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  1. DAYZRP: EPISODE 4 "HOME" TEASER TRAILER (4K) If everyone can please leave a like if they enjoyed it and a comment as well leaving your thoughts. It's deeply appreciated.
  2. @EddieApprecaite the kind words :). Hoping 2020 will be a good year so I am trying to go all out for dayZ lol
  3. @JackfishThanks bud. Hopefully next video will have more action to it
  4. I couldn't wait for the new year, hope you enjoy the video and hope you all subscribe for more
  5. @DiamondNot sure if you are talking about me but if so then thank you and if not then thanks for viewing the teaser man
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63dqVOZD_pQ - Please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts as this is the type of quality I wanna bring out all the time & a like for the video would be appreciated as well
  7. Thank you and really glad you are enjoying the episodes
  8. Thank you. Glad everyone is enjoying them and hope I can make plenty more to come.
  9. Thanks, I appreciated the kind feedback and am currently enjoying my time on the server. Apologies still getting use to this website and wasn't sure what to really do. Thanks bud and Yeah Ill won't next time lol Thank you. Can't wait to get episode three done. I want it to be a little longer Appreciate the kind feedback man, hope to maybe run into you ingame one day
  10. If you enjoyed this episode please by all means let me know in the YouTube comments and here and maybe leave us a like and please subscribe for more content as it always helps the channel.
  11. Okay so the situation about big john, because I was alive for that whole situation I was checking my notes to confirm that it was him as my character was alive for that whole situation and I wasn't in any RP situation to make it meta gaming. I had also told the group that were killed what happened after there deaths so they too know all the information needed. I also walked off as He was RPing with another and had nothing else to say to him and didn't go to check my notes right away as seen in the footage. The following statement I have made here is also proven to be a rule break. 20:02:22 | Player "Eddie Morrison" is connected 20:46:24 | Player "Frank Kenny" (DEAD) killed by Player "Eddie Morrison" with AKM from 13.1449 meters 20:56:12 | Player "Eddie Morrison" has been disconnected Combat logging is leaving the server during or shortly after a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play. After a hostile action has occurred where you were involved, you may only log out from the game after a minimum of 30 minutes have passed since you broke the line of sight with others involved in that situation. This rule can be ignored if the other players give you OK to log out earlier. 2.3 Be a good sport. Do not focus on PvP aspect of the game and attack everything that moves just because you can or are good at it. Remember that not many players will enjoy being constantly attacked, therefore you should not dominate other groups or players into submission to a point where they can no longer accomplish their regular role play or enjoy the game. also I feel as if yous aren't taking the report serious enough when you say "Since we had the high ground like Obi -Wan Kenobi, Dew initiated. Saw the OP start walking out of the cubby hole with his gun out so I yeeted him into oblivion" when I didn't even get a chance to comply and If I had the chance the hands up animation still takes a couple of seconds to do so again I feel it was to quick. I also feel when you were getting yourself ready it is only when you are all in position you start to tell us to put our hands up there there was no communication ingame to let anyone know you were all ready to start initiation on us, This leads me to believe there was meta gaming on your end too and not just my end. PS: I would also wish to see footage from your end as it would make everything easier & to add I did clearly meta gamed and I really didn't mean to but regardless I still did and have to pay that price. I have no issue there.
  12. Welcome to my DayZ Rap series. I really want to deliver a lovely cinimatic series that has good story telling. Not all episode's will be action packed like we all want them to but for me the story is always first. Hope you enjoy and subscribe for more and maybe following this thread could be of interest to you as well to be alerted when something new comes out.
  13. If you skip the video to 30:20 Server and location: S1 & Zelenogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (21:00GMT): Your in game name: Frank Kenny, Names of allies involved: Kaid Rokh, Peter Larson, John, Rudy Johnson Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? ( Detailed description of the events: My friends and I were in our compound and I noticed a person climbing up the wall and I believe this was the group using each other to climb up the wall as there was nothing behind it. We tell them to stop climbing the wall and they said okay and then continued. I then heard a bunch of people run around and then shouted the following "People in the compound put your hands up or you will be shot and I was not given any time to do anything.
  14. My first encounter with one of these freaks when I was in petrol in the UK. I was the that gives you a ticket if you let your car over stay it's welcome. I was booking this guy as he had park on to yellow lines and he was going crazy and as he tried to leave he started to drive but then crashed the car. I went to see if he was okay but when I got there he was on contest. As I was trying to get this guy out of the car he suddenly awoke and tried to bite me. He was trapped by his own seat belt which was lucky on my part as he would of got me. Another person came to the scene to make sure everything was okay and me being in the moment didn't realise the person was going to help the driver and the guy got bit. 10 minutes after that the guy died. The ambulance came to help and I was told to leave the area and make a report on what happened. I go to the police station to make a report and we keep getting more phone calls about people being attacked and saying the attacker tried to bite them or they have been bitten. I go to look outside my office window and see people being attacked and people running for there lives. I tried to help but it was already to late and I knew I had to get out of there. Myself and a few others from my department grouped up and tried to get to the armoury room but before we could the recently dead now a walking corps were braking into the station. We got the doors blocked off but it wouldn't hold for long. We get to the gun room and load up what we can and in the background we hear a massive bang noise. It was the dead breaking in and they were quick to pin us down into one room. Lucky or unlucky enough we were on the bottom floor so we could break out the window, We got out and started headed to a car. We ran for our lives and before we could reach the car the dead were surrounding us. We had no choice but to blast our way out. We got split up as the dead were to much and we never saw each other again. I decided to leave this place in hope of a better future and maybe some civilisation else where, I guess I was one of the lucky ones not to have a family. They would have slowed me down or I would off died protection them with the overwhelming amount of walking corps around. I stuck to the highways as dangers as it may seem it was the only way to make it to a harbour so I could grab a boat and drive off. A few Years have now passed and I am now in a place called Chernarus. I was travelling all alone with the dead behind me trying to feed upon me, I let them get close as I was losing hope of finding anyone and was thinking of letting it all end here. I was close to the sea side when I started to hear something in the distance. I looked to my right and saw a boat of survivors heading towards the land. I managed to quickly lose the mini horde behind me and get down to where I thought they were heading. I got to the beach and they boat had somehow sunk and the group of survivors were no more. All of a sudden I seen a person get to land along the shore line, I was running towards he/she to see if I could help and just have someone to talk to. I fell over and quickly tried to get my feet running again but I lost the person who was by the shore line. Later on that day I was wondering around the town and and see someone again, thinking this could be the same person. I head over and it turns out it was the group that was on the boat. I found out there names and I was happy to see new faces and I think they were happy to see a survivor that was friendly. My hope paid off.
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