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  1. Igor Vaslav was born in Saint-Petersburg. Not much is told about him in his police records. However He graduated from Saint-Petersburg's police academy with honors and he was a rising star within the Saint-Petersburg police department. He was know on the streets as the "vigilante" cause of his disregard of politics and not being afraid to bust even the top ranks of the russian mafia. His street creds led him to be a target for anyone that was working with the mafia. As Igor was patrolling the streets with his partner there were ambushed by a group of armed thugs. Igor was able to shoot down most of them but his partner got shot in the firefight and was bleeding out next to him. As rest of the thugs fled the scene Igor's partner bled out in his hands. This insident haunted Igor and he went on a personal vendetta to find the rest of the thugs. After a long and tiring hunt he was able to find them and he shot them all. When his commanding officer found out of his personal vendetta and the troubles Igor had stirred up with the mafia he forced Igor to leave the force and send him far away from Saint-Petersburg. After that Igor got transferred to Berezino police departmend in Chernarus. Now he is trying to uphold the law in this small town when the world around him is going to change.....
  2. Boris was born in the city of Chernogorsk in the year of 1991. He had an troublesome childhood while growing up in the rural parts of Chernogorsk. As a kid he was always running around doing pranks to his neighbors and causing minor havoc around the neighborhood. Boris grew up without a father and her mother Svetlana raised him all by herself. As Boris grew up to be a teenager he started to have great interest in motorcycles and mopeds. He was able to buy himself and old used moped by working in a construction site close by his home. Then he spend most of his the time trying to fix and tune his old moped. Then one day one of his neighbors caught him trying to steal parts for his moped from a local junk yard and instead turning him in the neighbor offered him a job. That neighbor of his was an old retired car mechanic and he had seen Boris grew up and pitied him so he asked Boris to help him fix his old car. That old man had lots of tools and a carage where he kept his old lada. As Boris started to help that old man he got good experience of repairing engines and he was able to fix up his moped too. When the other neighbors saw Boris and the old man working on his old lada they came to ask if they could also fix their cars. So Boris and the old man started to have work to do and Boris wasn't causing any havoc anymore. But then something really sad happened and His mother passed away. After that Boris fell in a dark place and started to drink a lot even tho he was still a teenager. Later on Boris was able to get a job from a local car repair shop with the help of the old man. Now years later he was doing better even tho he was still drinking a lot. Boris found a girlfriend and was starting to build his life. But then the world changed and the outbreaks occurred. Now nothing is sure anymore.......
  3. Hello, I did not notice this post until now when i got temporarily banned. I was walking with "BOB ROSS 1000 - Brandon Munoz" in Novaya Petrovka. We were talking together and exchaching gear when suddenly some guy wearing an jason hockey mask was standing behind me across the road holding his gun in his hands but not aiming. There was some other man standing next to him too. The man wearing the jason hockey mask started to talk to us and was telling us to leave that place and and creeping us out a bit. Then all of sudden when i was talking back to that guy who was wearing that jason hockey mask the guy next to him pulled his gun on this masked guy and told him to drop the gun. Then that Jason hockey masked guy turned around and shot that other man. Then first "BOB ROSS 1000 - Brandon Munoz" started firing at that masked guy and the masked guy was shooting back at "BOB ROSS 1000 - Brandon Munoz", Then i assisted my friend and tried to shoot at that masked guy. I missed my shot then the masked guy started shooting at me. Then i ran away to bandage my self and to find my friend "BOB ROSS 1000 - Brandon Munoz". After that we didnt see that hockey masked guy anymore, but we heard a lot of gun shots on other side of city so we bailed out of the city. Did i do something wrong when i started to shoot at that masked guy when my friend engaged him in combat?
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