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  1. so read on the FAQ that you should make a new character if you want to go to deer isle, but i wanted to know could i just have my chernarus character, crash land onto the island, like say he hoped onto a boat trying to get away from cherna when he got caught in a storm and wreaked onto the shores of deer isle, or just simply sail there. because i dont want to make a new character quite yet, oh and what mods do i need to play on deer isle i cant find it anywhere and are there cars on deer isle
  2. where'd you take this pic, is it from dayz? its cool
  3. make since i guess, thx
  4. can someone tell me why i cant kill this zombie
  5. When Wolf Gray was 15, he witnessed his parents death, they we both shoot and killed in a home invasion. he was never the same after that, the police never found his parents murder, gray went to live with his uncle up in new york soon after, when gray wolf turned 19 he decided to join the police force, he loved being a cop, and he was good at it, after a year, SWAT decided to recruit him, he stayed there until he turned 25, that's when all hell broke loose, everything just happen so fast, wolf had the day off and was sleeping in bed, when his phone went off, and when and picked up, it was his captain, "WOLF, Where in the hell are you, when need you here NOW!!", "sorry captain but isn't today my day off" wolf really didn't want to go to work today, especially when the captain isn't in a good mood, "i don't give a rat ass if today is your day off, all hell is breaking loose, have you not seen the News, we are under attack!!" wolf quickly turned on the tv, and on the screen you could see people running around looting, and attacking other people, it was just complete chaos" wolf picked his phone back up "i'll be there in 15" and hung up, he put on his gear and left the house, wolf didn't live in the city, more like the county sides, so everything was peaceful here, he got into his car started heading towards the city, to his surprise the roads were quite clear, the road heading to the city that is, the road heading out was just crazy, people were so bunched up together that you couldn't even open your door if you wanted too, wolf had no idea what was going on, he thought it was just another riot, he kept cursing his cap out for making him come when he come up to a cross walk to find a mother duck walking with her chicks, "awww thats cute" then a car pulled up behind him and just started honking him, "are you fucking serious man" he said to himself, wolf opened his door and was about to walk towards the guy when 5 figures came running out of know where and just thew themselves on the dudes car, they started smashing the Windows trying to get to the guy, wolf drew out his firearm and aimed it at the attackers, "stop what your doing and put your hands up now!!" one of the people that jumped on the guys car manged to pull him out and thew him on the ground, within seconds the other 4 were on top of him and literally tearing him apart, eating him, "what the fuckkkk" wolf was about to shoot one of them when someone jumped him from behind, he felled to the ground his gun sliding a few feet away from him, managed to turn himself around to come face to face with a monster, this person face was disgusting, half of his jaw was gone, his left eye was hanging out of it's socket, the flesh on his face was starting to rot and fall off, the monster jumped on wolf, trying to bite, wolf tried desperately, to get this thing off him, he kept reaching for gun with now luck and every second the that went by the monster was getting closer and closer to biting him , and just when he thought he couldn't hold him any longer, someone grabbed the monster and thew it off him, and then proceed to stomp on it''s head till it was noting but a pile of mush, "get in the fucking car wolf!!" without thinking wolf picked up his gun and hoped into his car, the person that saved him then hit the gas and they started zooming down the streets, wolf looked at the person who saved him, trying to figure out who he was and how he knew him name, "who are you, and thank you" the guy looked at him, " Did you hit your head or something, it's me you dumb fuck" wolf stated a little harder and then he recognized the guy, "Rick?", rick patted wolf's shoulder, "no shit, who eles would it be" wolf chuckled to himself a little, "sorry man, i couldn't tell with all that blood on your face" wolf finally getting a good look at him, noticed that he was covered in blood, "holy shit man what happened to you" rick laughed to himself a bit " i know you saw that shit out there, i got jumped by thous fucks, and one of them bit me," wolf looked at ricks left side, and could tell that was where all the blood was coming from, "is it bad" rick looked at his wound followed by a cough and replied, "yea it's fine, it's not even that deep, dont even fell it anymore", wolf asked rick where they were heading, apparently there heading to the airport, according to the news this is happening world wide, and the captain and the other officers aren't responding, rick's brother had called him telling him that there were heading onto a plane and leaving the country and heading to a place called chernarus, apparently rick's brother has some friends there and that it would be safe, wolf and gray manged to make it to the airport when they met up with greg, ricks brother in which they bored up and plane and took off, they have been flying for a few hours now, both rick and greg taking turns flying, wolf was talking to greg when the plane started going through some turbulence, greg went to go check on his brother, they were in there for a few min when wolf heard some yelling, and a gunshot go off, wolf got up and ran towards the cockpit and open the door to see, rick eating his brother, "What in the fuck" rick then jumped on wolf, trying to eat him, wolf manged to thow rick off him only for him to land on the controls, and the plane with into a full nose dive, wolf was getting thrown all around the the cockpit, but manged to get himself upright, while in free fall jumped to the controls and tried to level the plan, as soon as he got it leveled he turned around just to have rick jumped on him again, wolf ended up pushing on the controls again which made the plane go into a spiral, wolf flew into the fuselage part of the plane, on which he manged to grabbed hold of one of the seats, he pulled himself onto the set and buckled himself in, as he looked down the aisle, he could see rick's life less corpse, climbing up on the seats trying to get to him, when the plane suddenly rip in two, sending the one half tumbling into the earth and the other crashing into the ground, wolf woke up only to find himself still in his char, stuck inside of a tree, the plane no where in site, he was lost, lost in chernarus.
  6. dang, i knew this day was coming, alright thx mate
  7. so it seems that my character has been deleted, is it because of the wipe, i haven't been on for awhile, so i just wanted to know what happened
  8. i hacked two of the guys locks, and by hacked i mean i spent like on hour trying to figure out the combo, i destroyed one of em, after i got in i turned on the lights so that i could see then i grabbed some stuff, i chaneged the code to the locks, because i was planning on coming back, i dont know the time, i was trying to grife or anything like that
  9. sorry uhh what do you want from me excatly
  10. Babyboy

