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  1. Gaerodo

    Initiations in BETA

    What are the actual ranges of both VOIP and Text? Voip's range is a joke for all I know
  2. I always take the most important things with me when I log out near my tent/barrel, just in case, cuz there is a slight chance they will disappear.
  3. Oh hi. Prepare to be Baptised by certain groups, if you travel this far up North.
  4. Gaerodo


    Welcome. Just stay chill for first 12 or so hours and then you can get just a bit more serious without unnecessary risks
  5. A fine addition to our community. There are plenty of official groups to choose from. And people you meet by coincidence, those encounters are always special and lead to something interesting.
  6. Doctor Alpha Q. Just a little joke of mine. Greets
  7. Gaerodo

    Hi there

    Oh hey, pardon me, I didn't see you!
  8. Don't ask cuz it might, just might get a bit longer. I waited 3 hours, my friend waited 2 days. It's a lottery but everyone's a winner. Well, in theory.
  9. Thank you for your serivices kind Sir. Keep smashing and have fun
  10. I would like to see a Leg/Hip small weapon holster in DayZ someday. And when it comes to certain improvements to what we already have: - Rotating items in inventory, - Fix to the item weight balance (wooden log 0.5 kg, combat pants 3 kg, box of nails 3 kg), - Infected not doing "omae wa mou shindeiru" and teleporting behind you - Create a distinction between talking and screaming voice chat, implementing a certain rules to each of one them (the radius of voice chat feels short in certain situations), - Breath Holding button for aiming (shift button when looking through sights or scopes).
  11. No, that would be the violation of rules. We haven't talked often, we talked twice during first hostage situation (speaking another language that you and Blessed didn't understand, of course when Blessed asked what we were talking about, I lied that I was telling him to stay calm cuz everything is gonna be alright), and before we got to the base, to try to get motorbike helmet guy on our side. After that - no talking cuz it would've been suspicious. We used sign language that we understood. Since after talking to the Motorbike helmet guy, we both came inside the barn, and i pointed at motorbike guy, and done an "ok sign". He wasn't much of a use for us anyway, cuz he knew we were outnumbered. I am pretty sure you were talking shit to me in Zelenogorsk base. With another point being, that I forgot to mention. When New York was attacked and I stood up for him, you too (if I remember correctly) pointed a gun at me with everyone. I remember I even told you to "watch your mouth lass".
  12. My pov: During the first incident I am pretty sure I heard Sophie suggesting that they should "take my clothes/gear off" (amongst other things that I can't quite recall) and she did say to another man, that he can take my belongings. And yes I was being threatened by some guys from The Blessed and @Sophie after I got released and while I was being locked away in a room. I remember that after I tried to go into another building, maybe 20 meters away from the group @Sophie quickly stood in my way, trying to cut me off, so I kind of felt "not really safe" in that group. After we got to the camp area I managed to get one mysterious man from the group away from it, and I tried to get him on our side. Our talk was either overheard, or one of The Blessed saw us hiding behind the second barn. So after I went out again i took out my pistol and tried to aim at the infected, close to the camp. Suddenly 2 of The Blessed came in with their guns pointed at me and told me to drop my weapon, they locked me in a small barn and told me to wait. I've heard some shots, some guy from The Blessed came close to the barn and told be that Jordan did something really stupid and he got shot in the back two times (which I didn't know about in that moment). Then New York and @Sophie stopped by the barn, and looked at me - locked inside. I think I asked you both what is going on and where is my friend. A minute or so later Sophie got shot from behind, and New York shot Jordan. I am not sure if RP ended right there, but surely it ended the short story of two people, and left those alive - in a much different situation, that finally led to me lashing out on New York, since he was the reason we were on shitty terms with the Blessed in the first place, I lost my mind, got past my Breaking Point, which finally led me to being executed. In truth after some people died - everything took a darker, and more immersive turn, that wouldn't have happened if not for those two deaths. I'm not saying these deaths were necessary, but they played a major part in that climatic ending of our little stageplay. I would've done something different if I was in Jordan's place, what he did was a bit reckless, but I understand that in situations like these, people are levaing all the humanity behind, letting instinct take it's place.
  13. Gaerodo

    Dealing with Depression

    Sometimes I wonder if everybody deals with the same shit as any other person, but identify it as something different. Some people say they are depressed, some say they can't deal with certain parts of their life, some say they they're feeling empty. What if depression is actually more common than we think it is, and everyone has to fight it one way or another, maybe without even knowing it? There are three ways for me: 1) Lock yourself in a room, grab a guitar or sit beside a piano, create a song that makes you feel certain things you don't want to feel right now, write lyrics, and experience complete catharsis. 2) Clean myself up, wear my favourite black shirt, black jeans, dark brown brogues, get out of my comfort zone, take a seat close to the fountain in the middle of the city and look for some loners to talk to 3) Telling myself "Endure you fuck". Sometimes throwing punches against a wall right after (once managed to break 2 fingers, after 4 consecutive misplaced hits (walls are heavy)).
  14. Gaerodo

    Do you use adblock on YouTube?

    Ads don't bother me that much, sometimes there might be something interesting (for example I discovered a great prog metal band, that popped up as an ad, before the video). Most of the time I watch a certain number of youtubers, listen to some music, or watch live shows from less known prog bands. And if watching an ad is even the smallest way to support them - why would I consider having an adblock. Sometimes using adblock feels like walking into a bar with your own beer, that you pour into your glass under the table. If it comes to Youtube - I only use dark mode addons.
  15. Gaerodo


    Everybody hates Dean
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