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  1. Barry Wilson, A man of a Turkish mother and An american Father. Barry was always friendly and a goof person to anyone who he encounters. Barry grew up in a poor district in turkey, making his life harder but it only made him more determined. At the age of 19 he applied to the Force. during that time he has shown his talents... eventually being placed in the Turkish police special forces. He served for years in all around turkey countering terrorist threats. during his early years, Barry had a class mate named Milica Petrovic. A Cherno-Russian and they had a deep connection since those days. Unfortunate enough she had to move back to her homeland. So, barryy Saved up some money during his work with the force... the later went to Chernorus, Got married to his loved one and finally getting accepted in the Police in his local town. He lived happily for a few years... Then suddenly everything went downhill... an infection started to spread In July 2017. after tensions between Russia and Chernorus. He then had to see his wife turn on him after trying to control the chaos of the streets. Barry had no other chance but to shoot the only thing he loved in the head. Shocked of the image of his dead wife. Barry gathered whatever he has left and went out to the wilderness of Chernorus trying to survive. While living on his own he witnessed the fall of civilization unable to come back to his homeland since Turkey is fully overrun. Making him fully alone. However, even through the tragic events he witnessed... Barry still tries to help other people out.
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