    NLR appeal

    i was just ban and i belive this is unfair, and im not the only that feels that way becuase i am not the only that this has happend to, so i think you guys need to do something to stop this and or help players from this happeing to them, i hopefully i'm not sounding like on asshole right now lol, but this is my frist time play on a rp sever, and i love it, but this right kinda makes me upset, because it's just unfair, and kida ruins the whole rp, like my group is at war right now or at lest getting for war, and they need me, but now im getting banned becaue i decided to try out a new map
  11. Why the verdict is not fair: i believe i was ban unfairly, the reason why i say this is not fair is because i am new to dayz Livonia, i only played on that sever like twice, was being chased by zombies and then i died, i then responded and just started running around, i had no idea where i was at, because like i said im new, apparently i was in the same area where i died, but when i died it was night, so i couldn't even see anything, when i respond the sun was coming out, everything looks different, i never went close to my body, at lest i dont think i did, i dont have any proof, but i have a short 15 sec video of me running away from zombies, not that i guess would prove anything, but i never went back to loot my body, i just went into a town looking for gear, i had no idea this was the same area where i died, so it was dark when i died, i cant see anything, so i cant reorganize anything, Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: i was told i was roaming around for 50 min before i was went back to the area where i died, if i knew where i was, why not just wait the full time, apparently it was almost up, so why risk it right? i was just trying to look for gear and learn the map, and just a idea, to stop this from happing to other players, is that if a person is getting to close to a area where they last died, they should get a warning saying that there getting to close to where they died, kinda like the toxic area mod but with your dead body What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would hopefully like to get this ban removed, and if this where to happen again, feel free to ban me for like double the amount or whatever, i really enjoy playing this rp, plus my group is also in a middle of a war and kinda need me What could you have done better?: what i would do better is when i die, to just log off until the time is up
  12. Babyboy


    death of a friend
  13. Babyboy


    no i can't, i told you i was aiming for his legs
  14. Babyboy


    that's a negative, i have no video and or picture evidence, just my word
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