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  1. LtDestler

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    Condolences to the family. In the next life mate.
  2. That is cool, the sleeping bags make me want to continue staying out in the woods and if I come across people than I guess I could, very nice work on the textures
  3. that would be cool, I'm curious to see what the two of you would make of some raw stunt training scene footage we have, there are a couple scenes I would like edited together. either way I would like to have a small team especially if I start mass recording, I don't want to break anyone.
  4. Hey, So I run a channel called 2 Hands 2Many Games on Youtube, and I don't buy subs or any of that stuff cause I believe in hard honest growth. HOWEVER, lately my videos are live streams and I would like to move back into edited videos because one I suck with editing making me entirely lazy about it. Two my editing software does not work an I don't necessarily have time to figure out WHY it doesn't work, and three I would like to have someone that would like to edit videos and when the channel does flourish and grow and I make money out of it, that I can compensate. During the down time of when TV Shows are on break and Movies as well, I like to try and throw A LOT at my channel if possible. If you would like to help, I would be more than willing to set something up and have you as a helper on my channel, mod and that stuff. If any of you would like to help that would fantastic!
  5. LtDestler

    Post your hobbies.

    I work Props and Locations for big budget movies. last Props gig was for the Remake of Chucky *shudder* DO NOT GO AND WATCH THE MOVIE... it's bad... like really bad... Last real big budget movie I was IN was The Predator as a soldier, I was just on Twilight Zone, weird show but I'm not judging. I have Arrow coming up in two weeks that I'm going back to for a couple of days. Hoping for more Props gigs and crew work cause it pays me more lol. lawl I'm Canadian and yes we are allowed to own guns, I don't own any cause I don't have the cash for it, but I shoot well enough for me being a former service member. I need to really put more time in lol. You can check my instagram for videos I had taken. on one of my range days.
  6. LtDestler

    Post your hobbies.

    I hate being bored and not doing anything lol
  7. LtDestler

    Post your hobbies.

    I shoot guns, I work in film, it's a 'hobby' and I landscape ^-^. I'm also casually writing two novels.... SLOWLY... oh so slowly.... cools beats dude
  8. LtDestler

    Base building rules.

    I mean for the sake of the RP wouldnt it be a rule that could be implemented? But I see what you mean , you wouldn't be able to monitor...
  9. LtDestler

    Base building rules.

