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  1. Ronnie Farrell junior is the son of the very well known Essex gangster Ronnie Farrell. He was the only child to come from ronnie and he has always had a full expectaion to become the next leader for his fathers gang. But ever since he was a child he was always into a strategy board game known as stratego, his father was always mad when ronnie would miss all of his meeting with his father to go play stratego with his butler. As years went by, his father gave up with his son and just let him do his stuff with his "Peice of shit board game" stratego. ronnie is now twenty and he has started as job as a windows salesman, his father went on a trip to somewhere called chernarus for a meeting with the mafia about some new chemicals being used to torture people giving them a stining sensation all other their body. It has been 2 months and his father has not returned and now ronnie has decided to go to chernarus and locate his father and bring him back home. As he arrived in chernarus all flights were cancelled and the whole country has been swarmed with infected and now ronnie has to use his skill from stratego to find his father.
  2. Symplekti

    S1 - KOS, No time to comply @Zub Castle - 16March2019 - 23:20

    Nicholas Karagoz POV: We went to zub castle to go check it out and we heard people being tortured up the castle. we sat there for a while listening to the conversation until someone came up to us saying hello which gave us out. I was in a panic so when they came downstairs i initiated but out of pure panic i shot @yuthee and killed him. After that the rest upstairs still had the hostages so we had to be quick in case they decided to do anymore damage to them. We got the hostages and then decided to take them to a safer place away from zub castle.
  3. Symplekti

    S1 - KOS, No time to comply @Zub Castle - 16March2019 - 23:20

    I feel like I don’t need to post my POV due the the fact that I’m guilty for no time to comply it was a mistake on my behalf and I apologise to the OP and his group for the inconvenience but if you do want my POV still then just ask me
  4. Symplekti

    S1 - KOS, No time to comply @Zub Castle - 16March2019 - 23:20

    we have to wait for the logs because we see 5 in the video. Yet i believe we only killed 4
  5. Symplekti

    S1 - KOS, No time to comply @Zub Castle - 16March2019 - 23:20

    I was the person who killed OP. I'll post my PoV tomorrow but I'd like to ask for logs as I have reason to suspect there was CL'ing on the side of OP and his allies.
  6. Symplekti

    The bigger they are the harder they fall

    *Nicholas hits PTT* "Nonce Moody, could you get these bitches some muzzles? It's giving me a headache" *He then releases PTT*
  7. Symplekti

    The bigger they are the harder they fall

    *Nicholas giggles as he picks up the radio hitting the PTT* "Sewing peoples mouth shut is not going to stop them from telling the truth about you. Filthy Nonce" *Nicholas releases the PTT and sits back in his car*
  8. Symplekti

    S1: South Chernogorsk - Bad RP...again, GearRP 21:15ish

    Nicholas Karagoz POV: I was with @PonyBoy before he helf him captive. We were just simply talking to the OP about his fence building and the purpose of the compound. Then @PonyBoy was told to initiate, so i went to go help out @Emepop with keeping watch of the entrance.
  9. usually if you join the server on peak times with the launcher it was take around 5-7 minutes due to the queue. Your game may be stuck on the dayz screen and freeze but its all good
  10. *Nicholas Karagoz hits his PTT with a giggle* "Your snake will cost you more than what you took from me. An arm and a leg. 539" *looking at his wounds he releases the PTT*
  11. POV As @RyanPr said we simply initiated on him and would further continue with RP. There was no instance of bad RP or gear RP during this initiation and i believe that the problem with green dragons has been sorted. You can see in the video that we did everything correctly and if it was gear RP we would of taken a lot more stuff and the whole thing would of had little to no RP. (The only bad RP was retro with the gun problem)
  12. Symplekti

    Savior's Media Thread

  13. Symplekti

    Savior's Media Thread

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