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  1. Server and location: Novya Petrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-02-25, 00:49 Your in-game name: Vali Kuznetsov Names of allies involved: None of them were actively involved. Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I had just entered Novya scared as hell because I was just unbanned and wearing the full Russian uniform. Saviors aren't that nice to Russians/ Pamyati. So I was looting most houses for some clothing while also trying to meet up with members from my group. I had been waiting at the bus depot and decided to loot for some different pants. I saw a guy and assumed it was a friend so I was going to walk up IC and say hello. I ran into the house I was shot at when I approached him so I fired back.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/94924-hit-by-a-car-made-no-effort-to-stop/?tab=comments#comment-1746197 Why the verdict is not fair: "it's your responsibility to not kill any pedestrians so we advise you to drive slower and safer next time." I do agree that it is my responsibility to not kill pedestrians but it also the responsibility of the pedestrian to be aware of on-coming traffic when entering the roadway. The man had entered the road and stood in the dead center facing away from me. I was traveling at a speed of at least 90km/h and there was a hill leading up to the bridge which obstructed my vision of anything on the bridge. I had tried breaking but I had no ability to swerve to evade hitting him due to the width of the bridge. In addition to this, there are no active laws in Chernarus regarding speed limits. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: N/A What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get unbanned and possibly the points removed. What could you have done better?: Swerved into the bridge possibly avoiding the man standing there but risking killing 4 of us in the car.
  3. Vlad Belsky, born June 15th, 1992 in Vladivostok-Oblast, Russia. Growing up he was always interested in the military. He graduated from Vladivostok University in 2012 and enlisted in the Russian Armed forces to the 58th Combined Arms Army. He was sent a smaller Intelligence Btn. within the 58th. He was tasked with helping soldiers from the 429th Motor-Rifle Rgt perform intelligence tasks. He had stayed with the 58th through all of his military career and has reached the rank of Junior Sergeant. He is now is being sent with them for Operatsiya Avrora.
  4. Pamyati @-CML-NorWayy @TIMELAPSE Kamenici: @RandyRP
  5. My friends and I were going from Pushtoshka to Vybor traveling at about 80-90km/h. @Sparklez was in the middle of the Vybor bridge and I didn't see him until we had just come over the hill leading to the bridge. Since we were traveling so fast and were on a bridge I had no choice but to run him over. I would also like to start that we had a Kamenchi member in our vehicle as a hostage. We had no reason to stop for anything and loot. We were trying to evade anyone who may want to rescue him. Due to you dying in a high area of player traffic you were probably looted by someone who was just passing by. I would like to suggest not standing still in the middle of any road as it is not safe. Finally, I would like to add that in your own detailed description of events you had admitted to breaking NLR to go recover your lost gear, that isn't a great idea. Evidence of admitting to breaking NLR rules: His Report: https://gyazo.com/97d17c7cf9bd8bfe8a03722650130f68 PM to me from @Sparklez https://gyazo.com/9ed82e0241f3e1bba7ddc763efdc3f98
  6. I had just logged in at Kab and met with Dimitri who was going with the rest of the group to Green Mountain to rescue one of our men who was taken hostage by New Moon and Tampa PD. One of the men who was responsible for kidnapping and beating Pavel in captivity (as logs will show). Following this we then verified the target's identity by using the description Pavel had provided to us via radio. Once verified Dimitri and I knew due to the nature of the threat, him being New Moon and most likely with allies in close proximity we decided that the best action would be for Dimitrir to engage on the target as I pushed the flank to to either initiate and take the man hostage or to kill him for not complying. The reason for doing this is because I knew I did not have defense rights because I had just logged in. The goal was since Dimitri had kill rights he could suppress the guy so that I could be in range for a proper initiation so I can properly enter the engagement but he continued to have us at an advantageous position. The reason for us shooting the target was due to multiple breaks of our cease fire between New Moon and members of the coalition. Also with the new found IC information that the Tampa Bay PD is a puppet of New Moon, meaning that New Moon was using Tampa as a way around the IC cease fire that had been put in place. Along with deliberately and knowingly beating Pamyati members while in captivity giving us both an IC reason to engage the target and as well as adhering to the server rules put in place by staff.
  7. Vali Kuznetsov, born July 17th 1992 in Vladivostok-Oblast, Russia. His parents were Vasuly and Elena Kuzenstov. Growing up he was a fisherman's apprentice working with his father out of the fishing ports near where he was born. He graduated from Vladivostok University in 2012 and enlisted in the Russian Armed forces as an intelligence officer for the GRU and served in Syria against ISIL during the Syrian Civil War, along with being deployed to Dontesk during the Ukrainian revolution. In April 2017 he was re-deployed back to Moscow to assist in preventing a collapse of the Russian Government after the outbreak. Following this he was enlisted by the SVR to assist in Operation Aurora.
  8. Hey dats me across from you!
  9. I was born on June 24, 1994 to a mom who couldn't take care of me. My mom gave me to my grandparents to so they could raise me. I was with my parents for a long time. My grandpa hated me so when I was 16 I told my mom I wanted to move back with her and she let me. I thought my life was hell, in a city I didn't like with no purpose in life. I graduated from high school, packed up what little belongings I had and moved out to an apartment with some people I had met. I lived there for a few months. One day I had found out that they do meth, snort cocaine, and shoot up heroin when I am gone. I told them off and went out with friends. When I came home all of my belongings were gone... I said fuck it and packed my remaining things into my backpack and left. I went all the way from the east coast to the west coast. Hopping train to train, car to car, and walking. It was a fun adventure. I ended up in Las Vegas and I was offered a ticket to Europe. Next thing I knew I am France. I started backpacking around Europe and working for food and places to sleep. My friend John was my friend through all of the US with me. He loved to sing and he taught me the basics. He died when I we were traveling around the United States. Now I keep a picture of him and I on me at all times because he was the only person who really cared about me and I understood. I ended up in Chernarus by simply walking there, just like I've been doing my whole life. My goal to keep traveling until I find a place that suites me.
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