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  2. Thank you, It was a pain but I love this server and just love the story people can give, I love the wide rang of RP you can get here and just try to focus on that if that makes sense. Thank you ma duude Cheers, Really appreciate the kind words and I can;t wait either lol Thank you bud. Glad you enjoyed the video
  3. DAYZRP: EPISODE 4 "HOME" (4K) - Hope you enjoy this episode, I'll be doing some other things on DayZ soon and will obviously continue with this series if people wanna keep seeing these sorts of videos
  4. DAYZRP: EPISODE 4 "HOME" TEASER TRAILER (4K) If everyone can please leave a like if they enjoyed it and a comment as well leaving your thoughts. It's deeply appreciated.
  5. @EddieApprecaite the kind words :). Hoping 2020 will be a good year so I am trying to go all out for dayZ lol
  6. @JackfishThanks bud. Hopefully next video will have more action to it
  7. I couldn't wait for the new year, hope you enjoy the video and hope you all subscribe for more
  8. @DiamondNot sure if you are talking about me but if so then thank you and if not then thanks for viewing the teaser man
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63dqVOZD_pQ - Please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts as this is the type of quality I wanna bring out all the time & a like for the video would be appreciated as well
  10. Thank you and really glad you are enjoying the episodes
  11. Thank you. Glad everyone is enjoying them and hope I can make plenty more to come.
  12. Thanks, I appreciated the kind feedback and am currently enjoying my time on the server. Apologies still getting use to this website and wasn't sure what to really do. Thanks bud and Yeah Ill won't next time lol Thank you. Can't wait to get episode three done. I want it to be a little longer Appreciate the kind feedback man, hope to maybe run into you ingame one day
  13. If you enjoyed this episode please by all means let me know in the YouTube comments and here and maybe leave us a like and please subscribe for more content as it always helps the channel.
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