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  1. Nice raider names, I'll have you know I regularly clap these bois on labs, and other various locations.
  2. Filthy CLF sympathizers, they deserve the bullet.
  3. This is absolutely amazing, I'd be all for having this map on S2!
  4. Bonjour, welcome onboard RP'er!
  5. FredLR

    In The Trenches

    The CLF will pay for their crimes in blood, and any sympathizers will take the same route.
  6. That is something I can agree with, but server performance would probably take a dip, if this was the case.
  7. Bonjour, welcome onboard, hope you'll pass the whitelist and enjoy your stay!
  8. I don't find it necessary to nerf the zombies, without them or them weakened it'll be ridiculously easy to survive, which I don't think it should in an apocalypse.
  9. I don't know what you're talking about.
  10. Having a guy get offended when I talk to him about his religion.
  11. We'll be catching a lot of fish for sure. The fishermen are at your service
  12. Hello there! If you want to get your character lore checked, you can just ask a support member.
  13. I can only say the same, the tension was almost too high.
  14. Harald grew up in a normal household in Denmark, normal family, normal education. Nothing was out of the average with Harald. Harald liked to fit in with the rest, trying not to stick out. Harald finished his education in 2016, graduating with decent grades. Harald didn't do much with his grades though, he slowly descended into drug abuse, having used heroin and cocaine on a regular basis. This made him live in the "slums", which also made him get into contact with sly and criminal individuals. He established contact with Magnus Sharp, who took Harald with him down into the rabbit hole, slowly getting in deeper water with criminality. Magnus established contact with the "The Nordic Brotherhood", which also meant that Harald followed suit. This contact with "The Nordic Brotherhood" made Harald get drawn into Chernarus, because of the unrest and economic vulnerability.
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