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  1. Michael was born aboard a cargo ship on the Atlantic Ocean. His father was working on the ship as a cargo handler while his pregnant girlfriend was on board with him. Since they didn't have any long term home to stay at Michael's father took his girlfriend with him on the ship he was working on at the time. They figured out to try to get to some nice hospital at ships destination. Michael's father was able to convince the ships captain to let her girlfriend on board by giving 1/3 of his salary back to the ships captain as a payment for his girlfriends stay aboard. But during a storm on middle of the Atlantic Ocean Michael's mother got in to labour and the ships doctor had to deliver the baby on board the ship. Everyone was worried for the new born baby on board but after a while it brought the crew some life and content on their otherwise dull and hard work. After that Michael's parents got a place to stay at but as Michael grew up they had to move a lot from place to place cause Michael's father was doing some odd jobs around Europe. Later on Michael's father ended up doing construction work and they stayed a long time in Slovakia. As Michael grew up he also started doing construction work with his father and helped him on his job as an apprentice construction worker. Michael worked with his father for many years until His father got in a bad accident at work and died tragically. After that Michael just left his home and roamed all around Europe and ended up in Chernarus doing odd jobs here and there on the way. Michael haven't been the same since his father died. It was too much for him to bare and he just lost himself in the middle of all that sorrow and grief. Michael was doing some construction work in the city of Chernogorsk when the viral outbreak occured. He was a mess inside even before the zombies but now after the world has ended he is even more troubled and struggles to go on. Michael somehow still has a glimpse of hope in him but it's just buried deep with in him. He has been looking out only for himself since his father died, but now in middle of all the chaos and end of the world he finds something in him that he can't yet really comprehend nor grasp. There is some goodness trying come fort on him that he thought he lost a long time a go. "Maybe there is life after the zombies after all?"- He ponders as he enters a big city up the north......
  2. Born in Nashville, Tennessee. Parents migrated from Finland to U.S. before His birth. Lived a simple life in the suburbs. On young age started working in farms surrounding Nashville. There he was thought how to take care of animals and how to hunt, how gut and how to prepare animal meat for cooking. Abraham met his wife Lisa in high school and they fell in love and got married. Abraham kept working on a farm after high school. At his 30's he started his own company and became a wilderness guide and professional hunter. He was leading a boar hunting group in Chernarus when the epidemic spread out. His wife Lisa stayed on U.S. while Abraham was hired to lead this group of rich unexperienced hunters who wanted to go to hunt boars to the east europe. First zombies he encountered was a waiter in local bub. One of Abrahams clients got bitten by that waiter while he was in the toilet. Then all hell broke loose as his client and that waiter rushed out from the toilet and attacked Abraham and rest of the group. He was able to get out of the pub unharmed and pushed one of the zombies away from him. As soon as he got out he found more of those zombies lurking around so he run to the forest. He had left his rifle to their rental car outside the pub but he didn't have time to get it from the car. Only thing he had with him was his trusty knife and compass. Abraham was able to find some group of survivors while scavenging for supplies and food in one of the villages. One of them was a police officer and from him Abraham got insight of to the whole situation. He found out that whole Chernarus is under quarantine cause of a viral outbreak and the military was trying to keep people safe and in order. He stayed with that group and they tried to survive together and find safety from one the military outpost close by. When they got there it was already overrun by the zombies. Some of those zombies noticed Abraham and his group of survivors and he got separeted from that group when couple of the zombies started chasing him. Last thing he saw as he run away was his whole group of survivors being overrun by zombies and only thing he could he was able to do was to save himself by running to the woods. Since then Abraham has been surviving and trying to find a way out of Chernarus. Long time has now passed since the outbreak started. Abraham is now a different man, He has seen a lot on the way and been with many different groups of survivors. He found courage and strength during the times of trouble and now He is leading a group of survivors called The "Rangers". This group tries to help people and they are trying to build safe camp sites and outposts for anyone in need for shelter. Abraham is still trying to find a way out of Chernarus, He misses his Wife a lot.
  3. Hello, I did not notice this post until now when i got temporarily banned. I was walking with "BOB ROSS 1000 - Brandon Munoz" in Novaya Petrovka. We were talking together and exchaching gear when suddenly some guy wearing an jason hockey mask was standing behind me across the road holding his gun in his hands but not aiming. There was some other man standing next to him too. The man wearing the jason hockey mask started to talk to us and was telling us to leave that place and and creeping us out a bit. Then all of sudden when i was talking back to that guy who was wearing that jason hockey mask the guy next to him pulled his gun on this masked guy and told him to drop the gun. Then that Jason hockey masked guy turned around and shot that other man. Then first "BOB ROSS 1000 - Brandon Munoz" started firing at that masked guy and the masked guy was shooting back at "BOB ROSS 1000 - Brandon Munoz", Then i assisted my friend and tried to shoot at that masked guy. I missed my shot then the masked guy started shooting at me. Then i ran away to bandage my self and to find my friend "BOB ROSS 1000 - Brandon Munoz". After that we didnt see that hockey masked guy anymore, but we heard a lot of gun shots on other side of city so we bailed out of the city. Did i do something wrong when i started to shoot at that masked guy when my friend engaged him in combat?
  4. My name is Steve Jones. I'm a Finnish Journalist that is hungry for the truth and i'm willing to do almost anything to get the truth out there. I have worked before exposing crime lords in the Bolivian Cartel and also exposing war crimes of the Ugandan president in the Ugandan crisis in 2006. I came to Chernarus looking for a story of a viral outbreak that the coverment tried to cover up and hide. There was some proof out there that something was going on in the country of Chernarus. Some video clips and photographs spread out before the military could interfere. The whole country was put on a quarantine after some military operation was took in place there. There was also rumors that someone tried to contact outside world with a radio. There was a short message coming trough but the broadcast was cutted off before any sense was made from it. There were some talk of somekind of a viral infection spreading around and that soldiers where shooting civilians. I had to get the bottom of this. This truth needs to be revealed that what really happened in the country and that what is the situtation there now. I will do everything i can to find out the truth. I arrived to Chernarus by a boat. I hired a Takistan fisherman to take me to there. It was the only way to get to the country as the military was monitoring the air space and guarding the borders, so flying nor going by land wasn't an option. I just jumped off the boat and I said my good-bye to the fisherman as he turned his boat around. The Fisherman dropped me off on a Small pier on a remote village on the shoreline. I made it, I'm here, and here my story begins….
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