had him stoked, he was ready to pursuit his dreams of becoming a real soldier, just like his father before him. Kohl's father served in the danish forces and had gained a reputation for himself, which followed onto Kohl, this made him especially respected in the military. Kohl began his advanced combat training after he had finished his basic one. and this took him another 9 months, but he finished with good grades. His colleagues had made a nickname for him in the military, they called him "Los" which translated means Lynx, because of his young age and his excessive training. It was when Kohl turned 18 that he were promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant. Deployment He was a week afterwards called in for a briefing, it was about a covert mission taking place in a far away country known as Chernarus, the mission was arranged rapidly and it only took him about 1 week after his briefing to get deployed in Chernarus. It was a international mission arranged by UN, as a last effort plan to sort the unknown problems occurring in Chernarus. The crew consisted of around 200 soldiers, Kohl was again the youngest in the crew and felt left out, there were only around 10 other danes on the mission with him, and he tried to stick with them. They landed on the NW airfield after around 8 hours of continous flight. They were once again briefed when they landed and informed where they had to stay. Kohl was tired and felt asleep immediatly after he found his sleeping place in one of the barracks. He woke up to the sound of yelling as their CO was telling them were to go. He got on a truck early in the morning and was driven down the Elektrozavodsk where his duty was to protect the civilian population, they set up military camp in the middle of the city and proceeded to patrol around the area. He heard jets fly over his head flying inwards, he wondered what they were doing, but he heard loud explosions inland after only about 4 minutes. The native population was panicking, Kohl tried to stay calm and informed them to stay indoors. The outbreak He had heard from his CO through his radio that there was an outbreak, Kohl was confused because he wasn't briefed about a disease outbreak and continued to ponder why he was even there in the first place. Kohl just proceeded to follow orders and do what he was told. He heard more and more information about the outbreak the following days, but their CO came clean on the 5th day, telling them there was a rabies-ebola sort of outbreak, Kohl and his colleages were informed how to identify infected individual, the words the CO said shook him "CODE RED, I REPEAT CODE RED THE DISEASE HAS ESCAPED OUR CONTAMINATION PLAN, THE CONTINQUENCY PLAN THAT YOU WERE ALL INFORMED ABOUT IS NOW IN ACTION. KILL ANYONE ON SIGHT WHICH LOOKS TO HAVE THE SYMPTOMS PREVIOUSLY STATED!" Kohl became paranoid, and looked extra cautiously around to see if anyone fitted the description of an infected individual. Nothing happend the first day after the annoucement, but oh-boy did alot happen on the second day. Kohl awoke on the second day to a car crash. The car had hit the barricades that were setup. He walked over with some of his colleagues to see if the civilian had been hurt. The person behind the steering wheel was bleeding from his eyes, there was a bite mark on his neck, everything Kohl was told fitted onto him, but he couldnt make himself shoot the civilian. Kohl thought he looked too alive, he couldn't do it. His colleague came up behind him and pushed him aside and took his FNX-45 out and shot him right through the eyes, he died on the spot. Kohl became more and more emotionally unstable, he couldn't make himself do it, he just couldn't. Last stand On the third day was when all hell broke loose. Kohl was patrolling around the city in a HMMWV, he was in the gunner seat controlling the 50. CAL on top. And there it was, even his nightmare couldn't make this up, he looked in the direction of Chernogorsk, and saw smoke arise from the city. They tried to contact the military compound in the city. No response, no nothing. Kohl thought to himself "It was too late, they've fallen." He saw in the distance a huge mass moving towards the city. They called it in and had reinforments arrive. They were setting up a last stand post to stop what ever was heading towards Elektrovodsk. Kohl was mentally broken, after what he had seen. He's had multiple flashbacks of the civilian getting executed. His colleagues was yelling at Kohl, but he didn't hear anything he was completely zoned out, It was after the first gunshot being fired that he came back to reality. And there it was, the huge horde of people coming towards him. His colleagues then yelled at him again "FUCKING SHOOT KOHL, FUCKING SHOOT NOW!" And he pressed the trigger without a second thought letting out a deadly laser of bullets, piercing through all of those people, all of them, everyone. He couldn't take his hand off the trigger he was frozen. He ran out of ammunition and had to reload but he couldn't he was completely and utterly frozen. His colleagues once again started yelling at him and told him to reload, this made Kohl come out of the frozen state. He panickingly started reloading the gun as quickly as possible. And there it went again full-auto, no stopping, but his gun jammed this time, and he tried to get the bullet out. but it was too late the horde was close and there were too many. He had mown down atleast 200, maybe even 300. Retreat They were informed to retreat back to the city, and collect all military equipment and evacuate to the closest military compound. This proves futile as the car wouldn't start, they tried but couldn't. They tried as last effort to lock the car and shut the gunner hatch so nothing would come in, but the problem is that there were too many troops to fit in the car. So someone would have to stay outside and fight them off to the best of their ability. Kohl volunteered and with around 3 other people. He took out his M4A1 Carbine and switched from safe to full-auto. He then proceeded to kneel so he wouldn't feel as much recoil, he did this along with the 3 other volunteers. The CO called out the last words that we was going to utter "OPEN FIRE!" Kohl aimed down his sights and sprayed as much as he could. He started to tear up, which worsened his aim. He was just about to break. He reloaded and went full rambo style walking towards the horde while yelling at the top of his lungs. His gun clicked, he was out of ammo so Kohl improvised and took out his M67 fragmentation grenade, pulled the pin and threw them at the horde, then he threw the second one, the third one and the fourth, which was his last. Realising that he was just about to die made him sacrafice himself. He pulled out his FNX-45 his last weapon, and fired it down range with no remorse, he broke, he didn't feel anything for the infected. He reloaded and continued, and continued. His teammates saw his suicidal attempt and tried to help him by also throwing grenades towards the horde, but one of them landed too close to Kohl and knocked him out. Aftermath He awoke a few hours later in the evening under the HMMWV someone had dragged him under the car, and then he thought to himself "I'm alive?". He pushed him out from under the car. He looked from top till bottom to see if he was bit, there it was on his leg. He'd been bitten. He freaked out, but then suddenly asked himself "Am i immune?" he hadn't turned or suffered any symptoms. He rolled down his pants again and agreed to himself that he didn't wanna show it to anyone, not for now atleast. He continued on and investigated the scene, and looked inside the car, but the windows were tinted with blood so he couldn't see the interior, he took his empty FNX-45 and banged on the bulletproof glass to try and break it, with no effect. Then he remembered the gunner hatch he went atop the car and opened it. It smelled horrible he looked down and was shocked, they had committed suicide. He only had his empty M4A1 and his empty FNX-45 he wandered for days with no hope. And finally reached the NW airfield and saw the C130-Hercules that was supposed to evacuate him, it had crashed at the end of the airstrip. He wandered the wasteland with no hope of evacuation, so he picked himself together and decided that he wants to go home one way or the other. This was what kept him from having suicidal thoughts in the apocalypse, He met another NATO soldier after a few days of walking on the road. His name was John Stone.
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