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  1. Ohh yeah BlueBerry is a fun one! Glad you enjoyed the episode bud!
  2. DAYZRP: OLSHA & THE FISHERMAN - SEASON TWO - EP.2 Welcome back everyone! Today video we are on episode 2, continuing the journey of Frankie and seeing how things are going for him! If you enjoy this video, feel free to subscribe! Make sure to SMASH that like button as well! Stick around if you want more content like this! NOTE: EVERY EPISODE WILL BE ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS, IF I CAN RELEASE IT ONCE A WEEK THEN I WILL DO THAT INSTEAD!
  4. Radio transmission coming though.... The man who found my note and required my services. I have what you want.
  5. @Brownie @Woodsy, @Sealgaire @steeltalen You guys are awseome and are making my season two much better then expected. Can't wait to try push to be an official group one day I hope and become something bigger!
  6. FRANKIE PRESENTS! Welcome back with Season Two! know it's been a while but I am so freaking happy to be back and I am having a blast. Love the RP from everyone on here and the investment they put into their own characters. Hope you all invest the time to this story and of course leave a like if you enjoyed, Subscribe for more of this as their will be much more & leave us a comment letting me know how you felt about the episode and if you enjoyed it or not. PEACE!
  7. MNI SNEAK PEAK INTO SEASON TWO! https://giphy.com/gifs/gIGpx12oGyqx20T5AN
  8. DAYZRP: SEASON TWO | EPISODE ONE! | DAY 2! - Tonight we continue to find people and maybe start something special!. Starting to stream these too while recording. This can be considered some sort of test lol! https://www.twitch.tv/frankieplays
  9. I hope you enjoy, I am so happy to be back, Just getting some more footage to for episode 1 and it will be here before you know it, I hope to capture some great stuff and make a real story out of it. I thank everyone for the support on my first DayZ Season One Episode one video. I didn't think It would blow up the way it did so thank you and hope you like this small teaser in other words! Would also appreciate if you would be awesome to follow this thread if you are interested in getting updated when something pops in here too lol.
  10. So I was born in the United Kingdom, Scotland and the year I was born is 1997. I was living in the UK until 2009 when my family decided to move overseas to Chenarus near the Christmas period, my family found work over there. When we moved country I only remember war as at the time. Their was something going on but I was to young to understand it all. The next few ears in my life seemed pretty normal, getting a job as a sales assistant and I managed to hold that job for 3 years. In January 2020 the familiar Caedesviridae infection, also locally known as Frenzied Flu, experienced a rapid resurgence. Putting a strain on healthcare and hospitals countrywide. Many elderly, immunoompromised and youth fell victim to the devastating mortality rate of the infection. I was forced to self isolate like many others around the country and around the world and months past until June. They are trying to set up new camps to try help more people but it looks like it may not work.
  11. I will be making more videos soon! Hope you enjoy them
  12. So I was born in the United Kingdom, Scotland in a small place called Perth-shire and the year I was born is 1997. I was living in the UK until 2009 when my family decided to move overseas to Livonia as my family found work over there. I was still a kid at the time so I don't remember much of it but I do remember in 2014 the Queen had a failed assassination attempt on her life, things at the time seemed pretty chaotic but after that it seemed to settle and things were okay until 2018 came around and we had a case of the frenzied flu going around and a mini outbreak actually happened, I was luck not to get infected but my parents did unfortunately so we had to isolate for a while. I was happy to know that they got better and things were back on track as the governments reactions were good and it was contained. Two years later, the year is 2020 and things are normal and I am working away as post man and I heard on the news that there has been another outbreak of the frenzied flu. I personally thought at first that everything will be the same as last time and the government will be on top of it and it will be gone before we know it, I was wrong. 1 month goes by and everywhere has to be shut down and everyone must isolate to ensure the safety off Livonia and counties around Livonia. Two months later the lock-down starts to ease and I get to go back to work with my mask on and gloves on to be sure I don't get infected. A few days go by after the easing of the lock-down and I was delivering the mail as per usual and I noticed when I went to put some mail through the door, the door opened up on it's own and it was silent. I couldn't here anybody but I could here some flies and the TV on in the background. I shouted hello is anyone there a few times to see if anyone would come out and show themselves to me. I got no response. I know I shouldn't of risked my life like this but I stepped into the house and stating I was coming in while still asking is anyone around too. I go to the kitchen and no one is there. I proceed to the living room where the TV was still on and I remember the TV was showing the News channel talking about the virus about how things are going to be okay and overall talking about it in detail what the symptoms were and how fetal it can be. I looked on the couch and a man was just laying there lifeless and I went to check him and out off no where he gets up and starts attacking me. I get him off me as fast as I can and ran out and shut the door. I called police and an ambulance and they came 20 minutes later. They person inside the house was banging on the door trying to get out the whole time and the paramedics tried to step in, they opened the door and the paramedics were attacked and the person who was infected must off spat their saliva on to them. The police officers that were at the scene had to pull a gun and put them down. Myself and the paramedics were taking into a hospital that already had infected people their, we had to be tested. We wait for our tests to come and as we are waiting some off the people infected started to act the same way the person from the home I was acted. They started screaming and attacking everyone and then the paramedics that were with me started doing the same but I was some how okay so I acted fast and barricaded myself with two others in a room. We escaped through the vents in the roof but the two that were with me, Harry and David didn't make it. The infected pulled Harry down from the vent as he was climbing into it and David didn't even get a chance to escape. I was petrified but I had no time to waste. I managed to reach the roof tops and climb down a ladder when all the chaos was happening and I escaped. I go back to check on my parents but since they were infected before they were already gone and attacking anyone in sight. I wanted to give them peace but I didn't have it in me so I ran and didn't look back. Now I travel alone around Livonia trying not to stay put due to bandit groups roaming around as well as the infected looking for there next victim.
  14. Thank you, It was a pain but I love this server and just love the story people can give, I love the wide rang of RP you can get here and just try to focus on that if that makes sense. Thank you ma duude Cheers, Really appreciate the kind words and I can;t wait either lol Thank you bud. Glad you enjoyed the video
  15. DAYZRP: EPISODE 4 "HOME" (4K) - Hope you enjoy this episode, I'll be doing some other things on DayZ soon and will obviously continue with this series if people wanna keep seeing these sorts of videos
  16. DAYZRP: EPISODE 4 "HOME" TEASER TRAILER (4K) If everyone can please leave a like if they enjoyed it and a comment as well leaving your thoughts. It's deeply appreciated.
  17. @EddieApprecaite the kind words :). Hoping 2020 will be a good year so I am trying to go all out for dayZ lol
  18. @JackfishThanks bud. Hopefully next video will have more action to it
  19. I couldn't wait for the new year, hope you enjoy the video and hope you all subscribe for more
  20. @DiamondNot sure if you are talking about me but if so then thank you and if not then thanks for viewing the teaser man
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63dqVOZD_pQ - Please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts as this is the type of quality I wanna bring out all the time & a like for the video would be appreciated as well
  22. Thank you and really glad you are enjoying the episodes
  23. Thank you. Glad everyone is enjoying them and hope I can make plenty more to come.
  24. Thanks, I appreciated the kind feedback and am currently enjoying my time on the server. Apologies still getting use to this website and wasn't sure what to really do. Thanks bud and Yeah Ill won't next time lol Thank you. Can't wait to get episode three done. I want it to be a little longer Appreciate the kind feedback man, hope to maybe run into you ingame one day
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