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  1. Symplekti

    S1: South Chernogorsk - Bad RP...again, GearRP 21:15ish

    Nicholas Karagoz POV: I was with @PonyBoy before he helf him captive. We were just simply talking to the OP about his fence building and the purpose of the compound. Then @PonyBoy was told to initiate, so i went to go help out @Emepop with keeping watch of the entrance.
  2. usually if you join the server on peak times with the launcher it was take around 5-7 minutes due to the queue. Your game may be stuck on the dayz screen and freeze but its all good
  3. *Nicholas Karagoz hits his PTT with a giggle* "Your snake will cost you more than what you took from me. An arm and a leg. 539" *looking at his wounds he releases the PTT*
  4. POV As @RyanPr said we simply initiated on him and would further continue with RP. There was no instance of bad RP or gear RP during this initiation and i believe that the problem with green dragons has been sorted. You can see in the video that we did everything correctly and if it was gear RP we would of taken a lot more stuff and the whole thing would of had little to no RP. (The only bad RP was retro with the gun problem)
  5. As @Caraham said we both encountered him and decided to leave him be. Then as we decided to rob him i was the one who actually initiated and we gave him plenty of time to comply. He simply just turned towards us and then logged off. We then decided to stay in the area incase he came back, as we saw him we then initiated on him again and shots were fired. He shot back and then ran off into the woods to log off
  6. Symplekti

    From the Ashes she rises once more....(Open Frequency)

    *Nicholas hits PTT* VIVA LA SAVIORS! *Nicholas releases PTT*
  7. Nicholas Karagoz is a greek native who lived in the UK and was a mechanic for a popular car modifying shop which would import and export cars for racing team around the globe. One day he received a priavte job to do a custom build on a sedan for rally. So he decided to go to russia with his childhood friend named Dimitar Genchev who speaks russian fluently is an ex-millitant for the UK and left due to the fact that he suffered from PTSD after experiencing his brother die next to him during the war in syria. It was estimated that this job would take 2 months and it would require them to go all around russia with the team to help maintain and repair the car. A month later the outbreak started and Nicholas was in a city called Saratov which is located in southwestern Russia. Nicholas and the team were currently unaware of the situation until a small group of bandits captured him and Dimitar killing the rest because they were "useless" keeping Nicholas for his mechanical knowledge and Dimitar for his strong build and military knowledge. They forced Dimitar to join their group and used Nicholas to repair broken cars and modify them to deal with the infected swarms. One day the bandits decided to go to chernarus as they heard rumours of an island with a prison that has just received a supply drop. After 3 days of travel the finally got Kamyshovo and the bandits decided to split into 2 teams. 1 team would steal a boat and head out to find the island and the other team would go and look for a location to set up a camp. Nicholas was forced into the team going for the island to help with the boat engine and Dimitar was sent with the team looking for a location to help with building a foundation for the camp. Both team have split up and Nicholas and the bandits have found a boat with a working engine but is ready to fail in the next day. But the team decided to head out and look for this island. 6 hours in there was a major storm and it washed up the boat, leaving Nicholas alone in the ocean until he sees land and drifts to the beach using the debris of the boat. Nicholas wakes up on the coatsline with the sight of industrial buildings. He walks up onto the road and checks for road signs. He finds out he is in chernogorsk and finds half of a map covering the whole of chernarus. Now knowing where he is, he will be seeking to look for his friend dimitar using his map and the knowledge he will gain from his encounters with surviors. After a few weeks Nicholas ended up joining the Saviors being part of the intel division hoping he would find some intel on his friend Dimitar. He became friends with a man called David O'Brien where they would go out on intel missions together and gain a strong trust together. One day they both setup a meeting with a group to declare a peace treaty hoping there would be something positive for the saviors until the war broke out between all the groups and the saviors ended up capturing the leader of the group causing conflict betweem them. Nicholas was not in the best of moods knowing that all their work was just thrown away due the the blood shed the saviors caused. Many days have passed since Nicholas was involed with one of the attack at stary sobor and he felt disgusted with himself knowing he was part of a reckless slaughter. All he would do is just look at his hands as they were stained with the blood of innocent people and he had enough of the leadership the saviors had running so he decided to create a group with David called Denigrata where they would only focus on intel to try and stop the war going on between the groups. As he left the base of the saviors we would look over his shoulder staring at their base and he screamed "VIVA LA RETARDS!!". The Denigrata had a great start with multiple memeber joining the group agreeing with the intentions of the group and the name would be spread around the whole of chernarus. But one day Nicholas went to green mountain looking for food for the group until a savior member spotted him by himself and held him captive. He was then led into a barn where Jimmy White and Clayton Biggsbe were sitting there waiting for him. They would preoceed to torture Nicholas asking for the location of the Denigrata base and members of the Denigrata but Nicholas could not keep everything hidden. That is when Clayton Biggsbe decided to cut off Nicholas' left index finger and right big toe with a saviors cross left on his back. Nicholas was left crawling for his life and Denigrata memeber found him screaming in pain. Now Nicholas has intetions and he is planning to keep this a secret until parts have been obtained.
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