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  1. During the service in the military unit captain Dmitry M has established itself on the positive side, as a competent, demanding and disciplined officer. Was a tourist in Chernarus. He had to stay in Chernarus after the outbreak of the epidemic. I don't have time to get out of Chernarus so I had to stay and survive here. . Sacred and unbreakable observes military regulations, is faithful to duty and oath. Deeply aware of the duty of a soldier, observes the rules of military courtesy and discipline. Accurately and on time carries out the orders of commanders and superiors, to exercise reasonable initiative. Disciplined, practical, sociable with friends. Enjoys prestige and respect, as among officers and warrant officers, so among soldiers and sergeants. Marching against smart, always neat. Physically well developed. Constantly contain your appearance, entrusted to the arms in perfect condition. On criticism of commanders and comrades respond appropriately, making the right conclusions. By nature, sustained, calm, purposeful. Morally stable. Ideologically sustained. During his service, he proved himself as a well-trained officer who is able to correctly assess the situation at the right time and make a deliberate decision, while showing determination and military ingenuity. Constantly improve their combat readiness and professional skills, while learning the necessary literature. A good command of their weapons. He can keep military and state secrets.
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