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  1. BenJefferson

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    You'll always be cool to me my man :3
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    It would've added some much needed drama
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    We felt safer than ever
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    Late night BBQ with the neighbours
  5. Prior to this, one of our neighbors came by, catching me smoking a joint. I offered him some, but he refused - he did eventually decide to "have some" a few moments after. He left our place, only to return a little while after, stating "Dinner!" in our gateway.. I knew I had to follow him. https://plays.tv/s/MEBD9oxA6yF6
  6. Personally Im pretty Happy with the servers current limit. I do live in europe, so the peaktime is different for me, which might be why Im okay with it as it is. However, When the server Peaks, I clearly feel it through small rubberbanding issues, and more severe issues while driving vehicles. I Really would hate it to get any worse by increasing the slots.
  7. @NikoteenRP - Me and @FruitPunchG were not involved in the episode at the store. We had just come down from vyborg, and wanted to test out building. How did you exactly ID us as the guys causing trouble? In the future, you could try to RP to ask where we've been, our names and what not, to clarify if we "might" have something to do with said episode. It's getting pretty late for me, as I live in europe - and fruit has gone to bed a few hours ago. Let's figure this out tomorrow. Sad to hear that you can't run the store peacefully without that kind of interference.
  8. POV: Me and @FruitPunchG were trying to build a fence, when @NikoteenRP shows up. He appears as a complete fresh spawn, bleeding and holding a lit flare. We try to RP it out with him, letting him know he needs to mend his wounds. It takes him roughly 30 seconds to fight off the zombies attacking him, until his first respond via comms. Blood is clearly gushing from his wounds, and we continiously remind him of this - he doesn't seem to bother too much with it. In the end, he decides to bandages his wounds. He's instantly drawn to my M16 and starts showing interest towards it. Specifically, he asks what kind of magazine that is, clarifying that it's a double stanag before I can even respond. This lead me to believe, that his character has knowledge of guns and how to use them - maybe even show a great interest towards em. He asks if he can try it, since it's been a long time since he tried this specific rifle. I think "Why not" since his RP led me to believe we could have a talk about guns and stuff, after he tried it. I hand over the M16, and he insists on trying it out on a zombie - I however, try to convince him to try shooting the thin air, because I wouldn't want him to run off with it, or turn on us. He walks into the adjacent industrial site, fires a few rounds on a zombie and asks me where I would like the gun to be dropped. He walks a few steps as shown in the video, and quickly turns on us, telling us to put our hands up. At this point, me and @FruitPunchG are both wielding our USG's - not in ADS though. @FruitPunchG is the first to open fire, using his rights as defender to kill him. In the video, you clearly see that he is turning on @FruitPunchG first, then at me, and then back at Fruit. Fruit uses the gap, in which he isnt pointed at, to go ADS and open fire. Thats my POV. I feel like the RP was carried out poorly, and that @NikoteenRP showed little to no value for his life, given the fact that we were both wielding loaded USG's. I'd also like to add, on a final note, that I usually don't hand over my guns to strangers - BUT - I was completely carried away, with the initial RP that he opened up with. It led me to believe that he was a former veteran (or something related to that), hence is why I decided to let him give the rifle a spin. EDIT: Also, sorry for the lack of video evidence. I'll make sure to record from now on, while on the server.
  9. I'll post mine within the next hour
  10. Thanks buddy! That did the trick! Thanks man! That did the trick
  11. Sounds amazing @Roland! I get bad version when trying to connect though, even though i updated the mods. Are there any new mods we need to download to support this stuff?
  12. Terrence grew up in the hood with his big brother Ricky. They both had a troubled childhood, and their father left when they were quite young. Terrence had a dream of becoming a lawyer, but the family had no money for his college tuition. Ricky decided to engage in criminal activities, becoming a recognized gangster in the local area - he wanted to spend his hard earned cash to provide for the family, and help Terrence into college to chase his dream of becoming a lawyer. Terrence made it to college, and later on he graduated from lawschool. He struggled to find a job, because of the well-known fact that his brother was involved with criminal activities. This made everyone question his eligibility of practicing law. One evening, Terrence and Ricky was eating dinner while their mother was at a local bingo event. Ricky wanted Terrence in on a gig he had recently accepted, where he had to traffic a new kind of drug to Chernarussia, more specifically to Gvozdno. He needed Terrence because of his wits and intellect to complete the operation. Terrence always felt like he was in the shadows of his big brother, and the two of them were very close - it was simply too hard to say no, even though Terrence never engaged in any criminal activities. The two of them left on a plane to Chernarus, and landed the job as planned. They celebrated in a motel with vodka, and local women. While asleep, there was a lot of noise - helicopters and military vehicles - they didn't think too much of it. The next morning when they went to the airport, ready to head home with their mission succeeded, they faced a living nightmare. A person suddenly attacked the other passengers in the terminal, biting their necks, leaving people screaming and panicking. Terrence and Ricky fled the airport, only to find that things were just as bad in the rest of Chernarus, within days. They knew they had to find a way to escape this living hell on earth, securing not only themselves, but also their newly earned life-savings.
  13. Hey guys. New around here, can't wait to be a part of this amazing community. I had so many people tell me that it was such a good experience. I'll be with you once my application goes through! See you in chernarus!
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