    Question, this is more inquiry than it is actually doing, with what rules are in now and this thing about rocks, wouldn't it in real life be advantageous to have one wall as a rock? The points about groups going and dismantling bases sucks, but in real life if you got raided while not home, thats life, granted what I've read so far is far from what would happen... Maybe until there are better mechanics in place, maybe there should be something put in as a rule for stripping builds down for nails. I personally prefer the nomad life but that's me.
  10. A well worn and used heavy leather journal with yellowed and aged pages is spread open to a pen laying on top of the paper Date: July 15th 2017 I've been given leave to go and take a month off to my leave, I'm taking off in the morning to fly to the Black Mountains to do some travelling, one of my Army buddies Yuri will be meeting me at the airport, he's going to show me around and we're do some sight seeing and just general backpacking travelling before I come back to base then get shipped over to the testing base in Montreal. The Captain from the unit will see me there and while he doesn't hold my Navy Status against me, he's a little 'upset' that he got a 'Squid' instead someone from say PPCLI 2nd Battalion or one of the 'Recce' Boys, but I would have to do. Not many women apparently were given a chance or an offer to join the JTF2 Unit, but according to him there was something afoot and he need all the assets he could get his hands on. Oh well, this will be my last vacation for a while if what I've been hearing in the news and what has crossed my desk is anything to go by, I am hoping to stay out of any 'hot zones' while abroad that could lead to some serious problems. I should think that as a Canadian will make things easier, we shall see. Date: July 25th 2017 Jesus Christ, jesus fucking christ! A NUKE! Yuri and I had passed into a small little town to get some water and wash our faces. The radio was blaring that some nuclear attack had gone off in the Green Sea. Russians are saying it wasn't them, but I had listened to enough Russian talk before to not take anything at face value. I've tried to get a phone call out but it's only local communication, I didn't pack my satellite phone when I should have and Yuri doesn't have a way to call out either. We are both officially stuck here until we can get to an airport, we're walking... we don't have a vehicle and no one here has anything but bicycles... shit... We have to get going, I'll update later. Date: August 3rd 2017 I'm sorry Big Man, Happy Birthday, I miss you and I love you James. This is the best I can do til I can make contact. Yuri and I back traveled to the airport we arrived at, it's a fucking mess. Someone dropped more than a couple of bombs here. None of the aircraft work, and he's talking to those that survived and were trying to get out. No one can get any sort of communication out, cellphones are dead and the last thing they heard of news was outbreaks of some sort and the fact that the Nuclear Bomb that had gone off had fucked things over. The two of us tried to do what we could, but what can one Sniper and one IT Tech do? Too many people were hurt and we didn't have medical supplies that they needed. I feel bad that I can't do anything... We're going to find a safe place to stay for the evening and figure out our course of action. We need to get back across the Pacific, if we can make contact with whomever and I have a feeling it was the American's that bombed this place, maybe we can secure a ride home. Date: August 29th 2017 Well, we are well and truly fucked. After going around and stopping at a border we found out that the US had been hit as well by whatever is going on here. Yuri and I have had run in with the infected and we've been lucky so far if you want to call it that. We got caught in the forest and attacked by a pack of wolves on our way to another airport that we've heard hadn't been as badly raped as some areas. It's going to be a long haul, it's a good thing this is training my body if I had ever made it back to BC and to my training. I've had to stay away from larger cities because of the rioting, people going after each other. It has been hard, the smaller cities have had what we've been needing. Soap and hygiene for sure has been something we've needed to keep up on. We've taken a couple of days to do our laundry in a stream or pond we've come across. Doing a couple hundred Kilometers a day is great and all, but we needed to have our rest. We're heading to Chernogorsk or some shit, apparently there are a couple of airfields that haven't been bombed into submission. Maybe we can find one of them and get out of this place. Date: October 25th 2017 Happy Birthday to me... happy... birth...day. Yuri is gone. I've had to bury him. We traveled by day, he managed to get maps of the areas we came through, his ability to translate was probably the most helpful. He had been teaching me, but while I am good at a lot of things. Languages never was, it was always hard and difficult for me to pick up one and learn it. Even my own Chinese and German while I can hear it, is difficult to speak sometimes. I have no idea were I am, other than Yuri told me to keep going on this heading, told me it would get me into Chernarus, after that I would need to landmark and find a map and then see where I need to go. We never learned what airfields are in the area, just that there area few. We had come across burned out places, a number of military bases were we picked up gear, Yuri got long range and I got the mid range, boy even though we had what we needed roughly, we were in for a hard time. A few weeks later we made it to the outskirts of the country and we made it in, however something was very wrong. Yuri had spotted them first, a very well organized group of guys, Uniforms with no insignia. Pretty sure this was the shit that the Captain wanted me for, we made the mistake of following after a small patrol group late one night. When we followed them back to their post we waited til the following night to see if we could get some intel, or that was supposed to be the idea. We did make it in but what we did not expect was the horde, it was a trap, the assholes knew we were tailing them and they let us right into a trap. Yuri got infected and managed to stave off for a week or so after before he capped himself in the head, we had one last drink Yuri and I. It was hard, he had given me everything that would be useful which wasn't all that much, his rifle had been badly damaged when we had to escape. I took his half of his dog tag and it sits in my pocket, I came back later he had done the deed in the hole we dug for him, I didn't bother looking into the hole. I just shoveled the dirt in and when it was all said and done did I look at the grave. Putting a Marker down for him I cried for my friend, I cried for my brother, this wasn't how it was supposed to go. I didn't know what to do and I didn't do much except hide away. I found this hole as it was, I sat in front of the fire putting myself back together. It's been a week or so now... I need to get out of this country. Date: April 15th 2018 Fuck the winter, fuck this place, fuck everything. I'm surprised that I haven't killed myself yet. Date: November 3rd 2018 I wasn't in a good place the last entry... short as it was, but there is something to learn from this. I've walked more kilometers than I have ever wanted to in my life, I have killed more of these fucking monsters. Saved my fair share of people too. I know most of this area, and found that staying in the forests is a great way to stay alive, I very rarely go to the city but if I need to go there I only take what I need, but I've been hearing some rumblings that might get across the Pacific. Now all I need to do it get to it, and hope to god that I can reach my country and get away from this nightmare. Now I just need to check the docks... even if that means ALL of them.
  11. Kamryn Destler was an NCO of the Royal Canadian Navy on vacation leave to backpack through the Black Mountains and through the Russian territory before returning home to start on the preliminary physical testing to train into the JTF2. As a Naval Communicator Kamryn spent most of her time behind a desk in a computer server room if she wasn't attached or board a ship where she trained into becoming one of the few Female Advanced Boarding Party Members. A trained combatant in hand to hand, she used everything including unconventional fight tactics to end a situation. Her previous life prior to her joining the military was that of live theatre and being apart of the film industry, her high school years of being a gymnast gave her a physical strength that balanced out the 'nerd' elements of her life. Creating out of the box solutions to problems and her ability to adapt is what got her an offer to join the JTF2, her computer and technical skills (cryptology, network security, hacking, computer building and repairs) balanced her out with her physical skills made her sought after. Her back country upbringing and love for nature gave her an even higher survivability when she would take leave periods to just be one with nature. She did not expect the world to go 'ape-shit' on what would be her final leave. Staying away from people she doesn't know doesn't mean she won't help, it just makes her more of an observer and if for sure she can help she will, but she is not above putting someone down if it means saving a life. Struggling to get home is her priority, everything else is second... that is if she can get home.
  12. LtDestler


    Yeah, you might have. It seems to be a minor curse that the stuff I shoot gets cut or you don't see much of it. I'm hoping for another big project to come my way, it would have been a good year or so back if Alien 5 hadn't been slashed because if Ridley Scott... Alice 5 was supposed to be filmed where I live and I know who the Military Tech Advisor would have been for the movie as he's a really good friend of mine. I hope to see you in game as well, thanks for the warm well wishes, I'm hoping to be approved soon. Hopefully I can get a story or a series together for YouTube that does well. I just hate video editing. Lol
  13. LtDestler


    Hullo Everyone, Name's Heather aka Kamryn or Lt.Destler (in the rest of the gaming world), I hail from Canada and I'm looking for a great game of DayZ to help with my writers block and just to have fun. (Kinda done on the KOS) I work in the Film industry here in Canada after serving in the Royal Canadian Navy as a Navcomm (I had to come home because of leg injuries, I would lose them if I didn't care of them) I am also a Live Theatre Stage Manager and Props builder. In Film/TV I am a props person (dealing with guns, armour and tactical wear more often than not.) I've been in a number of movies and TV shows as an actor and I'm training to be a stunt person. Recently was in The Predator as a Soldier, War for the Planet of the Apes(my first movie) as a Soldier. And I'm in almost all of the CW Shows... I've posted up some of the stuff I've done on my Instagram if you want some sort of Proof. Hullo! <<Instagram if you are feeling stalkerish I also run a Youtube Channel 2 Hands 2Many Games, that I have a hard time of keeping up there, it's a small community but I would like to put together an RP DayZ series at some point. When I'm NOT working on a set. Hope to play with you soon >.>
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